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  1. Thanks so much.....I was approved for surgery but haven't got a surgery date yet- go to the Dr, Nov 26 to schedule that....I most def will be getting soups & different items from there...once again thanks for the site!!!
  2. I got APPROVED today;-)) God I'm soooo happy!!!!

  3. Thanks for all the advice...i appreciate it! Can't wait till i get my surgery date- just ensure your hubby you trying to live longer & be in good health. How much weight u trying to lose...well whats your goal plans?
  4. Slimleo74

    Tomorrow is big day!

    Good luck- i'll be saying a prayer for yall!
  5. Glad U feel good...for some reason when when u start to excel & be happy about yourself...others envy that! Because i'm waiting to be approved by insurance all paper work got turn in last Thursday & i have friends telling me...why would u let someone cut on u...why would u get that done....i hear folks getting sick after that...u dont need that...i can already feel the negative talk & I haven't got approved yet:(. But stand firm & hold your head high- U look great.
  6. Slimleo74

    New here thought i say hi

    Glad its going well for U-bg4992. wow u down 30 pounds already u doing great.
  7. Sorry U going threw that.....i hear alot of folks with the band throw-up alot...that has to be tough. Hopefully you'll be sleeve soon & get past that!
  8. Oh ok...I understand. I just pray to get approved...this waiting its driving me crazy!!! lol
  9. Auri...whats your weight & how much u trying to lose?
  10. Thats nice u got that much time...i work with 2 other co-workers & they was off 2 weeks. The dr. i see only give u 3 weeks off but if u okay in 2 weeks he send u back to work...
  11. I'm a medical clerical assistant...at the desk all the time & if i'm approved i'm taking 2 weeks off work! I'm waiting on insurance approval- fingers crossed!