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    I am 37 years old have 4 children and have been married 15 years
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    I love reading and watching sports. I love basketball and football. I enjoy talking about the Lord and spending time with my family.
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    Middle School teacher
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  1. teacherlady2133

    How did your weight loss affect your marriage/relationship?

    I have been married 16 years and to be honest the closer I get to goal the harder things are getting between us. We have always been best friends and he married me heavy and loved me no matter what.. Now that I am 165lbs lighter there has been some real insecurity issues in both of us popping up.. Me in my looks and what others think and see.. He has the same issues about me but doesn't know how to deal with it... Last night we talked about how he never had to worry about me getting hit on or talked to by other guys.. I laughed because of my own issues can't image men talking to me...but the truth is guys are starting to talk to me.. They do seem to be more ready to open doors or say hi as I walk in places... I love my husband and have never ever wanted this attention from anyone but him... I saw a different side of him last night and how he doesn't know how to be excited about the changes without feeling his own insecurities about himself... We vowed to keep talking to keep working on how to react to this major change in our life and what it means for each other...I think that is such a key... Talk, talk, talk.... And see this not a one-sided change...
  2. teacherlady2133

    I need a set of glasses, because I just can't see it...

    Today I can say I was very proud! Wore a size 12 dress today and bought a size 10 pants yesterday.. Had a coworker tell me what size of panty hose I need just by looking at me... Weight is still coming off even though I am not following things very well lately... Down to 187... 12 more pounds and I have lost 1/2 of my old self.. Wow!!!
  3. teacherlady2133

    New face.. New Make up

    I am open to any suggestions as this is an unsure area for me... I would never claim I knew how to properly put makeup on my old face but now it seems like I really am missing the mark... I have been think about when I learned to put make up on and it was around 14 messing with my grandma's old stuff in her bathroom.. Loved that black eye liner and dried up mascara... Until I was 16 I had never even bought new makeup and then it was wet and wild.. Needless to say I was overweight and covered with acne then and have only ever seen my Overweight face and neck all made up.. So now on my almost 40 year old, 190 pound face things just don't look right.. Now the makeup has gotten a little better in brands..Cover girl or similar but application doesn't work the same... I was thinking of maybe going to even more expensive makeup seeing if that would help.. I am a teacher so makeup is part of my daily route.. Would love any suggestions about brands or how you adjusted..
  4. teacherlady2133

    What Are You Reading?

    I love reading young adult books. I am a middle school teacher and in college I was talking to a professor about my love for reading stopping or slowing down as I became an adult. She informed me to go back to reading young adult books and see what happens. Recent reads: One Crazy Summer, Walton's go to Birmingham, Walk two moons, Night, The presidents has been shot, Outcast United
  5. teacherlady2133

    I need a set of glasses, because I just can't see it...

    Thank you for the lovely comments... Yes I do still have my boobs.. They are smaller, but guess I should be thankful for them too! People do not recognize me either.. Even my own husband has walked by me in the store.. It is funny how others see you... Or don't see you.. I am happy anytime a post can help others.. I have been encouraged by so many others on this site too... Knowing you are not alone in feelings and thoughts helps me feel normal..
  6. teacherlady2133

    I need a set of glasses, because I just can't see it...

    Thank you all for the comments.. Pictures do speak a thousand words..
  7. teacherlady2133

    I need a set of glasses, because I just can't see it...

    Ok I took everyone's advice and started looking at photos.. Thought I would share...my heaviest 350... Surgery day 4/28/14 305 and current 197.
  8. teacherlady2133

    1 year Surgiversary !

    You did it!!! Be proud...
  9. teacherlady2133

    Valentine's Challenge

    197.....so 10 pound loss.. Missed goal by 7.. Hopefully weight loss isn't slowing too much down and more about bad choices.. Would like to celebrate 10 pounds gone.. And being in the 100's first time in 25 years!!!
  10. teacherlady2133

    I need a set of glasses, because I just can't see it...

    I got a reality check this weekend.. I was trying on clothing and wasn't happy about the fit and started complaining to my 14 year old daughter and she was "like really mom! You're not going to become like oh I am so fat! Stop complaining you're a size 12/14... You are smaller than a lot of woman." Then I look at my 14 year old daughter who is sitting there a 6ft tall, a size 18 thought how upsetting..to hear me complain about size when she has such a hard time fitting in... Oh worst mom moment ever!!! Going to find contentment, so I can model contentment and self love...
  11. teacherlady2133

    Newer You... older habits...

    I constantly ask my husband if I am hurting him sitting so close or leaning on him. That was my fear before and still is.. He laughs...Said never hurt before and now "Why would I even think that"
  12. 10 months out and first can't believe you said that moment. Went to a baby shower and first time I saw people since surgery. I was expecting reactions but, my Aunt looked at me and said" do you wear contacts? "Yes I do" are they colored? No.. Wow your eyes are really blue.. I guess having weight on you hides all your good features" ??? How to react??? My daughters and mom was sitting there speechless...then after that comment she wanted to chit chat about by experience mentally...needless to say I finished the conversation politely and then had my own WTF look... People can be so rude!!!
  13. teacherlady2133

    Valentine's Challenge

    2/9/15-wt 199
  14. teacherlady2133

    What to tell the children

    My youngest is 11 and I also told her the truth. Needed surgery to help me be healthy and do more stuff with her. She is so supportive and constantly saying how nice it is to hug me or sit with me. At first she watched everything I put in my mouth and would comment are you allowed? I think years of watching me eat unhealthy she didn't know what healthy food looked like for me to eat. I will tell you at first she thought I was coming home thin from hospital had to really talk about what the surgery was gong to do. Even watched videos and looked at the packets my dr gave... Did that with all of my kids 15,13,11...
  15. teacherlady2133

    I need a set of glasses, because I just can't see it...

    Oh my I have the same thoughts about mirrors.. I have put makeup on and think wow I look good, then take a photo and I do not look like what I saw in the mirror... So I agree photos are it...I have a story about photos.. When I first was losing weight I took a picture of myself and was shocked how thin I looked.. So I asked my son is this what everyone else is seeing? He at first laughed then said yea mom it is a photo if you... Got to love 15 year olds!!

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