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    Working on my house at least that is what I tell myself.
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  1. Len657

    My story is new gossip:(

    I do go to the Gym. This was most certainly not the easy way out. I did not tell you because I needed someone to support me not Judge me.
  2. Len657

    When you can't even be honest with yourself

    I am 8 months out and have lost 125lbs and I am proud of that. I do share my WLS with family and close friends I do not get on Social media and do not feel it is my responsibility to go forth and announce it to the world. Trying to change others minds about this is like pissing in a fan. If others want to be spokes people by all means have at it. I am not willing to jump on the Band Wagon. I also think we have HIPPA for a reason it is nobodies business but mine and my families. Yet at the same time I do speak at the informational and pre-op Support group I go to. I do like to encourage others but if someone is coming at me with a closed mind, well I just do not have the time or energy to deal with that negativity. To some it will always be a lack of discipline never a medical condition no matter what you or I say.
  3. I am 7 months out from the sleeve and I have been hungry since I have had the surgery. I still have to be very careful not to eat to fast and to limit my meals. I found that drinking hot tea (decaf of course) helps in between Snacks and meals it also helps me with my fluids. I hear others say they are never hungry. I wish that was true for me.