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  1. I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Garwood yesterday afternoon. He is retired and not doing fills anymore.. Dang!!!
  2. kcintx

    Houston Texas Doctor to do fills!

    find that fill dr? I think my port has flipped over.. I'm also Mexico band.. anyone in the area?? Dr. Shulka does them, office in the Woodlands and Huntsville tx.. but can't/won't help with filled port. any suggestions??? thanks.
  3. Monica.. Dr. Garwood is MIA ... LOL wish he was still in business.. anyone?
  4. I used her too. Also Dr. Garwood, he was the best. They don't do them anymore. I found Dr. Shulka,936-435-0259 (huntsville office number) he has office in Woodlands and Huntsville. Will do fills on Mexico folks. cost 125.00.. but my port has flipped and he wasn't too interested in helping me with that. I think I need the xray with fill to see to move it.. so frustrated..
  5. kcintx

    I have recommitted

    My band is 5 yrs old!! I lost 140 pounds and have gained 80 of that back.. I'm so frustrated. I didn't get a fill for a year, too much emotional stuff and I use food for comfort. I lost my fill doctor *Dr. Garwood.. and now using Dr. Stephanie from Tyler.. I'm getting there, but have stretched out my pouch. Bad eating habits have creeped back in.. just extremely frustrated.. :-/
  6. Happy 56th Birthday kcintx!

  7. kcintx

    Fills for Mexican Patients

    Is Dr. Garwood still doing fills? I've used him before, he's great. didn't know if he is still in the Lufkin area or moved back to College Station..
  8. 4 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 4th Anniversary kcintx!

  9. hey.. How are you doing??

  10. kcintx

    Fills in Houston Tx WHERE??

    Dr. Garwood is in Lufkin Texas now.
  11. plz help me!! i need to find dr.garwood. i tried to contact him everywhere but i couldnt get a hold of him.. please i really need it.

  12. Luchay.. do you have a phone number for her office?? (to make appt).. I'm in Huntsville Texas and I need a fill doc. I used Dr. Garwood, but he's moved to Lufkin and I'm wondering if he will actually get set up there.. I've been waiting a month now.. I need a fill!! ugh.... I would like to have a back up plan.. thanks.....
  13. Dr. Garwood update: New office in Lufkin Texas 936-639-2244.. He is suppose to be moving furniture in this week. Call the office, tell them you need lapband fill, they will take your information and call you back.. Nice lady on the phone. I need a fill bad!! hopefully he'll be up and running next week.. If you're new to him, tell him Kathy Caldwell sent you... He's a great doc, very kind and understanding, doesn't rush you, listens and works with you, like previously said, has a window for adjustments.... good luck!!
  14. I get good restriction for about a month after a fill, then it's gone. I've been reading and got a little paranoid about my band not being able to fit anymore and still need to lose weight.. WELL... I have a 9.75cc band.. I thought I had a 4cc band.. gezzz I emailed my doc and he told me, then I re-read my letter and sure 'nough, there in black and white is my info.. I feel soooo much better. I do need another fill, I have really been struggling with food and eating way to much or just eating all day long.. I increased my exercising. So I need to get mind set over this and get back with the program. I'm ready for that sweet spot everyone is talking about.. I need some help here!!!! :smile2:
  15. Dr. Garwood is in Lufkin, he was in College Station.. old number is above. call his office and see if they have the new number.