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  1. Thanks so much.....I was approved for surgery but haven't got a surgery date yet- go to the Dr, Nov 26 to schedule that....I most def will be getting soups & different items from there...once again thanks for the site!!!
  2. I got APPROVED today;-)) God I'm soooo happy!!!!

  3. Thanks for all the advice...i appreciate it! Can't wait till i get my surgery date- just ensure your hubby you trying to live longer & be in good health. How much weight u trying to lose...well whats your goal plans?
  4. Slimleo74

    Tomorrow is big day!

    Good luck- i'll be saying a prayer for yall!
  5. Glad U feel good...for some reason when when u start to excel & be happy about yourself...others envy that! Because i'm waiting to be approved by insurance all paper work got turn in last Thursday & i have friends telling me...why would u let someone cut on u...why would u get that done....i hear folks getting sick after that...u dont need that...i can already feel the negative talk & I haven't got approved yet:(. But stand firm & hold your head high- U look great.
  6. Slimleo74

    New here thought i say hi

    Glad its going well for U-bg4992. wow u down 30 pounds already u doing great.
  7. Sorry U going threw that.....i hear alot of folks with the band throw-up alot...that has to be tough. Hopefully you'll be sleeve soon & get past that!
  8. Oh ok...I understand. I just pray to get approved...this waiting its driving me crazy!!! lol
  9. Auri...whats your weight & how much u trying to lose?
  10. Thats nice u got that much time...i work with 2 other co-workers & they was off 2 weeks. The dr. i see only give u 3 weeks off but if u okay in 2 weeks he send u back to work...
  11. I'm a medical clerical assistant...at the desk all the time & if i'm approved i'm taking 2 weeks off work! I'm waiting on insurance approval- fingers crossed!
  12. Slimleo74

    My after surgery pic

    Hey Dionna what was your starting weight? whats your goal weight?
  13. Check out several videos on Youtube....Youtube tends to help me out ALOT!!! I love this page too- I'm sitting back waiting on approval. How far have U gotten with your progess?
  14. Slimleo74


    I'm waiting on insurance too....fingers crossed!!
  15. I really hope it works out...if not i'll have to work on plan B....out of pocket! But I hope to hear something next week. how long did it take for u to get a response? How long was U off from work? 2 weeks? 3 weeks...longer?
  16. Wow...How U been doing with your weight loss?
  17. I had to do 4 PCP appts...July, Aug, Sept & Oct...I have Cigna! They said July-Aug 30days...Aug-Sept 60 days, Sept to Oct 90days....so U will probably need another appt. So acutally its 4 months;( But everything else is done..i went to a nutritional assessment & had a psych assessment...eveything got submitted to insurance this week & i'm waiting to hear some in 2 weeks from insurance!!
  18. Slimleo74

    wondering if anyone. ....

    Sorry U having to deal with that....my folks & friends are fussing about..why are u wanting that done- my response is because i want to...just live your life & stand firm on whats GOOD for U! I wish they was more supportive but, i'm dealing with that too & havent had surgery yet!
  19. All paper work has been submitted to insurance...I'm just waiting & waiting & waiting....

  20. Slimleo74

    African American Sleevers

    I'm from Southaven, Ms...how are U doing with your sleeve?