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    Briefs1 put the gene pro in first and then pour your coffee into the cup. I use it still every morning in my tea. I brew my tea into a small glass measuring cup and then pour it into my Tervis cup with my gene pro already in there mixes great. But if I brew my tea into my Tervis cup with the gene pro in there it doesn't mix well. Weirdest thing. I have been doing this for 21 months now.
  2. CheleLynn45

    Opinions in Genepro protein powder?

    I still use a scoop everyday in my morning tea. I will be 18 months out in a week and every time my labs have been checked they have been great!! I love my genpro and have been using it daily since my surgery.
  3. I have tried to post my pic collage with my picture from last Christmas and our picture from this year. I cannot believe how far I have come in 14 months overall. I am so happy where I am now, and am able to do so much more than ever!! I am hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas!!
  4. I am sorry I double posted this and do not know how to delete this one
  5. CheleLynn45

    FINALLY reached ONEderland =)

    @TX Stella Good Luck with your surgery!! Believe me you will be so surprised at how fast time will fly by!!
  6. CheleLynn45

    FINALLY reached ONEderland =)

    Thanks so much everyone!! I am still amazed everyday how far I have come. 23 more pounds to go till my next goal of 175, it seems so doable now!!!
  7. CheleLynn45

    Hair loss ?!?!?

    My hair was falling out when I would brush it after the shower or after styling it. I could run my hands thru it and I would have quite a bit come out. I have a lot of hair but I could tell it was thinning big time when I would put it up in a pony tail but otherwise you really couldn't really tell just by looking at me. I am almost 11 months out (Nov 27th) and I would have to say it slowed down to almost stopping falling out between month 8 & 9. I have pretty much always gotten my Protein in and take my bariatric Vitamins religiously, but I haven't used anything else. Hang in there, in the long run it is a small price to pay for the great tool you have been given, ( I know easier said than done) Focus on your loss so far you are doing great!! It bothered me a ton before surgery and I thought I was going to be one of the lucky ones cause the fall out didn't start till around month 5.
  8. On November 19th I stepped on the scale and was shocked to see 198.9...,....ONEDERLAND Today I was 198 and I officially weigh what my drivers license says I do! WOO HOO!! LOL So now onward and downward to my next goal of 175lbs.
  9. Today marks my one year mark from my gastric sleeve surgery. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. So many things have changed for the better for me and my family. I am a happy participant in my life now, no more standing on the side lines watching life pass me by. All my labs are in the perfect zone, and oh I have lost some weight along the way. I still have 25lbs to go to reach my first goal of 175 and I hope to do that by my birthday which is May 5th. I was hoping to get below 200 by today, but I will take 200.4 and keep moving forward. This tool that I have been blessed with is such a god send for me. I am glad to still have restriction, so I am using this tool for all it is worth. I am confident I will reach my next goal.
  10. CheleLynn45

    Labor Day Challenge!

    206 today!!
  11. I will be 9 months out on the 27th of this month and was going thru my phone this morning and realized I had quite a few selfies on there. LOL So I put some together so I could really see my progress. I think documenting your journey is so important for many reasons. Number one is to help keep you motiviated when that nasty scale may not be moving as fast as you would like. Right now I have gone from a tight 30/32 to a 14/16 in bottoms, a tight 30/32 to a L/XL in tops. I really can't believe it sometimes. I am so close to Onederland I can taste it. I feel so good and my health is top notch now. All the problems I had before surgery are now gone or in the completely normal range. No more thyroid medicine, no more borderline diabetic, no more high pressure in my eyes, no more high cholesterol, no more Vitamin D deficiency, and I am all healed from my ventral hernia surgery I had on June 5th!! I am back to the gym and feeling great!! I hope this post can help someone just starting out, or struggling. I know that when I was fairly new it was posts like this that really helped!!
  12. CheleLynn45

    Labor Day Challenge!

    206 starting 199 goal