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  1. I am coming up on 6 mos and have been stalled for more than a month. I will be seeing my nut and starting couch to 5k in a week! So frustrating!
  2. Sleeved 12/9 - 4 months and I have my first cold. I used to be a NyQuil junkie (my go to medicine for every cold), but not sure if I can take that or other cold medicine. Any advice from someone who has been sick and asked their doctor what they can and can't take?
  3. Great job everyone! I am big time losing hair and feeling like all I eat is protein to ensure I get enough. I have to be very very conscientious of what I buy and what I eat, because I still have days where I want to boredom eat or emotional eat, but I will not go back to bad habits! I am loving the challenge if staying healthy!
  4. I was sleeved 12/9/13, I am down 50lbs today! I am so excited, but very nervous as I am in the hair loss stage, still throw up small amounts of food or liquid. I have to be very conscious about what I eat because I find myself being more daring about wanting to try new things. I try to get all my protein naturally as I have tried every protein drink out there and will never drink one again. Has anyone ever tried protein pills?? My doc said protein for hair loss. I have slowed down on my weight loss and sometimes it seems the worse I eat the more I lose.....a little confusing!
  5. BiddyBody


    I tried about 2 tbsp and no problem! I will keep it light, I am doing really well without bread, pasta, rice and sugar! I would just like to have my occasional sushi thanks to everyone for the input
  6. BiddyBody


    Rice and lettuce scare me because of the horror stories I've heard, about not being able to be processed so easily. I can almost eat anything now and was interested in trying rice and wanted to see how different people tolerate it.
  7. BiddyBody


    Can someone tell me the deal with rice? I am almost 4 months post op and am scared to try it. Can I get some advice to those who can and can't have it and what are the repercussions. Thank you
  8. BiddyBody

    Losing it- Stall advice

    Mine broke this weekend as well. Down 3 lbs! Way to go all!
  9. BiddyBody

    Losing it- Stall advice

    I am at week 8, have been stalled for over two weeks and my surgeons advice is - stick to the plan, make sure you're getting your calories, protein, fluids and excercise and do not weigh yourself more than once a week. Sounds like solid advice
  10. I'm at week eight and have been stalled for almost two weeks...sigh!
  11. Thank you for the feedback, I see my surgeon in a week, I will double check with him as well.

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