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  1. This-family was there but I laid in the hospital bed in pain and cranky- after they saw how cranky I was they stopped trying to talk to me and sat there for hours talking to each other-it seemed to give them comfort just being in the room , we have to remember loved ones are worried about the outcome as well and being there reassures them
  2. Cherryhair

    19 Months Out

    Good for you for finding what works for you. For some of us it's the all or nothing thinking that got us to the point of needing surgery. I applaud your ability to make eating in moderation work for maintenance.
  3. Cherryhair

    Getting in the protein?

    Try the Fruit Punch Isopure with about 4 oz of fruit juice-makes all the difference
  4. Cherryhair

    June Post Ops!

    Can I ask if you eat 700-800 food only not counting your protein shakes?
  5. Cherryhair

    6 months post op :)

    Wow you look like you could be your daughter- great job!!!
  6. Cherryhair


    Same experience
  7. Cherryhair

    Post-Op January 2014 Losers Club!

    Me too I get excited when I think I can then I can't or it's insignificant :-)
  8. Cherryhair


    Interesting that in this day and age with our current president we still can't have a convo about race-makes people uncomfortable and I know it's off topic but if it wasn't wouldn't it still want to be avoided
  9. Cherryhair

    I need to vent!

    If a couple people already shared there displeasure with what was being said why is it always necessary for several more posters to chime in and attack the person making the comment- that is gang/ bullying behavior Think about your past post-they are not always stated in the most "loving" manner a lot of it can be taken the wrong way Anyway...OP sorry for hijacking your thread just wanted to address the hypocrisy
  10. Love the force hate the clasp but hear it's the same as the flex clasp-any tips for keeping it on?
  11. Cherryhair

    how much do you lose monthly

    Me too I had steak last night* it brought me out of my funk. I'll take the slower loss if it means I don't lose my mind with the boring food choices Surgery 12/30/13 lost 6 lbs so far post surgery (17 total including preop)
  12. So I'm on Day 6 of my preop diet and I've been adding frozen berries (no sugar added) to my Protein shakes. Does anyone do this right away post op or is it usually not recommended?

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