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    TK Sleever got a reaction from Healthy Me in Federal BCBS paid for my sleeve 100%, minus the copayments for the hospital and my surgon!   
    FYI, I got approved today, one week after submission. Yeah!!
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    TK Sleever got a reaction from Falecha in BCBS Federal   
    Mine took a week.
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    TK Sleever got a reaction from Falecha in BCBS Federal   
    Mine took a week.
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    TK Sleever reacted to Fluffnomore in What Was Your Ah-Ha (Or Oh Crap) Moment?   
    I broke a chair at someone's house about two years ago. I didn't weigh too much more than some of the men there, but still...

    I think it's a combination of things.
    I refused to be in pictures. When I saw myself in pictures I couldn't believe it was me. It must have been the lens, or the angle, or something. Or I was standing next to that skinny person! That said, even employing all of the "tricks" like putting your weight on one leg, being photographed from above, turning my head…it didn't disguise that I was big, and getting bigger. Especially when I knew the person next to me in a photo did in fact look just like that...
    Two years ago I participated in one of those "have a month free" things at a local (very nice) health club. I loved it, really wanted to do it. But (TMI warning) I had female issues…I peed when jumping rope. Then I investigated that with a local urogynocologist, and had the surgery to correct that about 6 months later.
    I put off going to the doctor to avoid stepping on the scale. Sometimes refused to weigh if I had to go.
    This year I realized that the last two surgeries I have had (gallbladder and uro-gyn)--if they were not caused by my being overweight, they were exacerbated by it. And I spent a lot of the last year getting sick in small ways and not just bouncing back. And my weight kept creeping up. I realized that it was really a matter of time before I was staring at a diabetes or heart disease diagnosis. Maybe 10 years, maybe less. And did I want to live my life that way, or take the bull by the horns now?
    Anyway, here I am. Happy about the choice. Working on myself and my progress.
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    TK Sleever reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in What Was Your Ah-Ha (Or Oh Crap) Moment?   
    when i began to have trouble wiping my as*s
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    TK Sleever reacted to mistysj in Bypass or Sleeve?   
    It matters to pre-ops who haven't made their decision yet. It is not a decision to be made lightly.
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    TK Sleever reacted to piercedqt78 in I Want To See Before & After Pics!   
    By before I weighed 244, I'm down to 123 in my current pic. It was taken last week by my daughter. I went from pics of myself being as rare as a bigfoot sighting to signing up to do a pinup girl style photo shoot.
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    TK Sleever got a reaction from SueJH in 8 months...   
    You look amazing!! Great job!