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  1. InfiniteButterfly

    Pre op liquid diet

    Depends on your doctor. I was allowed 1 cup per day (SF creamer or NF milk/Torani SF syrup) because my PCP recommended caffeine to help with my migraines and my surgeon was okay with that. He normally recommends against coffee pre-surgery though.
  2. Hmm...I'll have to try this. I've done portobello pizza before, but never removed the gills.
  3. Honestly, I read so many negative reviews of Isopure, I haven't tried it. I do like Javapro, which is by Isopure. But then, I'm a coffee fiend.
  4. InfiniteButterfly

    Cheating on Pre-Op

    I didn't cheat at all on the two-week liquid pre-op diet. I was far too worried about what would happen if my liver didn't shrink to where the doctor wanted it to be. I waited too long for this surgery to mess up at that point. I'd already said goodbye to food and had a few food funerals before that point, but when I hit the deadline that was it. And after the first two or three days, it really wasn't that bad.
  5. Honestly, I have to agree with @BitterSweet*. It's certainly the tough love approach, but reading this thread...wow. My stomach hurt at the thought of that much pop. The rest of the food? Would feed the rest of my family for a few days. That's a ridiculous amount of food for anyone to take in. And not wanting to hear the doctor's advice? I don't take in much more than 600 calories unless I'm doing a lot of exercise. It's not unreasonable or unhealthy in the short-term. And costco? Didn't force you to buy tamales, pop and waffles. That was YOUR choice. I'm sure if you'd looked, you could have found healthy alternatives, but you chose not to. You are choosing to remain unhealthy and choosing to waste the opportunity you were given. My first thought was 'troll' as well.
  6. InfiniteButterfly

    I can't get in my needed protein.

    My doctor was more concerned with hydration early on. I didn't start hitting my Protein goals until I was into soft foods (at four weeks). I had panicked about not getting enough protein, but he said it would come when I was able to take in more and not to worry about forcing the issue. So I didn't.
  7. At 10 weeks out, I still couldn't eat a cup and a half of food at a meal. Maybe 1/2 cup (quarter cup or 2-3 ounces of a Protein, and a 1/4 cup side dish...veggies or cottage cheese...and generally there's food left on my plate.) It's between you and your surgeon and NUT what and how much you're eating, but my insides kind of cringed at even the thought of that much food. Nevermind that potatoes are a very much sometimes food (I've had them once. My NUT recommended avoiding them altogether.)
  8. InfiniteButterfly

    my journey

    Sounds like you hit your first stall There is nothing wrong with being down 13 lbs.I remember how long it used to take me to drop that much weight. Just stick with your surgeon's program and you'll start losing again. I hit my first stall at two weeks and it lasted about 10 days. Frustrating, but if you do everything the doctor and NUT told you, the scales will start moving again.
  9. Are the letters required to preform surgery? Not from what I've seen. It's just an additional layer of accreditation and advanced training.
  10. Big NSV today. I had to take my daughter shopping at Old Navy…it’s back to school time and she needed school clothes, so since there was a sale there on school clothes, and I had a ton of rewards saved up, I managed to get all of her back-to-school clothes for $2. But that’s not the best part. While we were there, I looked over the women’s clothes. Now, I haven’t shopped in a regular-size store…probably since I was a teenager. So that’s quite a while. I have bought from Old Navy, but only from their plus-size (online only) store. But while I was looking at their clothes, I started thinking hmm…that looks like it might fit. And it DID! I bought a few shirts and a pair of compression capri. All size XL from the regular store (last things I bought for myself from Old Navy were 3x from the plus store). So two active-wear tank tops, one pair of capri and two t-shirts. I can not believe how good it feels to shop in a store and not have to slink to the plus-size section. I don’t CARE that I’m still in an XL…it’s a regular XL instead of 2x, 3x, etc. And it feels good.
  11. InfiniteButterfly

    For those who didn't tell anyone - betrayed

    Sadly, this is at least in part why I was very open about my surgery and the process. I wasn't sure who would or wouldn't keep it a secret, so I made it easy on them. My partners were able to reach out to people they work with (both hubby and bf have co-workers who have had the surgery...although both were by-pass rather than sleeve...and they were able to have someone 'outside' to talk to. I think it helped my bf understand a little better to be able to talk to someone other than me...someone who understood some of what I'm going through. Yes, it was definitely your secret to share or not as you chose...but she meant well.
  12. @@*susan* I really commend your patience in continuing to answer these questions. Pity the Omar groupies continue to try and deflect attention from the real issue.
  13. InfiniteButterfly

    Ready to work out!

    Yep...I found carbs essential once I started working out. Those whole-grain sandwich thins aren't bad. I know I'm able to exercise/cycle much better when I have an egg with cheese and half a sandwich thin rather than just a Protein shake for Breakfast (my exercise is always in the morning, before my body realizes what I'm doing to it ) My total carbs are still usually under 50 for the day (probably still on the low side, but for now, I have enough energy for the amount of exercise I get in)
  14. InfiniteButterfly

    Planking Challenge!

    Started today...using the dolphin plank variant (which I'm not used to, but I figure by time I hit day 15 or so, it will save my wrists) 2x20 seconds (I use a tabata timer, and did two sets)
  15. InfiniteButterfly

    Does anyone blog?


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