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    jusmettb reacted to catdaddy in 3 Days Post-Op   
    I'm getting close to 6 months and my stomach rumbles every time I eat.
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    jusmettb reacted to cindyh95 in 3 Days Post-Op   
    Congratulations!!! Get used to the loud tummy grumblings, I'm abt 3 months out and it seems to get louder all the time!
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    jusmettb reacted to lucky2014 in 3 Days Post-Op   
    @@jusmettb congratulations glad to hear you're doing well I also will be getting hernia repair with my rny stay positive & strong I hear the first couple of weeks is a struggle that's what I'm afraid of : ( take care and good luck!
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    jusmettb got a reaction from Flygirl123 in 3 Days Post-Op   
    I'm 3 days post surgery feeling ok. Still taking pain med q 4-6 hours as needed. Still no real appetite but I'm having Protein Shakes, sf pudding, sf Jello, Decaf hot tea, & Water. Will have cream of something Soup for dinner. My stomach constantly makes loud rumbling noises. LoL Bathroom trips have been very productive. I think my hernia repair slows me down the most. It's hard getting out of bed. I'm off work until 3/2/15 so I plan on using that time to heal and get use to my new beginnings. I will post before & after pics as soon as I see some results. It's so beautiful here today in the sunshine state. No regrets! Have a blessed day everyone !
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    jusmettb reacted to Tiffany2015 in 2 Days Post Op   
    Well i made it. My surgery was on Jan 28th. Beginning weight before all this was 512 lbs. Day of surgery my weight was 486lbs. Surgery took about an hr and a half. Waking up after surgery was painful. I felt this pressure under my breastbone, very uncomfortable. That night i felt nauseous and started spitting up blood. I was like that until early next morning. I finally felt like i let it all out and that uncomfortable pressure was gone for the most part. The nurse contacted my Dr but he said it was normal. I hsdn't heard any body mention that in any of the topics. I was kinda freakin out. The next day i felt better. Still in a bit of pain and couldn't drink very much but kept trying. Had to stay an extra day in the hospital. But thank goodness i was released to go home today. Feeling much better. My first walk on day of surgery went really well. Day after it went better but you gotta remember to take it easy and not over do it. Choose a comfortable pace. You do not want to hurt yourself. Your body is healing. Originally i was told about 5 incisions would be made but it ended up being 8 for me. Been sipping Water and Protein Shake since i got home. Went for a couple short walks after being home as well. Excited for this recovery period to pass and continue my weightloss journey. I have an awesome support group. My friends and family are awesome. I will be checking in soon again. Tslk to you all soon.
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    jusmettb reacted to cbp0229 in Hello from Christopher   
    Hi Everyone! My name is Christopher and I currently reside on the Southside of Atlanta in McDonough, GA. I just had Gastric Bypass surgery on 1/27/15 at Emory Johns Creek Hospital. The staff at the hospital was just awesome... they took excellent care of me and I couldn't be happier with the hospital staff and especially my surgeon - Dr. Christopher Hart of Atlanta Bariatric. It's also very important to recognize the people behind the scenes who you normally do not see - the surgery scheduler, the insurance coordinator, etc.
    I am 42 years old (born on leap year) and my starting weight was 355 lbs. I am on the stage one diet which consists on clear broths, nectar Protein drinks, sugar-free popsicles, sugar-free Jello, etc.
    I joined Bariatric Pal because I would like to make some new friends and be a part of a support group.

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    jusmettb got a reaction from NaturallySophisticated in February surgeries   
    Update: I received a call from my doctor's office on Friday. I am scheduled for 2/3/15! Approved! In prayer! : )
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    jusmettb got a reaction from NaturallySophisticated in February surgeries   
    Target surgery date 02/04/2015!
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    jusmettb reacted to jacileggs in 1 year Surgiversary!   
    Today is my one year Surgiversary!!!
    Starting weight aug 2013 250 lbs
    Surgery weight jan 2014 210 lbs
    Current weight 144 lbs.  
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    jusmettb reacted to SweetGAPeach in February surgery group   
    Having surgery 2/10. Was wondering how many others out there are scheduled for surgery in February. Would love the support of others through this scary and exciting time of our journey.????
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    jusmettb got a reaction from NewMary83 in February surgeries   
    Congrats everyone. Here's to new beginnings! God bless!
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    jusmettb reacted to Marie8777 in My experience!   
    Hello everyone I got my surgery done on Dec.31,2014. It's only been almost 4 weeks but I feel good. I was in the hospital for only 1 day and only had pain for 2 days. Also everything I drink or eat now always goes down smoothly and pain free. Thank god nothing has made me sick an I can tolerate everything. When I started this journey to lose weight I was 410 pounds which was pretty scary... The day of surgery I was 347 and now I'm 328 also just because I've had good luck so far. Doesn't mean it's not hard and scary but I know it's for the best. I love this site and how supportive most ppl are. I hope my story can help someone out there and remember I'm new and still have lots of questions but I'm willing to share what I know so far. God bless you all!!!!!!
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    jusmettb reacted to MisforMimi in Waiting on insurance approval   
    Hello jusmettb, I'm 2 days post-op! You can do out!!!
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    jusmettb got a reaction from MisforMimi in Waiting on insurance approval   
    Hello I just wanted to jot a line or two to say that I am finally done with all of my requirements. I am waiting on final approval from insurance but have a target surgery date of 02/04/15. I'm excited & nervous. I have my preop class on Tuesday and planning to start the 2 week liquid diet on 01/21/15. Today I'm cleaning out closets. Thought I'd do some early spring cleaning to keep my mind occupied. I'll keep you posted. I wish all of you well.
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    jusmettb reacted to Cupcake in Going Home Today   
    Congrats and welcome yo the losers bench, your going to do great, remember to walk, take Vitamins, get in your Protein, and Water we are here for you keep us posted I'm so excited for you .
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    jusmettb reacted to zedqueen in Going Home Today   
    I've loved being here, but I have to go back home and become responsible for myself so I'm getting ready to be discharged. I'm so sleepy with all the pain meds. But I'm so happy I've done this. Can't wait for results
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    jusmettb reacted to hb5484 in UPDATE w/ pics! 110lbs in 10 months!   
    It looks like my writing didn't show up so I will write again! Lol
    Hi Everyone!
    I haven't been on in awhile so just wanted to post an update! I have been busy living my new life! Gastric bypass has truly given me a new life!!
    Had surgery on 2/19/13. I'm 5'4". Start weight: 230 lbs. Shirts: XXL Pants 16 (about because I never wore regular pants.)
    Current weight: 120lbs. Shirts: Xtra Small (juniors). Pants: 1 (juniors and they are a little too big!)
    I hope I can inspire some people!! Good luck to everyone!
    God bless!
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    jusmettb reacted to HYCIERRA in Progress taking place   
    Hi. Just wanted to share my progress so far. Surgery was July 8, 2014. Highest weight was 272, current weight is 173 and I'm headed to my goal of 140. Although I have a ways to go, I'm.so ecstatic with the progress thus far. The before pics were taken in early June 2014. The in progress photo was taken just a couple weeks ago. :-) life is great! Best of luck to everyone out there on their me life journey!

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    jusmettb reacted to MrsGloMartin in I Can't Believe It Has Only Been 5 1/2 Months Since Surgery   
    Sophiastuffin, I know that's right, I am Praising the Lord for all His blessings for if it had not been for the Lord who is always on my side, where would I be??? God is good and so worthy of being praised!!! Have a blessed day it's good to see fellow believers in this space
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    jusmettb reacted to MrsGloMartin in I Can't Believe It Has Only Been 5 1/2 Months Since Surgery   
    Wow! I am excited, elated, and obliviously happy about my decision to have weight loss surgery! When I look at photos of me before and after surgery my first instinct is to praise God for the doctors who did the surgery and the nurses, heck all of the employees working in that hospital who made my surgery uneventful and ensured my speedy recovery! Next I get overwhelmed with emotion that ranges from crying and then laughing because after 20 years of being obese and unhealthy I am now healthy and a few pounds away from my goal weight. I am grateful for the support and information I get from all of you here and I thank my god that even though we are millions of miles aprat I consider all of you my family. To anyone reading this who is feeling unsure or afraid my wish for you is that you will not give up because you will love the new you just as much as I love the new me!!! I am walking fiv emiles every day and I can mop my floors withour any back pain or being overcome with shortness of breath. I am off of my blood pressure meds as they were causing my blood pressure to drop too low, my HC1 test is now ata normal range as I can no longer tolerate anything sweet, no articifical sweetners for me I only use blue guava Syrup (10 calories per teaspoon) when I need to sweeten a drink or my hot Cereal in the morning. Life is good for me and my family now as I am more active with my grands and great grands now that I am healthier. I pray that everyone experiences the same results or even better ones as you journey on the road to a healthier, happier you. God Bless
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    jusmettb reacted to jrotondella in 8 months out   
    I joined this when I first had my surgery 2/24/14 and got a lot of answers... I just wanted to let everyone know you can reach out to me if you have questions im 155 down and only have 30 pounds to go to goal
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    jusmettb reacted to LdySheCat in My journey just started.   
    Hello, I'm Ldyshecat. I just had my surgery on Oct 10th. Thankfully my body has been with me 100% throughout this journey. In order to have my insurance cover the surgery I needed a pysch eval, 3 mo doctor monitored diet and a cert from my regular physician saying I was OK for surgery. When I started my diet I weighed in at 295lbs...after the three months were up I weighed 254lbs. I still chose to do the surgery though, even though I'd proven to myself that I could lose the weight on my own, because I wanted to make sure it stayed off and I think the surgery will help me take my weight to my goal (125) as well as maintain it.
    So...for my facility (Rocky Mountain Assoc. physicians) they required about three classes prior to surgery and a 1k diet started 10days out from the date of surgery. That was difficult...but I had a few Snacks and things set aside I already knew were low cal as well as that I liked them. The day of surgery was scary as hell since I had never had a surgery before in my adult life, but my husband stayed with me as much as he was allowed. When I woke up the first thing I did, when I was allowed, was to get up and walk...and I normally did this once every few hours...when I was awake. I also tried really hard to drink the 1oz of Water given to me every hour. As a tip for anyone that hasn't done it yet... If you feel a lot of pressure anywhere after surgery (from the air they pump into your abdomen) holding a cold pack of ice against it works great to break it up...same with walking. I had little to know pain during my recovery at the hospital...but I also used the pain pump as often as I remembered and was awake. I didn't want the pain to get a foothold.
    I was released the day after my surgery and told I had been a star patient and done everything I was supposed (the others that had the surgery the same day had to wait at least another day and were told they would probably go home on oxygen). The liquid diet...was agonizing. My stomach tolerated it fine, but I got bored and didn't have an appetite for the broth or the Jello...it also made me very jealous of everyone else getting to eat normal food. I'm now on the semi-liquid diet (cottage cheese, yogurt, strained soups) and again my stomach has been fantastic in working with me and accepting new foods. I have found that the more gourmet type foods I get the less likely I am to feel deprived. So I got some yummy butternut squash bisque, Progressive Tomato Basil Soup and some Protein rich Greek yogurt that I love (Dannon, if anyone's interested). At this point the hardest thing I'm finding is that my stomach is not very happy with water...I get bloated and gassy feeling after only a few sips no matter the temperature. In the program I'm with they allow herbal tea as a Water substitute and I'm getting by on some yummy Blackberry vanilla tea until I can figure out water that works for me.
    Well, that is where I'm at right now....if anyone having surgery soon has questions about anything I did or didn't do, please ask....and the same goes for anyone else....this is all very fresh in my mind right now for this stage of recovery. ☺
    I was released the day after my surgery
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    jusmettb got a reaction from BeagleLover in Distorted Self Image   
    I'm am in the process of getting all of my clearances done. I had my labs, upper GI series,abdominal ultra sound & an EGD. I'll have my psych eval next.
    I will see my surgeon on 9/18, at the time all of my info should be available to submit to my insurance company for approval. I'm hoping to have the RNY before the holidays. Yes I do have support. Outside of my family I have a support group that meets every second Tuesday of each month, along with a few friends who had the procedure. This website is pretty awesome also. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.
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    jusmettb got a reaction from BeagleLover in Distorted Self Image   
    Ranece, I totally get where you are coming from. I am waiting on my surgery date. I've had days of feeling the same way. I think that it is me finally realizing where I am and being fed up with not doing anything about it. I had to come to terms with the fact that I've been diagnosed as "morbidly obese" - For years I've ignored it. Coming to terms with it has been and is very hard. But you know what I've decided that while I'm waiting I am going to keep myself together. I'm going to dress nice and do my very best to love myself enough to take care of myself now while waiting. I challenge you to do the same. While we are waiting let's Love, Laugh and Live! No matter what we are worth it! Don't be so hard on yourself. You've taking steps to change your atmosphere. Do it positively! Sincerely ~ Tracy