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  1. jenny13

    Valentine's Challenge

    176 this morning! One pound away from my Valentine's goal. Happy Monday!
  2. jenny13

    May Sleever Roll Call

    I have actually felt that way lately. I think my problem is drinking too much water so close to my meal. Are you drinking with your meals or too soon afterwards? Or maybe eating too fast or drinking too fast? I hope it gets better for you!
  3. jenny13

    Valentine's Challenge

    Today's weight 179.
  4. jenny13

    Valentine's Challenge

    I totally forgot to post yesterday! Eek! Current weight - 181 Goal weight - 175
  5. jenny13

    me in St. Louis

    From the album: After Surgery

  6. jenny13

    May 2014 Sleevers

    How are all the May Sleevers doing??
  7. jenny13

    Labor day Challenge

    208 lbs this morning. Lost 1 pound this week. Doubt I can lose 8 this week to meet my goal. lol
  8. jenny13

    Labor day Challenge

    212 lb, stayed the same this week. At least I didn't gain!
  9. jenny13

    Glow Run - 10 weeks post op

    From the album: After Surgery

  10. jenny13

    Labor day Challenge

    Today - 219 lbs Happy Monday!
  11. jenny13

    4th of July Challenge

    222 lbs. missed goal by 2 lbs! Maybe next time!
  12. jenny13

    Three weeks outters?

    @@gbstreck I've lost a total of 25 lbs. I lost 12 lbs pre-op and 13 lbs post-op and I've lost a total of 9 inches so far. I'm very pleased with my weight loss! I did have a whole week where I didn't lose anything though. How are you doing? @@sleevegirl2 What stage are you at right now?
  13. jenny13

    4th of July Challenge

    Today's weight 233 lbs Goal weight for the 4th of July - 220 lbs
  14. jenny13

    Any May 20th surgeries out there?

    I had my surgery may 20th around 9:30am and was able to come home yesterday. I'm having lots of gas pains, been taking gas x but it's not working that well. I've also been very nauseated and have actually thrown up 2 or 3 times. (Hurts like heck!) Hopefully today I will start feeling better. I hope everyone else is doing well!
  15. jenny13

    Any May 20th surgeries out there?

    My surgery is May 20th too. I started my preop diet May 6th which consist of 4 mandatory meal replacements a day (bought from doctors office) and all the non starchy green veggies I want, and 1 4oz piece of lean meat a day. No milk, cheese, pasta, rice, crackers, bread... So it's basically a high protein, no sugar diet. I have lost 7.4lbs so far! Whoohoo! I'm beginning to get a little nervous. But I know this is what I need! I'm 5'2 and my highest weight was 254.4 and I'm now at 247 lbs.
  16. That's awesome! Good job!
  17. I started my pre-op diet today. I'm using the New Direction replacement meals and I'm having problems getting the powder to dissolve. Anyone else have this problem? What did you do? I don't think I can stomach clumpy soup again. lol Thanks in advance! Jenny
  18. jenny13

    Any May sleevers out there?

    May 20th is my date!! Excited and nervous!! lol I go April 15th for my pre op tests.
  19. jenny13


    I'm having a EGD done also, but mine is going to be done in the office. They told me I would be able to drive myself. I'm a little nervous about that!!! Ah!
  20. jenny13

    Approved! Yay!

    That's exactly how I feel. I work in a pharmacy that only has 6 employees so it's going to be tough hiding it. If they were the supportive type I wouldn't mind them knowing but they are very negative so I'll just keep it quiet for now. I'll have 9 days off then work 2, then off for the weekend so hopefully it'll work out fine. Good luck to you on your journey!
  21. jenny13

    Any May 2014 sleevers?

    Hey! I'm having my surgery May 20th. I'm so excited! I just wish it was a little sooner. lol
  22. jenny13

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