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  1. I'd just like to say - not only have you had surgery which can have a huge effect on your emotions - but it sounds like you've had a lot of other major life changes going on as well! Take it easy, try to relax and have some time for yourself. Any if those things you listed can cause a lot of stress on their own, but particularly after surgery!
  2. KarenF1972

    Feel sick all the time

    I felt like that also right after surgery. I felt OK if I was sitting, but as soon as I got up, my heart would start to race and I just felt week. I was having a hard time drinking plain Water. I had a little bit of diluted apple juice but then I also started drinking some gatorade. That helped a lot!
  3. KarenF1972

    24 hour post op misery

    When I woke up from surgery I HURT!!! I had them get me an abdominal binder. I didn't use it in the hospital but it did help me at night when I was trying to sleep in bed at home. It will get better!!
  4. KarenF1972


    I was mainly concerned with the caffeine and the impact on the stomach, etc. My surgeon said no caffeine at all because it is hard on the lining of your stomach and can cause ulcers. But if I'm not drinking alcohol or eating sugar, I need one vice, right?? Since I haven't worried about my sleeve lately, I thought I'd be concerned about the caffeine damaging it somehow!
  5. KarenF1972


    I am 8 months out tomorrow and I was just wondering what all of you are doing regarding coffee. I didn't drink any for the longest time, but the last couple months I started up again. Full caffeine, one a day (sometimes 2 depending on the day!) I usually have a nonfat, sugar free latte to cut the calories, but then I'm still getting some Protein with it. What have you all been told about drinking coffee after surgery?? Thanks!
  6. I had my sleeve 10/16/15 and still get some left side pain from time to time. It freaked me out when it first started. I'll be fine and then all of a sudden get it. It's more of an ache right below my rib cage. I messaged my doctor and they said as long as everything else was normal not to worry about it.
  7. KarenF1972


    Hey everyone - I had surgery in October 2014. I was just wondering what foods any of you were told NOT to eat. How about popcorn?? Thanks!!
  8. I had surgery 10/14/14 and had some abdominal discomfort for a couple months. I would have to shift and move around to get comfortable. When I started exercising again, it increased. They told me not to worry that I was still healing. It's pretty much gone now but there are still times if I push in I can feel tenderness/discomfort probably from where there is scar tissue.
  9. KarenF1972

    Hair issues. Of course

    I am 4 months out and losing by the handful each day. It is making me nuts. Pantene is supposed to be a shampoo that isn't the greatest for your hair in general. One of the ingredients, though I can't remember what. I went to Ulta and bought some Nioxin, as well as cutting my hair shorter. I have some days with minimal loss and others that are just scary!!! Good thing I started out with a ton of hair......
  10. KarenF1972

    October 2014 sleevers check in please!

    OMG! Just saw a coworker I haven't seen since coming back to work. She said "hey skinny! Welcome back! What did you do - go to a fat farm?" It's just making me laugh now (because I know she has no filter) - but who says that??????
  11. KarenF1972

    Truly don't know what to do

    If you are using the GENEPRO - they have a small scoop in the bag. One scoop is 30 grams of protein. I would start with that. I think if some things have more protein, they are harder to get down. I had to force myself to drink my Protein shakes. It's not a matter of "this tastes great", right now it's a matter of - I've got to get this down.
  12. KarenF1972

    Florida BCBS

    You should be able to go to the web site and find the requirements in the plan brochure.....
  13. KarenF1972

    October 2014 sleevers check in please!

    I have the capsules so I have to break them open and sprinkle the nasty little omeprazole "seeds" into something and eat them. Yogurt, Protein shake or pudding typically work best because then I'm not chewing the medicine. YUCK!
  14. KarenF1972

    October 2014 sleevers check in please!

    Omeprazole is the generic for Prilosec
  15. KarenF1972

    October 2014 sleevers check in please!

    Yes - the surgeon wanted it 2x a day for 2 months after surgery

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