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  1. meledl

    Feeling unsure now.

    Hey I wanted the sleeve too but my surgeon really supported the bypass. I can't speak for your surgeon but mine has lots of experience in the field. I realized that she does this week after week and sees patient after patient...she sees the best results with bypass. I finally just decided to trust her and went with the bypass. I'm happy with my decision now. Don't know if that helps.
  2. I'm not sure why I got so hungry this morning but I was ravenous. I felt faint and couldn't concentrate. I ate a snack that was probably on the big side but then realized I was still "starving"....so I woofed down another too big sNack. I went back to work satisfied but a little worried I could eat that much. 45 minutes later I started throwing up. What I learned from this. 1. Could have tried drinking water. 2. I should have eaten my snack and then waited 30-45 min. I wouldn't have died even if I thought I would Anyway. Thought I would share.
  3. meledl

    Weight loss worries

    My fears exactly!!
  4. I am really scared that I won't lose anymore weight. I have lost 9 since surgery 2 weeks ago, which I know is good, but i still worry. I guess because every diet I have ever done didn't work long term. Like I said I know this is prob irrational but does anyone out there feel that too?
  5. meledl

    Food tracking program

    Do you really eat only 800cal a day. I am shooting for 1200 and still sometimes go over. What do you eat on an average day, maybe I can pick up some tips.
  6. Hey everyone, I have only 2.5 lbs a week since surgery (even the first week). I have read the average is 5-15. I know that is still good to lose 2.5 but I'm confused because it's not as much as I thought. Let me also say this is only week 2. Did anyone have slow weight loss at the beginning?
  7. I was scheduled for a sleeve but had an agreement with my surgeon that if she got in my abdomen and there had been too much damage from the lap band I had taken out she would do a bypass. Anyway so I had a bypass. I'm having trouble with it mentally partly because I think any major surgery can mess with your emotions at first. And because I wasn't totally mentally prepared for it. (Btw I apologize for grammar mistakes etc). I'm typing on my iphone). The first few days I felt "altered". Almost as if I had become some sort of mutant. I am starting to do a little better. I know I needed a weight loss surgery so I think The right thing happened , but I am having an adjustment problem. I know many people will be going through the same thing. Hope to hear from you all!
  8. Pancake 1271 I was wondering how much weight you gained after the lap band was out before the sleeve. You said you lost 12 lbs. Thanks
  9. Thank you for all of your input. It's always nice to listen to other peoples thoughts
  10. meledl

    May 5

    I am kind of eating all the things I couldn't eat with the band. I have put on 10lbs in 2 weeks. Pathetic. I am going to start the preop diet on Monday.
  11. Ok. I'm 1.5 yrs out from removal of my lapband. I am having revision on may 5th and I still can't decide which one. I've read all the statistics and complications. Below are my fears with each one Please tell me your stories, to help me make the best decision Sleeve fears 1. Reflux. I don't have it now but had it so badly with my band. It was horrible. 2. Potential for another surgery Bypass fears 1. I have rheumatoid arthritis I don't take NSAIDs now...but what if I need them one day 2. Malabsorption/anemia 3. Antidepressants. I have had severe depression in the past and am now stable with extended release Wellbutrin. Don't want to acre that up Any thoughts?
  12. I am curious what made you decide bypass. My surgeon says it's the better choice, but for some reason I want the sleeve. She said I could change my mind up til the day of surgery. I still have a month
  13. Sounds like my experience exactly. That's my worry with the sleeve. 5 years ago we didn't think the band would have all the complications that it does. What if the sleeve does too. I think the bypass is prob the best choice but I can't seem to take that step. I'm not sure why. So glad I finally joined this site. There are very few people if any who understand what I feel.
  14. I know. I'm scared too. I hope I'm making the right decision.
  15. meledl

    May 5

    Scheduled for may 5. Can't wait. Had my band out 1.5 yrs ago and looking forward to some help.

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