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  1. One night, to room by 5 pm day of surgery and discharged before noon.
  2. I'm 3 weeks out and worried to, even told my surgeon I think he made my pouch too big. He just laughed, and said I should be happy my recovery is so easy. I can finish 24 oz of water in less than 30 minutes, 8 oz protein shake in 15 minutes and have no trouble eating my 1/2 cup of yogurt. Was told to try soft meats so had 4oz of tilapia and 1/4 cup of mashed cauliflower and no full feeling. Not ever hungry but when I'm supposed to eat I do and have no trouble doing it. Not sure if it's because I have carefully measured and not put more on my plate than instructed. Time will tell but so far down 30 lbs including 2 week preop so hopefully the nerves in my new stomach will wake up and provide that stop switch I never had before. Also going to try that slow eating ap, cuz I eat fast and still can do that with the sleeve
  3. SueRN

    Baked ricotta

    Wanted something With an Italian flare . This was sooo easy and surprisingly good. ricotta blended with black olive hummus, oregano and rosemary. Coat pan with olive oil, add ricotta/hummus blend, drizzle olive oil and grated Romano cheese, bake for 30 minutes at 350. May try roasted pepper purée next time.
  4. Fingers crossed for a smooth and complete recovery this time around.
  5. SueRN

    Scared !

    I'm only 7 days and on full liquids out but for me that little twinge of pressure/ pain is my new sleeves way of saying "slow down, you've had enough." If I pay attention and stop for a few minutes it soon passes and I can resume sipping my meal or drink. Pretty sure the sleeve can't stretch with liquids, and is fairly resistant to stretching permanently.
  6. My BMI is just slight higher than yours and I've had those comments and honestly think they speak more to the growing obesity epidemic in this country. According to the BMI chart I was given by the NUT 30 is obese, by 35 we hit morbid obesity. It's called morbid because of the effect on health. It's almost like the overweight range is our new normal.
  7. SueRN

    Post surgery questions

    Everyone's diet seems just a little different. Not sure if it's surgeon preference or related to technique. Anyway I think mine is fairly conservative so should be safe. Week one was clear liquids with added protein powder that made clears, so pretty much fruit flavors, unjury chicken soup, or unflavored. Week two is full liquids, cream soups, strained, protein shakes can be made with milk, pudding, Greek yogurt. The more solid full liquid like yogurt and pudding is about 2/4 cup. Week 3-is puréed 1/4-1/2 cup and week 4 is soft. Regular after that. Hope it helps, but please call your surgeon. Did you see a NUT? I can call mine anytime with questions and she get right back to me.
  8. I feel 100 percent better post op day 6. Not totally pain free but pretty close. Felt great night of surgery, absolutely awful post op day 2 and 3 and have been gradually improving since then. Pain after surgery usually gets worse as the anesthesia gets out of your system and gets better from there. Hang in there you will be back to normal before you know it.
  9. SueRN

    A year!

    Wow! You look amazing
  10. Please tell me the 3500 of Tylenol was taken throughout entire day and not all a once or multiple times a day? 4000mg is the max daily divided dose for Tylenol. It is extremely toxic to the liver.
  11. SueRN

    what am I missing?

    If your CBC was normal did they do a vitamin panel? Vitamin k deficiency? Or calcium? Those things are part of our ability to clot blood. As is the liver. Are those number normal? Also, forget how far out you are, but some people have a weird reaction to heparin HIT, heparin induced thrombocytopenia. I'd skip the PCP and go straight to the surgeon.
  12. SueRN

    I give up (updates)

    I wrote the post about the unfortunate patient who ate the chicken. I wish she was the only one who ended up in trouble due to noncompliance. So if you aren't ready then take a step back and work on whatever issues you have. I did gastric sleeve because I am just like you, a volume eater. I can go all day without eating and be fine but one bite and I'd eat whatever. No off button. Both of my friends who chose sleeve were the same way. I'm just day two, but both guys are several months out and did great. The sleeve is your off button signaling you've had enough. But you have to be totally committed to following the post op plan because to not is dangerous. I will tell you I have no desire to eat post op and the pre op diet was a struggle for me too. Maybe set up an appointment with psych and talk about your fears.
  13. SueRN

    Post op pain?

    Mine was Monday. Immediate post op was painful apparently I'm a light weight when it comes to drugs, fall asleep and forget to breath. So spent a little longer in PACU than normal with no pain meds until the breathing was better. As soon as they let me up to walk I felt much better. Walked every hour and was as close to pain free possible after surgery. Only used the morphine PCA to sleep. Was allowed to go home the next morning. Still relatively pain free except sipping fluids was uncomfortable. Post op day 2 was probably the most difficult, gas pain, incisional pain, and fluids were a challenge. But all has gradually gotten better and now am drinking slowly but easily. Staying up late to try to catch up. So I'd say it wasn't as easy as I hoped but not nearly as difficult as I feared. Pain at its worse 6, and now it might be 1-2.
  14. Oh no, I hope they get your bleeding under control ASAP. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.
  15. Thank you for bumping this up. So nice to read about positive experiences and success.