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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from orionburn in How quickly until you actually feel full?   
    Everything that @@JamieLogical said.
    In the very early days, for me, it was all about MEASURING out 1/2 cup or about 2 oz. of whatever I was going to eat with the first item always being Protein. Sometimes the 1/2 c. or 1-2 oz. was more than enough. The times that I ate 1 or 2 BITES too many, I was very uncomfortable for about a hour. And anytime I added a new food (according to PLAN), I started with 1 or 2 small bites to make sure my new tummy didn't reject it. I consider myself very fortunate in that my taste for everything I liked pre-op did not change post-op (that can be unfortunate, too, because of the bad choices I could make). Also, I never threw up and only had food send me to the bathroom a couple of times, and usually only because of those 1-2 bites too many. Even now, that 1-2 bites extra can make me miserable so I have to stop eating before I get to that point. My typical MEAL VOLUME now is 1/2-3/4 cup or about 2-3 oz. of dense Protein and a couple bites of veggies. I still have great restriction; however, I have to be very cautious about what they call SLIDER foods, and I don't need to be eating those anyway.
    It will take TIME for you to figure out what works, and doesn't work, for you; so take your time and don't push yourself. And do follow the guideline about not drinking with your meals or 30 mins. before and 30 mins. after eating (at least those are my guidelines). It does make a difference.
    Best wishes and good thoughts to you!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to SilentBotts in I wanna know about carbs... Seriously!   
    I treat carbs like an indulgence, I try to keep my intake as low as possible, but will some times include them for variety. At about a year out I'm mostly concerned with maintaining Protein intake and making sure that I'm getting enough calories in a day to keep my metabolism happy while continuing to loose weight.
    I would say it makes more sense to avoid them while you are trying to loose. Once you hit your goal weight and have begun to maintain that weight I think it's acceptable to start including them more as long as it doesn't impact other goals or cause regain.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to JamieLogical in Advancing your diet- on your own   
    I feel like some of the people who advanced food stages too quickly wouldn't be around to share their experiences with you because they would either be dead or so unsuccessful with their WLS that they would be ashamed to post here.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to JamieLogical in How quickly until you actually feel full?   
    There's going to be trial and error. There is no avoiding that. When you are immediately post-op, you should weigh/measure your food and eat on a schedule. The surgery will damage the nerves in your stomach, so you will not have any true indication of "full" or "hungry" until you are healed up.
    Once you are on solid foods, you are going to probably overeat a few times or eat too quickly. You will figure it out though. I would say it took me maybe a month or two once I was on solids to be able to eyeball foods and know how much I could safely eat.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from _Kate_ in Advancing your diet- on your own   
    I stayed on plan. I didn't want to risk damaging my new sleeve stomach and didn't want it to have to work harder because of what I had eaten - it had to work hard enough at healing itself that it wasn't worth the risk. I encountered complications 6 days post-op which didn't help the healing process either. I am what is called a compliant patient when it comes to my healthcare, as well as being an educated consumer
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from Alex Brecher in Why I Stay Here   
    Very well stated.
    Thank you for staying, @@gowalking!! You are an inspiration and I appreciate your honesty and wisdom based on your experience.
    Happy "anniversary!"
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from Alex Brecher in Why I Stay Here   
    Very well stated.
    Thank you for staying, @@gowalking!! You are an inspiration and I appreciate your honesty and wisdom based on your experience.
    Happy "anniversary!"
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to gowalking in Why I Stay Here   
    Hi all. I'm not going to go into all the drama around here. You all know what's been going on so no need to hash that out. I'm well aware that as I am four years on these boards, I've been around for alot longer than most vets and certainly alot longer than the new folks I've seen come and go. The reason why I stay even with the nonsense going on is noted below. If you want to hear/read at least this vet's thoughts and opinions, feel free to continue with the following:
    Without pointing fingers, I can see that my suspicions are likely accurate. When people leave, they often do so because they have/are gaining the weight back. I've seen some of my peers (those who were losing as I was losing back in 2013 and 2014) come back here and kudos for them for doing so. To a man (or woman), they are saying they have lost their way, gained the weight back, etc. etc. etc.
    I've also gained back. I was as low as 115 lbs. and now I hover in the mid to high 130s. Some of my clothes are too tight and that bothers me. I feel bad when I see the scale go in the wrong direction, but I fight it every day and try not to have that number creep up any further. Being on this forum and going through my struggles, helps to keep me accountable. If I leave, I fear that I will cut off the thing that has helped me the most, which is to hold myself up as an example of how this WLS so profoundly changed my whole life.
    Not everyone has gone through the same metamorphis as I have and I understand that. But to say that my life was horrible when I was obese and immobile and now is normal because I fit anywhere and can walk again, can't even explain it all.
    I'm happier and more satisfied than I've been in years. I think more of myself in that I take care of me. I work, I exercise, I take joy in my family, heck, I even plunged into the dating world again and somehow managed to find the guy I call MOMD (man of my dreams). He has brought me such joy and happiness and I know we would never have met had I not changed my life. And yes...I dated a number of frogs before finding this prince.
    So here I am day after day. I don't post as I used to and truthfully, I don't read much in the way of folks asking specific questions about post op things. I'm too far out to really respond to those queries. But for the folks who are interested in maintenance...and living with the disease of obesity even if we are no longer obese, I am here for that.
    Some days are good, some are not. I try to live by example and not espouse any particular way that others should approach their weight loss journey. We all make this journey our own way and while there are many similarities, we are all different and have to understand that. I've seen so many posters who were my support drift away and while I hope that they are just out there living their lives as successes in terms of their weight loss, I fear that for many of them, they have slipped up and gained the weight back.
    For those just starting out or fairly new to the process, it's all about losing the weight. For those like me, it's about maintenance. And with any lifestyle change, the maintenance is the hardest part. I've very few peers left on this forum but I stay because if I go, I have none of you to make me accountable.
    I just hit my four year anniversary. I always posted in prior years, but did not this time but I decided to put this out there and make it my 'anniversary' post.
    Here's hoping that what I wrote helped someone out there, be they years away from their surgery, or those who are pre-op and everyone in between.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from Alex Brecher in Bariatric cookbook available for free from Rockridge press   
    I registered to receive my copy of the Fresh Start Bariatric Cookbook, but when I received the email and click the link for the download, The Best Bodybuilding Cookbook downloaded instead. I'm waiting to hear back from the publisher as to why this happened. There should still be some good recipes in it and let's face it, we are in the bodybuilding business as we adjust to a new live with our sleeves.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to DeletedMember in What Is Your Policy on Carbs?   
    Like @@Travelher said - fruit juice is not a good option. From a nutritional standpoint you might as well drink a coke and take a Vitamin C tablet. Once you remove the Fiber that is in the orange, you are just consuming straight sugar.
    And this is from a guy that eats a ton of fruit everyday. But I never drink juice. I will make smoothies out of the whole fruit, as it retains the Fiber. But no juice.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to swimbikerun in What Is Your Policy on Carbs?   
    Beans here get eaten, no matter what people think of the carbs. Rather than think of Protein in it, the Fiber you need for colon health and cancer prevention lines of thought, most are still too attached to it is only for carbs. Yet they'll eat fries, want to drink beer, etc.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to ladygg1967 in Riced Vegetables   
    Thanks for the information that riced califlower and other riced veggies are available in the frozen section of the market!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to BaileyBariatrics in Riced Vegetables   
    It’s not rice and vegetables. It’s ”riced” vegetables. If eating more vegetables is on your list of 2017 resolutions, eating them in a “riced” version can make those veggies more exciting.

    “Ricing” refers to vegetables cut up into small pieces about the size of rice. Cauliflower has gotten the most attention, but other veggies are getting in on the trend. Years ago, the South Beach Diet included a recipe for mashed cauliflower to take the place of mashed potatoes. The new kid on the block is riced cauliflower. The color is similar to rice and can be cut to look like rice. Some say it has a similar taste to rice, but use your own taste buds to figure this out. For bariatrics patients, riced cauliflower doesn’t have the type of carbohydrate that can swell in your stomach pouch, like regular rice does. Once you can add vegetables back to your food choices, you’ve now got a vegetable choice that can be seasoned many ways. Click here for a Riced Cauliflower recipe from www.whatscookingamerica.net, which also includes several flavor options. For an easier version, Green Giant and Birds’ Eye already have riced cauliflower and other riced vegetables in the freezer section. You’ll be able to whip up a vegetable side dish in a jiffy! Pizza Crust recipes with riced cauliflower have also been enjoyed by our patients for several years. Yum! You now have a trendy, fun and tasty way to eat your veggies. Enjoy!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to JamieLogical in Long term   
    I am always fascinated to hear that people struggle to take their Vitamins regularly. For me, it's part of my routine and I almost never forget to take them. The only times I do forget is when I am out of my routine for some reason, like out of town or on vacation or something. Why is it that you struggle? Is it that your life doesn't allow for a regular routine? Is it that you never get into a routine with them i the first place? Have you tried the various med/vitamin reminder apps that are available?
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from _Kate_ in Advancing your diet- on your own   
    I stayed on plan. I didn't want to risk damaging my new sleeve stomach and didn't want it to have to work harder because of what I had eaten - it had to work hard enough at healing itself that it wasn't worth the risk. I encountered complications 6 days post-op which didn't help the healing process either. I am what is called a compliant patient when it comes to my healthcare, as well as being an educated consumer
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from Walter.Sobchak in Love and Support   
    So glad to hear you're getting what you need here.
    I agree with @@JamieLogical and @Chrmow. I have found BP members to be very helpful and encouraging. Real life experiences and insight certainly help on the WLS road.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from criolelaie in SCARED OF DEVELOPING GERD!   
    I'm with @JamieLogical.
    Talk with your doctor about it; know that there are medications available to help control it, IF you do develop GERD.
    I take Previcid daily and probably will for the rest of my life. Several years ago, way before my WLS, my breathing kept getting harder and harder, even just while standing and talking with someone I would have to pause for a deep breath to be able to continue talking; gasping at times. And I can't begin to tell you how frustrating the shortness of breath was anytime I was exercising! It kept getting worse over about a 2 year period. I got checked out for heart issues, none, got checked out for asthma, mild. Then the pulmonologist I was seeing saw something on an x-ray of my throat that caused him concern; sent me for a CT of my throat which confirmed his suspicions. He referred me to an otolaryngologist who I saw within 2 days. As soon as he scoped me to look at my trach and esophagus, he immediately scheduled me for surgery -- diagnosis: subglottic stenosis (Google it). I am a rare case because 1) I'm an adult 2) I'd never been on a ventilator. Even though I rarely had "acid" reflux, apparently I had asymptomatic GERD during the night. My body created this scar tissue barrier across my trachea to protect it from the GERD. Fortunately, my vocal chords were not affected by the GERD. At this point, he said it was no wonder I was having trouble breathing because my trach was 80% blocked by the scar tissue and it was like I was "sucking air through a straw." On to my very first surgery ever. Laser surgery to remove the scar tissue. Surgery was successful and several years down the road now, no reoccurrence of the subglottic stenosis. After a few tests before the surgery on my throat, and one to follow, he came to the conclusion about the "non-acidic" GERD and put me on Prevacid 2 times per day. The dose was reduced to once per day just before my WLS.
    I'm not sharing my story to scare you, just to reinforce the fact that GERD is very treatable.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Travelher in Advancing your diet- on your own   
    Everyone is dying to get off the liquids, I knew that was the most import phase for healing, so I would not have considered asking about advancing that. Glad you would ask first, my best advice for soft and purees when you do get there is measure measure measure. Not everyone is as anal about following plan as I am and that is where people get into trouble, also my tip is if you are allowed 1/2 cup and you are feeling full on 1/4 Stop!!! Early stages are not the time to test limits. Be mindful about what and how you eat. That is what worked for me. I have friends who vomited non stop as they started stages, so know you may have to drop back a stage and that is ok and normal too. In solids you'll find some things work, others don't. Sometimes they work day 1 and not on day two. Take things slowly and start with smaller portions than you think you need.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to #BirdDog in Advancing your diet- on your own   
    I stuck to the plan. Sometimes it sucked and I wanted something more "substantial". Especially during the puréed stage. But I kept it in mind that this part was only temporary and to ensure I healed properly and let my body get adjusted to the changes I persevered. There's light, you'll be on to solids before you know it.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to blizair09 in Advancing your diet- on your own   
    I followed my plan to the letter. None of us has any idea what the condition of our stomach is since we can't actually see it. I just wasn't willing to take any risks over some random food and a few random days.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from xoxococojay in What is wrong with literal overly sensitive assholes?   
    An excellent, well-written real life experience with realistic suggestions and observations. Nothing offensive in my opinion. Keep on keeping on and don't worry about those who felt offended......a singing bird probably offends them.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to MowryRocks in Love and Support   
    I am so glad to hear that this has been your experience. I find that overall this group is very supportive and informative.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to JamieLogical in Love and Support   
    So glad to hear you are getting what you need from this community. It was invaluable to me through my journey as well.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Walter.Sobchak in Love and Support   
    Hello All,
    I just want to say thank you for all your input, and support and love.
    I really appreciate it.
    I had joined a different weight loss and bariatric surgery forum a while back and didn't have a good experience.
    I poured my heart out in a post, crying out for help, even mentioned that I was suicidal because of my weight.
    I only received spam replies and a reply from someone offering to do hypnosis with me for a fee.
    Needless to say I was thoroughly disappointed.
    My experience here has been great and I appreciate you all.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to 50yearoldme in My new favorite yogurt   
    I just had my first Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt, can I tell you this stuff rocks!
    120 calories, 0 fat, 8 net carbs and 15 protein!
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