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    210 lbs size 14 jeans XL shirt
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  4. For me it depends what I am eating and if I follow the rules. If I follow the rules of no drinking with food and 30 mins before and after I can eat about a half of homemade hamburger without bread. If I don't follow rules for a bit I can eat a 4' sub with bread.
  5. Thank you! I realize that this journey is mine and no two journey's are the same. I have made great accomplishments in other areas in my life and I am ready to get back on track now. I already feel so much better physically and it's only been a few days.
  6. Well this is hard for me to admit BUT I never got to goal went from 292 down to 238 then I fell off the wagon about 6 months after surgery. I have regained 32 lbs back over 2 years and I ate whatever I wanted and I didn't follow a single rule. I am now back to reading the boards and I am starting to track my food and exercise and get back on track.
  7. I had absolutely no issues and I flew to Pittsburgh, PA. I made sure I walked when I could while I wasn't flying and I moved my legs around a lot while I was flying. I had a history of a blood clot post surgery a few years ago but it was minor and only needed aspirin therapy to dissolve. The previous surgery was one where I could not walk or move for 3 weeks prior to the surgery (I had a broken hip) and there were 2 surgeries before I was up moving around. While in Mexico, I wore the stockings as indicated in the hospital then went for frequent walks in the days after surgery. I did not use the stockings on the flight home.
  8. I do not believe anyone in Team Illan receives any type of compensation for referrals. We are just a support group on Facebook. I will speak for myself to say that I do not. I do speak up and support Dr. Illan because I believe that he is a great doctor, nothing more. I tell my story the same as others here. People should hear the good and the bad and make their own decision.
  9. Honestly, I don't know what to make of all of this. I was never a part of the "Omar fan club" but I didn't find him to be unprofessional with me either. There are some that absolutely adore Omar and consider him to be a close friend. I still would recommend Dr. Illan as a surgeon as he was wonderful. I would pause to say that in that recommendation that a woman should not go to a strange country alone to get surgery because you may not be in the capacity to make good medical decisions for yourself. I would have said this before I learned of this situation and would have said it about ANY surgeon out of my country.
  10. BrandNewBrandy

    Baja Bariatrics

    I had a great experience with Dr. Illan in April of this year.
  11. I am a patient of Dr. Illan. I went with my husband. I just want to say that Omar was professional and friendly while I was in Mexico. I found all the doctors there to have charm about them but I never felt that I was being picked up on and just felt that was a cultural difference. I will also edit to say that Omar was so busy trying to take care of all his patients that I reminded him that he needed to eat, drink, and take care of himself. I do not know where he would find the time honestly.
  12. BrandNewBrandy

    PA - Pittsburgh!

    I'm north in Armstrong county. I had my sleeve done in Tijuana Mexico by Dr. Illan on 4/4/14. I am down 29 lbs and 25 inches!
  13. BrandNewBrandy


    You have lost more than me post op with the same date? Why are you concerned your off track? Are you tracking your food? If not how do you know you are going overboard? Do you eat protein first? If you aren't... start! Are you getting your water in?
  14. BrandNewBrandy

    Trying to figure it out

    Why do you have to give up cooking for others? You don't. I enjoy cooking more now that I dont necessarily eat what I'm cooking.

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