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  1. graceday32001

    Hair loss?

    Hey all, I was sleeved in February and am now experiencing serious hair loss. Is anyone else having this problem? I knew it was likely to occur but its still devastating to see. I am getting around 60 grams of Protein a day and taking my supplements as I should...
  2. ok, I will definitely get my hands on some almond milk or soy milk then. boo the thought of being lactose intolerant makes me really sad...I like milk lots and lots
  3. I would agree with you about the lactose intolerance except that I have been eating cheese with no problem...I really have no idea. I have started mixing my Protein into pudding which helps me stomach it a bit better.
  4. Thanks everyone I really appreciate the imput and encouragement.
  5. so far I have tried: chicken salad Laughing cow cheese refried Beans light sour cream scrambled eggs super super ground up beef tomato soup greek yogurt it all goes down well sometimes and sometimes it really upsets my tummy. It depends on the day
  6. So, I am now three weeks past my operation and I am still having a terrible time eating anything. Protein is practically impossible in liquid form. If I drink it I get horrible diarhea and if I eat it, I feel like I'm gonna puke for hours. Most foods do not sit well in my sleeve. I'm starting to think that there is something wrong... Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  7. graceday32001

    Difficulty with protein

    Thank you guys so much, its really nice to know that I'm not the only one struggling. I am getting Water. Probably not enough yet, but I am trying. I eat a lot of sugar free popsicles as a way to stay hydrated. I am able to stomach some other soft foods though mixing in Protein powder has made my stomach upset...I have tried though. With Soups and mashed potatoes...I have unjury unflavored...honestly its not that good. I just ordered some Syntrax Matrix powder and it should be here in a day...I am hoping that this will sit better than unjury will.
  8. 1. How do you feel? Any issues? Not feeling too bad. The only real pain left is from a bulge under the incision on the right side of my tummy, where my stomach was removed from. 2. How is your water/protein intake? Water intake is ok but I'm having a really difficult time getting in enough Protein. 3. Have you had your first follow-up appt? How did it go? If not, when is your appt? My first follow up appointment is on the 25th. So this upcoming wednesday 4. What stage food are you on (full liquids, purees, etc.)? Liquids but I have been adding in some pureeds as well because liquids dont sit too well in my stomach 5. Have you hit buyer's remorse yet or still glad you did it? My buyers remorse hit as soon as I came out of anesthesia, but it is getting less and less each day 6. Lastly - how much have you lost since the surgery? since surgery about 13 pounds
  9. so, I'm 12 days out from surgery and craving food! The problem I am running into though is that I am having a really difficult time getting in enough Protein throughout the day. I have been eating a lot of greek yogurt, pureed refried Beans, soupy mashed potatoes, but I can't seem to get my stomach to agree to the shakes I need to get enough protein into my diet...Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. graceday32001


    I'm having a super difficult time with the sipping. I'm not getting in enough liquids I don't think. I'm hoping that over time I can drink normally again because this is quite difficult.
  11. graceday32001

    Incision pain. Abdominal pain

    I had my surgery on tuesday the 10th of feb (so last week basically) I have 7 incision sites and 2 of them (the one directly above my belly button, and the one that is on the right where they pulled the stomach out of) are still quite tender and painful. The muscle pain beinding over is still bad too. If its not better by my surgeon appointment on the 25th, I will definitely bring it up, but otherwise some pain is normal. Considering what was just done to your body, don't be surprised that you are achy and sore.
  12. Hey All, I have been on the liquid diet for less than 2 weeks and have stuck to it pretty religiously...so far I have lost 20 pounds from that alone. It’s so strange. I have never dropped weight this quickly...ever 0_0 Anyways, my surgery is on the 10th of Feb and I am starting to get nervous. I'm not sure if anyone else is feeling what I am. Is it normal to start feeling a bit apprehensive about the surgery before it happens? Everyone seems to be so excited...while I am quite excited I just have that feeling of unease...is this normal? Any Input would be awesome
  13. graceday32001

    What NSV are you look foward to?

    Smaller clothes Cute heels Horseback riding Roller coasters Flying on a plane comfortably Feeling less awkward in public places

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