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  1. cutiecake

    Holiday Challenge!

    This has been a rough couple weeks, weigh in this morning, forgot to yesterday - 177.6. Better than a gain but wish I lost more
  2. cutiecake

    Alcohol effects after sleeve

    I don't know why a WLS would make people think they get drunk differently. Other than drinking on a empty stomach ,which you could do before WLS, why would having WLS make anyone get drunk or not get drunk slower or faster? I seriously don't understand how WLS could make a difference. I occasionally have a cocktail, and I feel the same buzz I felt before WLS.
  3. cutiecake

    5 months out...tortoise or the hare?

    It depends on how much you have to lose also. I've lost 47 pounds since my surgery June 9. I of course think it should be more. I want to lose about 25 more! But I feel and look good now, I'm in a loose size 10 jean now from a tight 16. And I think I would've lost more by now if I didn't give in to bad choices , on a weekly basis. I admit it, I eat things I should not eat, and I have a cocktail or two on the weekends. If I didn't maybe my weightloss would be more, but as it's been said slow and steady wins the race! I'm still healthier than I was before I started this journey, and I'm still me, the surgery didn't turn off my want to eat, I wish it did but that's just not the case.
  4. cutiecake

    Holiday Challenge!

    Nothing lost this week, 178.6
  5. cutiecake

    Holiday Challenge!

    I'm probably too late forgot to post! 178 Friday.
  6. cutiecake

    Holiday Challenge!

    Hello, my beginning weight for the challenge is 179.2 and my goal is 169. Thanks for adding me!
  7. cutiecake

    Hair loss after Surgery

    I have lost tons of hair, it's absolutely crazy how much hair is in the shower after I wash it, and then if I flat iron it, there's hair all over my floor. It's all over my white tile all over my house! My hairdresser can't believe how much hair I've lost. I started taking 5000mg of biotin about 2 months ago, not seeing a big difference yet. I'm Italian and Greek ,so I'm worried about facial hair getting thicker :/ Luckily I have lots of hair on my head, even though I've lost probably half(no joke) I don't have any bald spots, my hair dresser even said to me, you just have a normal amount of Hair now. Lol. Anyway, I hope the biotin helps. My pharmacist said 5000 mg is best daily.
  8. cutiecake

    Holiday Challenge!

    I am in! Thank you for taking time to do this! I love it!
  9. cutiecake

    Halloween challenge

    180.2 2 pounds away from my goal
  10. I was sleeved June 9 2014. And there were quite a few of us, that we're sleeved in June. I would love to hear how y'all are doing! I'm down 46 pounds so far, size 16- to size10. I've hit a few stalls but I am exercising and feeling pretty good. Hope that everyone is doing well, and having success! Let me know... Would love to hear from all of you
  11. cutiecake

    Halloween challenge

    180.8 today
  12. Same boat as you I'm 5'6 my heaviest was 226. Had surgery in June. Down to 180. I'm very happy with my results so far. My goal is 150. I'm down to a size 10 jeans, from a tight 16. I have two kids, my before kids weight was around 145. So 150 will be great for me! Good luck, this was the best decision for me! I love the sleeve. I also work out 3x week.
  13. I didn't tell anyone at work, I had my surgery in June. It's getting tough now, because everyone is so interested in how I'm losing weight , I work with mainly women. And they can be very catty. I feel bad about "lying". But I'm too far into it to now tell the truth. I didn't want people judging me, and I am a private person too. But it's snowballing now because I'm asked daily how I'm doing it. I just say I've cut my portions way back and I started excerise. -- which is true.
  14. cutiecake

    Halloween challenge

    183 this week
  15. cutiecake

    Halloween challenge

    184.2 today

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