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    BCBS Federal

    Mine took a week.
  2. I brought in weight records from MD visits over the last two years, plus records from the medically managed weight loss program I was in last year.
  3. No. I gave all that info to my WLS center's insurance expert, and she handled it all.
  4. I read somewhere that it depends on how your hospital bills. Some bill a standard amount that includes drugs, and some bill drugs separately. I lucked out, since mine bills as an episode, no separate med charges.
  5. I have basic. I prepaid my hospital bill of $350 for two nights.
  6. You bet! Are you doing WLS stuff on Facebook at all? I'm on there a lot more than here since I discovered all the FB WLS support groups. I'm TK Sleever on there, too, if you want to friend me.
  7. Going to my "informational session" at Centegra in a couple of days. I'm an OR nurse, have done a lot of research, and have decided to have gastric sleeve surgery. If I can get insurance approval, that is. Anybody here with experience at this facility and/or with this surgeon? Thanks!
  8. Yes, I did!! I'm actually on day three of my preop diet. My surgery is May 12th. Woo hoo! Sorry I didn't see your post sooner. Since I discovered the support groups on Facebook, I've hardly been on here at all. Friend me on there if you'd like. I'm TK Sleever there, too. :-D
  9. my surgery is scheduled for May 12. I'm traveling this week and next so I'm really nervous about keeping off the weight I've lost - I've already checked with the surgeon - no weight added is the requirement. I'm wondering if I could do a liquid diet next week just in case...I'm not real confident in that but it might be my best option...Garden Lady,I had my preop meeting with my surgeon today. I'm having VSG on May 12th, so I start my 10 day preop diet tomorrow. He explained a couple points about the preop diet. 1. He didn't used to have his patients do one, but then did an in-house study (1/2 diet 1/2 no diet). Within three months, he stopped it and started having everyone do the diet, because there was such a drastic difference in lover size. 2. The preop diet will make your liver flatter, making your surgery easier to perform. As an OR nurse, I can really appreciate the importance of that. My diet is: 700-800 calories worth of high Protein low carb shakes, plus fruits, Veggies, broth, SF Jello, and SF Popsicles, with lots of Water, up to 1000 calories a day. Most important is no other carbs. Little lean turkey a few times if we're desperate. Good luck with everything. May 12th is gonna be a great day!
  10. I didn't have to take the MMPI, just a shorter one when I went for my psych eval. Also, I prepaid my hospital bill today. I'll be in two nights, and my portion is $350.
  11. FYI, I got approved today, one week after submission. Yeah!!
  12. I saw Dr Heydari Tuesday, so I just need to get my approval. I'll be taking the classes April 17th and 24th. I hope I get approval and a surgery date fairly quickly. They all know I need to have surgery by the 2nd week of May, or I won't be able to do it until the fall. I keep hearing it can be done, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If you're on Facebook, you should look me up. I'm TK Sleever on there. Maybe I'll catch you at a meeting--hoping to make the next Monday night one.
  13. I know, right? I'm hoping everything goes okay with my insurance approval. I've seen several posts from people with the same insurance who said it only took two days. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed? Are you planning on going to the support group meetings? I live an hour away, but I'm going to try to go to the one tomorrow night.
  14. That's weird--seems like they'd want to get it submitted as soon as possible. Yeah, they seem to like Mrs Dr Heydari, too, but I'm going on Monday to see one of the others on the list. I have to go see my PCP 3/26 then Dr Heydari 4/1. I should be able to get everything submitted then. I've got scheduling issues at work, so I'm hoping for surgery in early May. When are you shooting for?
  15. Thanks, you guys, for making me feel a little less anxious. I had my screening visit yesterday with the Bari nurse and dietician, I have my psych eval next Monday, and my surgeon consultation April 1st. The thing I'm most stressed about is approval with BCBS FEP Basic and out of pocket costs. My provider requires up-front payment fir OOP, so I'm hoping they come up with the same amount that you paid. That would be do-able. Here's hoping for a mid-May sleeve!
  16. TK Sleever

    Michele and me

    From the album: Fat thru the years...

    So codependent in our eating, we've gone up and down together since 1991.
  17. TK Sleever

    Fat thru the years...

    Just couldn't pick one before pic!
  18. TK Sleever

    Big TK and little mom

    From the album: Fat thru the years...

    I love her, but geez my mom is little!
  19. TK Sleever

    8 months...

    You look amazing!! Great job!
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    On the downlow

    Nancy, isn't it nice that at least there is a place like this where you can find like-minded people? I'm just starting out, going to my first session at the WL center in 10 days. I haven't mentioned my desire for a gastric sleeve to a soul other than my wife. And I researched and thought about it for a couple of months before I even told her about it. I wish you the best!
  21. TK Sleever

    Weird Ear Symptom After Surgery?

    There's a user on YouTube called gastricsleeve4me. I just watched a couple of her videos today, and she mentioned a couple of unusual issues she's had that are related to rapid weight loss. One of them was an ear issue having something to do with weight loss affecting the eustachian tubes. I'm pretty sure it was on her video titled "Gastric Sleeve 41: 15 Month Update". Hope this helps!