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Hello, I am new to this forum, I am having my VSG on 02/27/2014 (18 DAYS) :D
Just a little bit about my background, I am 38y/o married woman residing in PA. I started this journey a little less than a year ago when I was diagnosed with gallstones 4/2013.I seen a surgeon, had a hidascan and was advised that I would need my gallbladder removed (2 days later). Two weeks after the surgery I was presenting the same symptoms that landed me in the ER just a few weeks prior ( lump in my throat, acid build up, pain, heartburn and regurgitation) uuuggghhhh. I had to have an upper G.I performed and it was then I learned that I had GERD, beginning stages of Reflux esophagitis and a Hiatal Hernia! This led me to seeing another specialist and several procedures being performed over the next 2 months; Endoscopy, Nexium regiment, Gastric Emptying Study & Bravo PH inserted...all to no avail.

Finally in July I met with yet another specialist(surgeon) who asked me to consider Bypass surgery to reduce the weight rapidly and decrease the symptoms of the GERD. WHAT! This was something that I had never considered despite the fact that my weight seemed to be ballooning out of control. I was told that she wanted me to consider it and if the answer was a yes, she wanted to operate in 3 weeks time. WOW
After having the multiple disciplinary panel meeting on 07/15/2013, Life kicked me in the gut when I got home. I learned that I had exhausted my medical benefits and was not eligible for use until APRIL 2014 !!! How was this possible I asked...well, as it turned out I had limited benefit insurance instead of major medical. :( :angry: I took a few days processing and had realized that I wanted this surgery for myself, I wanted my outside to match my inside. Though I am a very confident woman and carry myself with class, dignity, respect and not to mention I exude sexy... I wanted this change!

As luck* would have it, my job was having an open enrollment at the time and I decided to go with the companies insurance( I had a choice of 2) In August I decided that I was going to do this surgery for myself, I began to research bariatric surgeons and decided to watch the video and go for consultation. That same week I attended my 1st out of 5 Lifestyle class and took the 1st step towards a more physically healthy me. I met with Dr. Carol McCloskey 09/24/2013 (she was extremely nice) We discussed the options of Bypass vs. Sleeve. I was leaning toward the sleeve due to not wanting malabsorption issues and or any other potential medical issues stemming from Bypass surgery. I followed the criteria that was required from Dr. McCloskey; EKG, Chest X-Ray, CBC, Psychological evaluation and nutrition consult.

In Early October the Physicians assistant called and told me that I had a vitamin D deficiency (not uncommon in PA) but I needed to take highly concentrated script for 8 weeks and then otc form thereafter.


On November 26th 2013 after having returned from a trip to Vegas and also a 10 day Cruise, We took a test and discovered that I was PREGNANT with my 1st child!! :D :P 1st ultrasound on 12/6/2013 confirmed pregnancy and I had to contact the surgeon to postpone surgery. My psychological evaluation and nutrition appointment was coming up on 12/10/2013. I was given the option to still complete the appointments and then surgery could be rescheduled 4 to 6 months after giving birth. (I opted to continue with the appointments on 12/10/2013) SADLY, on 12/16/2013 I learned that the heart had stopped beating and that there would be no life emerging from my womb right now. :wacko: :( :angry:
I had a D&C performed 12/23/2013 and was processing what was/wasn't anymore. Life had to move on.

Finally 1/2/2014 I contacted Dr. McCloskeys' office to see if I could get back on track with surgery, that is when I learned that my surgery had been submitted on 12/16/2013 and approved on 12/19/2013.!!!!
What a breathe of fresh air, I need this, I wanted this! I am hitting the ground running from the old me...

I have my pre op and final consult with my surgeon on the 18th of this month. I have started taking necessary steps in order to assure my preparedness for my upcoming surgery. I have started to train myself to eat; Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt 12g of protein, Isopure liquid protein 40g protein and Premier Protein shakes 30g protein...I have the organic low sodium Vegetable & Chicken broths, sugar free Jell-O, popsicles & puddings, 2oz cups, shakes, immersion blender, organic pureed baby foods(Earths Best) measuring cups, spoons, smaller portioned plates, 3oz bowls with lids for storing...and to avoid waste.

Now I am just passing the days away, I do find that my mind is trying to play tricks on me and tell me that I need to eat even when I am not hungry. This was not an issue until last week, I was not required to do a liquid diet phase prior to surgery(except for the day before) BUT I am going to start one on Monday so that I will understand the dedication that it will take once I have surgery.

Thank you for taking time to listen/read...Best wishes to all of you and I will see you on the losers bench.

Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Starting Weight: 292 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery: 273 lbs
Current Weight: 160 lbs
Goal Weight: 165 lbs
Weight Lost: 132 lbs
BMI: 27.5
Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 09/24/2013
Surgery Date: 02/27/2014
Hospital Stay: 3 Days
Surgery Funding: Insurance
Insurance Outcome: 1st Letter Approval
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