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Duodenal Switch Patients
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  1. LilyKeaton

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Well I just have the most overwhelming fear of not being able to maintain this weight loss. For now I am fine but I am hungry all the time and I have mini binges of carbs at least once a week. I can feel full and hungry at the same time. I think I have it all figured out and have a set routine and then something comes along to upset the apple cart.
  2. LilyKeaton

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    I eat beans when I am having the "hungries" and nothing elce will make me feel full and satisfied. I do not worry about the carbs because the carbs in beans do not break down and absorb in the body the same as other carbs do.
  3. LilyKeaton

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    It was hard for me to wrap my brain around at first... But it works. Even though I find myself craving carbs and sugary foods it is comforting that I CAN eat some of my favorite "fatty" foods and know they are actually doing me good.
  4. LilyKeaton

    Vitamins and the DS

    Thanks Sheanie
  5. LilyKeaton

    Vitamins and the DS

    Ok, I found nothing offensive to the poster in the way Sheanie expressed herself Arts so it would help me to understand what is acceptable here if you would rewrite it the way you think it should have been given. Thanks
  6. I had the DS surgery in September of 2012 through the BMI clinic in SLC Utah. I have lost over 200 pounds in less than 16 months. I love my DS and so far, with a few minor complications, I am doing well and still loosing. Dont really have a goal. Thinking 150 might be nice.
  7. LilyKeaton

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    I believe we must acknowledge that there are nutritionists out there who have no clue about the dietary needs of the post DS patient. I really do not find my Nut very helpful. She recommends "low fat, fresh fruits, lots of green leafy vegetables, low carbs, no nuts or beans." and recommends 3 meals a day with no snacks. I would be in bad shape if I followed those guidelines. While I do not think it our place to tell others what they "MUST" do or eat it makes me a bit uncomfortable to see that phrase, "follow the advice of your nutritionist" on here over and over again. How do we reconcile that absolute council with accurate information?