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  1. thicvik

    January 2014 Sleevers Come In!

    My surgery was on January 7th I'm down 88lbs I went from 327to 238.4lbs I am definitely at a stall right now and I still have 40lbs to go. Some days I find myself eating more then usual tho..
  2. thicvik

    Six month mark

    Awesome!! I'm 5 months post out & down from 327 to 250.8
  3. thicvik

    One year surgiversary!

    You look amazing!!
  4. thicvik

    African American Sleevers

    You look Amazing keep up the good work!
  5. thicvik

    African American Sleevers

    You look amazing!!
  6. thicvik

    7 Months & 116.4 Pounds

    You look awesome keep up the good work
  7. thicvik

    frustrated and upset

    Congratulation that was quick you just talking about your denial and couple weeks later you approved! Good things come to those who wait!!
  8. thicvik

    5 months post

    Beautiful Picture!! I love your transformation.. Its amazing how losing weight make us looks and feel so different.
  9. thicvik

    Preop and 3 months postop2

    Wow you look really great!! I am 3 month postop 55lbs down.. Good luck with your weight loss journey
  10. thicvik

    9 months post op with pics

    Wow you look amazing!!
  11. thicvik

    5 days post op!

    You will definitely think about food, I didn't start my craving until after 4wks but it will get better. Remind focus stay on track and you will see the results soon..
  12. thicvik

    100 LBS down 8 1/2 mths po!

    Wow you look amazing!!! Congratulations and keep up the good work
  13. I meant 11 weeks post op 55lbs down [ATTACH]42993[/ATTACH]
  14. Thank you all! I feel really good and lots more energy since I've been losing weight. Thank you all for the encouragement
  15. This is the exact reason why I didn't tell my husband about my weight loss surgery. I just don't think he would be supportive at all. He thinks I had a hernia repair hahaha.. He stayed the hospital and all with me.. Right now today I'm 41lbs down and he still doesn't know..Men can very unsupportive and mean at time... Just continue to be strong lose your weight and lose him if he can't accept the new you... I know that's not nice but it is what it is..
  16. Wow! I'm speechless!! I'm 3 wks post op 28lbs down and my biggest fear is going backwards.. Good luck
  17. You look awesome, I am 3wks post op 28lbs down 10pre op 18 postop
  18. thicvik

    I Have A Leak And I'm Scared.

    Anabanana You are a trooper and I pray everything had healed so that you can resume a normal eating life. I was sleeved on 1/7 had to stay in the hospital 1 extra day because of the nauseousness. I was sent down to be checked for leaks and everything was good. But over all I've been feeling pretty good beside the pain I've been having in my left shoulder/neck. I went to the dr today was check, and Dr said its not surgery related Thank God, so they prescribed me a muscle relaxer.
  19. I was sleeved on Tuesday 1/7 was suppose to be release today but I was still nauseous & not holding down my liquids so the Doctor said I gain myself another night in the hospital. I was send down to do a swallow test and everything looked really good so he said the anesthesia still hasn't passed my system. So I was put back on a IV so it can run its course. I am feeling so much better this evening. I can't wait to go home to my own bed and especially to see my 14 month old.
  20. thicvik

    African American Sleevers

    Congratulations on your surgery I am 16 days post op, and I feel like myself. I am on full liquids and everything is going well so far, I am 24.5lbs down. 10 preop 14.5 postop. I can't wait to see a difference when I look in the mirror
  21. thicvik

    African American Sleevers

    I was sleeved on 1/7 and it's been an amazing 14days. 21 pounds down 11lb preop 10 postop, although I think about food I have no taste for it. My focus is to get my 60gm of protein stay below my 800 calories and sip as much water as possible. I am so ready to be 100 pounds lighter. Good Luck everyone
  22. thicvik

    SC Southern Sleevers?

    I live in SC as well and I'm 14 days post op surgery date was 1/7 I'm 21lb down 11preop 10 postop. I can't wait to see the difference I'm my clothes and to get more energy.
  23. thicvik

    1 week post-op

    Hello, I was sleeved on 1/7 and I must say its been really easy for me as well. I had my staples removed on yesterday and I feel great. And 21lbs down 11 preop 10 postop.

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