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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Katie8907

    Ladies only

    I started mine the very next day after surgery, talk about being miserable lol. My cycle has been messed up ever since my surgery though. My second months post op, I didn't have a period. Third month I did though:)
  2. First picture is pre op, second is 3 months post op!!! Half way to my goal!!
  3. Katie8907

    3 month post op picture

    I didn't take my measurements, really wish I would have though. As of today, I'm down 50 lbs, down from a size 2XL shirt to a L, size 24 jean to a 16:)
  4. My surgeon told me as long as you lose at a steady pace and exercise you shouldn't get loose skin. Atleast not noticeable, if at all.
  5. Start weight-265/ jean size-a tight 22... (Refused to buy a 24)..shirts 2XL Today's weight-225/ jean size 18, shirts L Goal weight- 150
  6. Katie8907

    Post op stomach spasms

    Roughly ever 4 hours.. I get the spasms almost every 2 hours after eating
  7. Hey everyone! I am 2 months post op, and I'm having random stomach spasms. They kind of feel like hunger pains... But I'm scared if I eat every time I get them I'm eating too much. They can take my breath away at times.. I've had them since I left the hospital, I just figured they would go away.... Anyone else having this issue?
  8. Katie8907

    August Sleevers Check In

    I need some advice.. How do you get past the head hunger and craving sweets?! I don't want to blow my success by eating something with sugar in it. I have a family reunion this weekend and I know it's going to hard around all the food... But I know I can do it, just wondering if someone can give me some advice to get through it. Thanks in advance:)
  9. Katie8907

    August Sleevers Check In

    It is normal... I was sleeved on 8-20 and the pain just went away on 8-30... If I did to much, it came back.. But for the most part it's gone:)
  10. Katie8907

    August Sleevers Check In

    My NUT told me gummies were the best... I use kids chewable gummies and b12 sublingual
  11. Katie8907

    August Sleevers Check In

    My NUT told me gummies were the best... I use kids chewable gummies and b12 sublingual
  12. Katie8907

    August Sleevers Check In

    I was sleeved on 8/20 and tried a piece of turkey yesterday... Just a small piece and chewed it a million times bc I know I'm not supposed to have it... But it was sooo good:-)
  13. Katie8907

    August Sleevers Check In

    OMG the spasms are horrible!!! I had tried to lay in bed the other night and had to get up because they made my chest sore!!!! I beginning to wonder if it's acid reflux. I have been taking a PPI but I think maybe I will try a tums and see if that helps. Glad to know I am not the only one. Angie, I have started using children's chewable Tylenol... Miracle workers on the spasms... I was actually able to sleep for 6 hours before waking up to a spasm:-)
  14. Katie8907

    August Sleevers Check In

    I too am having these pains. It wakes me up all hours of the night! Even when I try to nap, I'm lucky to sleep good for 2 hours before the spasms start!

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