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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to JamieLogical in SCARED OF DEVELOPING GERD!   
    Why are you afraid of it? I have to be on omeprazole daily now, post-op, but it's no big deal. I just take it along with all of my Vitamins.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Queen_Bee in Denial about my weight   
    I also saw a photo that gave me that OMG moment. Every time I tried to talk myself out of going ahead with the surgery, I just looked at that photo to remind myself that was what I was going to remain if I didn't do something about it. It helped me move forward.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to ella37 in Denial about my weight   
    I refused to be in pictures for the last few years but had a similar moment when I saw myself in a full sized mirror at the dog groomers. I think a lot of us are in some denial and at some point something just snaps you out of it. even when i saw the occasional photo of myself id think, "oh it's just a bad angle".
    realizing there's a problem is always an important step in getting better. good luck at your WLS appt. you're on your way now!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Malin in What is wrong with literal overly sensitive assholes?   
    I'm scratching my head at WHAT could be the problem with the info you put out. You wording, your advice was just fine. I wasn't there at the meeting, but good on 'ya for taking time to pass your experiences on to the newbies or newbies to be.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to summerset in What is wrong with literal overly sensitive assholes?   
    Try the Syntrax trophix or matrix in hot coffee - delicious!
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from Mrs.ChangingTX in Long term   
    Good morning, ladies!!! Can I hop on this train?
    Thank you for sharing your struggles with getting to goal; I'm right there with you. For the past year I have hovered within about a 15 lb. range. Got so close to moving into Onederland this time last year only to fall off the track. (I need to update my current weight on here to reflect my reality ) I'm working my way back to doing the basics that I know worked for me in the past just after surgery. So thankful that my sleeve keeps my food and liquid intake real.......real small; it's the bad choices I've made and the slippery slope I've been on that's the problem. Fortunately, I never stopped exercising, weighing and measuring, did get lazy logging food, but that's changed back to being on track.
    Let's do this!!!
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from Mrs.ChangingTX in Long term   
    Thanks! And I agree.....accountability helps with reaching goals and keeping it real and honest with ourselves.
    I just updated my weight tracker to this morning's weight. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to do that as a step toward being more honest with myself.
    Onward to goal we go!! @@Mrs.ChangingTX and @@ProudMomof2 and anyone else who wants to come along.
    @@JamieLogical - You are and always have been an encouragement to me and you always have sound advice. I appreciate your honesty and encouragement and your words of wisdom....always!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to JamieLogical in Timelines and decisions   
    The general rule of thumb is to be at/near goal for a full year before having skin removal surgery. I think I was actually only at goal for about 8 months prior to mine. When you start having consults with surgeons, they will let you know what they think and what their guidelines are.
    Same thing goes for the order of the surgeries. Depending on what you need done, they will put together a plan that ensures you aren't under anesthesia for too long in one go and that you have adequate recovery time between surgeries. If it were up to me, I'd advise having the "easier" surgeries with shorter recovery first, like arms and boobs. A LBL or TT will have a really long recovery time and can be pretty brutal. Wouldn't want a difficult recovery from that to deter you from getting the other surgeries.
    As for how much weight you can plan to lose with skin removal, the answer is none. Yes, the skin you have removed will have potentially significant weight to it. But the swelling from an LBL or TT last MONTHS. Literally months. At least 2-3 months, In my case, I had soft tissue swelling that lasted NINE months. You will be virtually immobile in he early days and have very limited/restricted activity for probably at least two months. So between the swelling and reduced activity, by the time you achieve your true "results", you probably will have re-gained some weight. It will definitely be impossible to tell how the weight of the skin removed affected your overall weight.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to bhopeful in Timelines and decisions   
    After truly a lifetime of trying to lose weight I am finally so close to my goal weight. I have been fat my whole life, being over 300 pounds at my heaviest. I am now 51 years old and finally I am in a normal weight range. I am trying to decide what to make my actual goal weight and also what to do in terms of all of this massive skin.
    This is the first time I am really thinking about skin removal surgery so I'm sorry if these questions have been covered previously but there are just so, so many posts.
    I am hoping that some of you can give me your experiences and opinions.
    1. How long were you at your goal weight before you had skin removal surgery?
    2. Is there a suggested order for removal? I have to have everything done. Is it better to do a full body lift first and then breasts, arms, thighs ..... does it matter which order each section is done in?
    3. I guess this is more of a personal preference or personal experience question but I will ask it anyway. I am about 140 pounds lower than my highest weight. I am struggling with the last 20 pounds, to lose them. It is difficult for me to estimate how much the actual skin weighs. For those of you that had the skin removal, did you think it was essential to get down to absolute goal weight or did you have the skin removal done at a weight you were just comfortable with? How much did you actually lose with having skin removal over your whole body? I know this is probably a strange question and maybe I am being impulsive and impatient. I really want all of this skin off but struggling with that last 20 pounds. It just sounds crazy actually now writing this so maybe I need to just persevere and get that last 20 pounds off!
    I will do more reading on these boards to find experiences of people with massive skin removal. But thank you for listening.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to TinyLittleFractures in Long term   
    I'm glad the sleeve kept your weight down 67 pounds. Good luck with everything
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Mrs.ChangingTX in Long term   
    Sure, I think it is a great idea for you to join us. We can support each other. I think we should all make a commitment to check in at least once a weekl? I truly believe the support will help us reach our goals.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from Redmaxx in Bariatric cookbook available for free from Rockridge press   
    I registered to receive my copy of the Fresh Start Bariatric Cookbook, but when I received the email and click the link for the download, The Best Bodybuilding Cookbook downloaded instead. I'm waiting to hear back from the publisher as to why this happened. There should still be some good recipes in it and let's face it, we are in the bodybuilding business as we adjust to a new live with our sleeves.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to ProudMomof2 in Long term   
    I was sleeved in August 2015. My weight the day of surgery was 349 and I currently weight 217 I'm 5'9. My goal weight is 165/170 depending on my clothing size. I always wanted to be a medium sized women's 10/12 and I'm a 16 now. I fell off the program a little bit and carbs have slowed my weightloss. I'm getting back on track with clean eating meal prepping and exercising moderately for 6 days a week with HITT cardio and strength training. I have 50 pounds to lose before I get to goal. Let's do this together and hold each other accountable.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to JamieLogical in Long term   
    It sounds like you are committed to getting back on track. Take time to reflect on the things you can improve. you probably already know what you've done "wrong" but you need to work out how you are going to fix them moving forward. A lot of people have some success resetting themselves with the 5 Day Pouch Test. I haven't done it, but it seems to help people get back to basics and refocus.
    The good news is, your sleeve is still there! It's ready for you to start wielding as the tool it was meant to be once again!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to KindaFamiliar in Liquid Diet Suggestions   
    And I guess the two replies really do point to the fact that the BEST advice will come from your medical/surgical team...
    As @@Dub stated, he wasn't allowed milk on his 14 day pre-op plan...
    My pre-op was 4 weeks and milk was allowed...
    So you will get conflicting replies...
    Best to take the advice of your team, because they know YOUR specific situation...
    Good luck to you!!!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to KindaFamiliar in Lock up your Cheetos b*tches - Dr KindaFamiliar is back!   
    That's precisely why the doctor has returned...
    He feels that some lightening up should take place..
    And let's face it - the doctor is the man to facilitate such lightening...
    So bring your questions common-folk...
    No problem too big...
    None too small...
    Remember - the doctor knows stuff!!!**
    **The doctor really knows nothing.
    He's pretty much full of sh*t..
    But you all know that...
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to 4MRB4PHOTO in Lock up your Cheetos b*tches - Dr KindaFamiliar is back!   
    Welcome back. A little excitement was happening on BP these last few days, but nothing that "the doctor" can't fix.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from Redmaxx in Bariatric cookbook available for free from Rockridge press   
    I registered to receive my copy of the Fresh Start Bariatric Cookbook, but when I received the email and click the link for the download, The Best Bodybuilding Cookbook downloaded instead. I'm waiting to hear back from the publisher as to why this happened. There should still be some good recipes in it and let's face it, we are in the bodybuilding business as we adjust to a new live with our sleeves.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from ShelterDog64 in Denial about my weight   
    I concur with everything everyone has already said, esp. @ShelterDog64.
    Like others have said, the person I see in the mirror isn't the same person I see in photos. Those pictures are a rude awakening.
    Your health is more important than anything. There's no time like the present to make the lifestyle changes necessary toward being healthier. I had to have the surgery for health reasons, also. Much has improved since that day, but I have to be vigilant and disciplined and stay the course or I will lose ground. The struggle is real.
    Wishing the very best to you as you travel along this road.....nothing but success!
    I read this article earlier today. It's something to ponder on; I know I will be.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from fatontheinside in Fitness tracker   
    @@fatontheinside - Thanks for the info on the Fitbit Flex! My little tracker clips to my shoe which is one thing I love about it. I don't want to have to wear something on my wrist. I'll check it out.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from jccanada in I'M OVER THIS!   
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to fatontheinside in Fitness tracker   
    @@MrsSugarbabe I just have the fit bit flex. The reason that I like it is because its like a little piece of plastic that you can put in an armband. I actually take that thing (the tracker) and put it in my sock so it is on my foot. The reason I do this is because my dad has the fitbit charge and he HAS to wear it on his wrist. He gets like 20k steps a day but its because he's moving his ARMS and not his legs/body. I find that mine, in my shoe, is FAR more accurate.
    I sync it daily with my Iphone so it keeps track of my sleep, calories, Water intake, etc. You can do challenges with friends too. I love it!!!
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from fatontheinside in Fitness tracker   
    Which Fitbit do you have @@fatontheinside? There are so many to choose from. I don't think I need all the bells and whistles. I'd prefer one that automatically syncs with my SparkPeople page while on my PC at home since I tend not to us apps on my cellphone. I'm open to suggestions.......
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Jazzle in Fitness tracker   
    I have the Fitbit blaze, tracks food and fluids,exercise, has silent alarms to remind you to eat and drink and move, how much sleep you are getting, makes this process much easier
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to DeletedMember in I wanna know about carbs... Seriously!   
    What I'm about to say flies is not always well received, so I will issue the standard disclaimer of this is my opinion, and is what has worked for me (whew....):
    A lot of time we want to simplify "carbs" much like "fat", but not all carbs are equal. On one had, I am almost zealot like in avoiding "carbs" - I do not eat any sugar, Pasta, rice, bread, etc. etc. In fact, the only grain I eat at all is a cup of steel cut oatmeal maybe a couple of times a week.
    That being said, I eat a TON of carbs. I eat lots and lots of vegetable, fruit, Beans, lentils, etc. These all can be very high in carbs (they are universally high in carbs with the exception of some vegetables).
    A lot of this has to do with the way that the body processes carbs. When you eat a highly processed carb source (pasta, white bread, etc) your body essentially treats it just like you are eating sugar. It dumps insulin causing sugar spikes (and crashes) and quickly stores the excess as fat. I consider both of these results to be very undesirable!! However, when you are eating more natural, unrefined carbs, your body does not react that way. Because these foods come with bound with lots of natural Fiber, it slows the intake of the carbs/sugars, trickling out insulin and avoiding the blood sugar spikes/crashes.
    I regularly consume 150-200 grams of carbs a day on a 1200-1600 calorie diet (now that I am trying to figure out how this whole maintenance thing works!). This has worked very well for me. Even at lower calories along the way, I consumed large amounts of natural, unrefined carbs.
    As he was mentioned above, I should note that I'm a patient of Dr. Weiner's, and this is very much aligned with his plan. I am a huge fan of Dr. Weiner's, and love his recommended diet. Lots and lots of delicious food, and I've had fantastic results.
    Welcome back @@KindaFamiliar!