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  1. vsgchick

    Pouch Reset and Mounjaro?

    Hope your recovery goes well! A friend is doing fantastic on Wegovy. I am so glad we have another tool available.
  2. vsgchick

    Pouch Reset and Mounjaro?

    Hello! Mounjaro has been great for me. I lost the remainder of my regain and 10 additional pounds. I am currently under my lowest sleeve weight and see my bariatric office in 2 weeks to discuss a maintenance plan. I didn't go higher than the 10mg dose (the highest doses are 12.5mg and 15mg). I didn't have any crazy side effects. GLP-1s seem to be a game changer for a lot of people...especially veteran WLS that need a boost but don't want revisions.
  3. vsgchick

    2 years out RNY

    Hi! Congrats on your success! I am 6 years post with sleeve. I've lost 175 lbs and working towards an additional 25 lbs. I track my food daily with MyFitnessPal since 2014. I am too generous with myself to "eyeball" food, so weighing/measuring is a must. I weigh myself daily to stay on track/watch trends, but only record Saturday's weight. I work out 5x per week...a mix of walk/run intervals, cycling, yoga and kettlebell. I also use YouTube videos and subscribe to the Peloton app. FYI, there is a WLS Veterans board on this site. I've seen everything from 2-10 years of tenure. Worth checking out.
  4. Almost 6 years out and still can't eat spaghetti squash. It doesn't make me vomit, but the pain is ridiculous. So odd. I've tried it 3x over the years and finally had to give up.
  5. vsgchick

    April 2020 Vets Roll Call

    Hello...still here! I had sleeve in November 2014. I lost 185 lbs. I regained 20 lbs last year...refocused in January and I've lost 15 lbs so far. Staying active with the Peloton app and walking the furkid. Stay safe everyone! [emoji173]
  6. vsgchick

    Any WLS peeps from 2014 still around?

    I'm still here! I had VSG in November 2014 and lost 185 lbs. I regained 20 lbs last year (just being careless lol), but I refocused at the beginning of 2020 and I've lost 15 lbs. Glad to see veterans post. Sleeve Life definitely isn't easy at 5+ years, but still grateful for VSG.
  7. vsgchick

    Calling all vets- where are you

    I will be 5 years post this fall...lost 185 lbs. I gained 15 lbs in the last 6 months (totally my fault lol) and I am working it off now.
  8. I had several food funerals before my pre-op diet. I am 11 months post-op...started with a BMI of 53...down to 32 (150 lbs lost). Continued success to everyone!
  9. I am almost 11 months out and eat 900-1000 calories daily...protein is usually 90-100 grams...60g of carbs or less. I increase my carbs for more intense workouts, if needed.
  10. vsgchick

    African American vsgers!

    Stalls are normal. When I was 3 weeks out, I stalled for 2 weeks and I've had several in 9.5 months post-op. Just keep working your plan...the weight will come off. Even with the stalls, I am down 140 lbs since surgery last fall.
  11. I had mine removed this week. I am 9.5 months out. I had bloating and pain under the right breast. Recovery has been easier than sleeve. Good Luck!
  12. vsgchick

    African American vsgers!

    @@Highdee215 I drove once I stopped my pain medicine...around Day 9 or 10. I initially took 3 weeks off from work and went back in 2.5...the second week was more fatigue than pain for me.
  13. vsgchick

    African American vsgers!

    Hi all! Congrats to the new and soon-to-be sleevers! My journey is going well. I hit 8 months post-op last week and I am down 130 lbs. My goal is to lose another 45 lbs. No complications or hair loss issues. I take my vitamins religiously, so my labs are good. The sleeve has exceeded my expectations! Easily the best decision I've made in years. Glad to have my active lifestyle back. ????
  14. vsgchick

    Sleevers over 300lbs?

    I started at 372...down to 263...6 months months out. Love my sleeve!
  15. vsgchick

    African American vsgers!

    Thank you! I am sticking with my surgeon's plan. My calories are around 900, carbs under 50g, Protein is usually at 75-80g. I also drink at least 80oz of Water and currently doing moderate exercise 3-4x per week. I will bump up the calories/carbs when my workouts get more intense.

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