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  1. Hey I'm getting my plastics in exactly two weeks and I'm getting very anxious I'm wondering how to prepare what I will need and what should I expect? I'm having a full tummy tuck and breast lift with small implant. So excited but so nervous!
  2. @@iamsoworthit do you have any pictures you mind sharing?
  3. I can't wait for my plastics I'm terrified of the pain bc I'm a huge baby and had the hardest time with recovery from my gastric bypass but I feel I've earned this i worked my butt off literally to be healthy and fit now I wanna be happy and feel comfortable in clothes I have to constently tuck in my skin and my breasts are like a 100 year old lady my arms don't bother me but the loose skin from my breast and belly honestly hurt the more weight I lost the more pain I was in I can wait to wear jeans comfortably and feel like a 26 year old!! Instead of the old women I feel like now so I'll spend the 18,500 dollars to be comfortable in my own skin I need skin removed from my thighs but that can wait!!!
  4. Thankyou and I'm getting a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants it's costing 18,500 but I'm hoping it will be worth every penny and worth the pain! Anyone have advice on recovery I'm pretty scared! Here a picture of my full body
  5. Yes people keep telling me I don't need to lose anymore infact some if my co workers tell me I'm too skinny and to me that's crazy bc I still feel like a big beach ball but slightly deflated the extra skin kills me I'm in a lot of pain from it so the reason I wanna get down as low as I can so the procedure is worth doing but my boyfriend who is always been thin said I'm two skinny again this mind boggles me bc from being 270 with no health problems to now having all this back pain to the point of tears everynight I feel like what weight will ever make me feel good? Sorry for the rant
  6. Thanks yes I lost 150 pounds highest weight was 270 I weight 120 today but I would love to get down to 115 before my plastics in April 29th! I'm also 5'3
  7. Here are my before pictures and my loose skin now!
  8. Hi everyone those of you that have had a tt breasts lift with inplants what was the recovery like? I'm a nurse and a bartender and was wondering how much time I'll need out of work and how painful it is?
  9. hkdontplay

    How are people paying for plastics?

    I saved up ten thousand and putting the rest in care credit card it's 0% interest for two years!
  10. Hi everyone I just had my consultation with my plastic surgeon and she quoted me 17,500 for a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants. I am putting 8,000 down but how are people paying for this anyone financing? And how would love to know! Thankyou
  11. @breehuskys that's awesome honestly consentrate on staying hydrated! Drink drink drink your water!

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