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  1. Quest4TheNewMe

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    166.2 today (This might be my last weigh in for this challenge. I'll be gone on vacation next weekend and won't be able to weigh in until next Thursday.)
  2. If you look in the Local groups board, there's a thread for MN people. It isn't overly active, but they were doing get togethers each month for a while.
  3. Quest4TheNewMe

    Lovely bones

    Yes! I love seeing my new bones every now and then... Took my hubby a while to adjust though.
  4. Quest4TheNewMe

    Women who have had c sections

    I've had two previous c-sections and they made me an expert in rolling onto my side before trying to sit up. My VSG recovery was easier than my c/s recoveries, bit I've also heard others say the opposite.
  5. Quest4TheNewMe

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    168 lbs today!
  6. Quest4TheNewMe

    Hi all

    The very first food I couldn't wait to have post op was refried beans!
  7. Quest4TheNewMe

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    171.2 today... Slow, slow, slide...
  8. Quest4TheNewMe

    To hell with it

    I've also been struggling to embrace my bat wings. Way to go!
  9. Quest4TheNewMe

    Your weirdest breakfast?

    Beef jerky! One of my friends thinks that the concept is disgusting. LOL!
  10. Quest4TheNewMe

    Eating out

    Fish, chili, or grilled chicken are my go to. I always try to review the menu before I go, so I have a plan ahead of time.
  11. Quest4TheNewMe


    Seriously, hang in there. I was so uncomfortable at that stage but I'm now a little over 5 months out and it's gone by in a flash. I feel AMAZING. I would never go back, for anything!
  12. Quest4TheNewMe

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    I'm a 172.6 today.
  13. Quest4TheNewMe

    How old are/were you?

    I turned 32 about two weeks post-op.
  14. Quest4TheNewMe

    Wedding ring/Engagement ring

    I was 272 lbs at the beginning of this journey. I just had my rings sized down to a 4.75! I don't think my fingers look small but I guess they are!