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  1. This-family was there but I laid in the hospital bed in pain and cranky- after they saw how cranky I was they stopped trying to talk to me and sat there for hours talking to each other-it seemed to give them comfort just being in the room , we have to remember loved ones are worried about the outcome as well and being there reassures them
  2. I believe so but the drain is not as bad as it sounds. It's for your own protection to prevent infection. OP you will feel better soon. I swear I was mad at everyone on this board right after surgery. I felt like no one told me how bad it would hurt or how miserable I would feel- truth is everyone's experience is different but the discomfort will pass.
  3. Pre surgery drinking 32 oz if water was the one ""diet" rule I could stick too-now almost 6 mths later I still can't follow this rule without discomfort
  4. Cherryhair

    Hard decision

    Doing great with bypass no dumping syndrome. I took 4 weeks off but I have a low tolerance for pain/discomfort
  5. Gulping down a lot of water whenever I feel like it
  6. I'm glad you're doing fine. If I may ask how did you know this was different from just a bad case of constipation?
  7. Cherryhair

    19 Months Out

    Good for you for finding what works for you. For some of us it's the all or nothing thinking that got us to the point of needing surgery. I applaud your ability to make eating in moderation work for maintenance.
  8. Cherryhair

    Foods that make you barf! Literally.

    Sprouts...love them on sandwiches but they don't like me
  9. Cherryhair


    Try Core Power Light- found in most grocery stores Sweetened with Monk Fruit
  10. Cherryhair

    December post ops

    Anyone else dealing with constipation issues again? I'm almost 5 months out and was doing fine with this then things took a turn...
  11. Consider yourself lucky:-)
  12. Cherryhair

    Hitting the wall?

    Wouldn't the fact that the protein shake has calories which equals energy mean that it would give you energy to work with especially since we usually are running on very few calories?
  13. Cherryhair

    December post ops

    I was thinking about how bad I feel physically when I eat something now post-op-eating sweets and carbs would make me feel good before surgery now I feel like crap every time (are you hearing me head-so stop doing it!!!) :-)My body is still looking for that old "high".
  14. Cherryhair

    Getting in the protein?

    Try the Fruit Punch Isopure with about 4 oz of fruit juice-makes all the difference
  15. Yup. I might taser you first. Was thinking...cry me a river. I wish I had your problem.
  16. Cherryhair

    June Post Ops!

    Can I ask if you eat 700-800 food only not counting your protein shakes?
  17. She could be taking a prescribed appetite suppressant as well. It's hard to know for sure.
  18. Cherryhair

    December post ops

    Been feeling this way too lately-some days I feel like going back to all liquid- problem is I'm hungry
  19. Cherryhair

    Post-Op January 2014 Losers Club!

    900-1000 12 wks post
  20. Cherryhair

    Miss my........

    Glass of Red Wine
  21. Cherryhair

    6 months post op :)

    Wow you look like you could be your daughter- great job!!!
  22. Cherryhair

    A favorite item that you could do without

    Baby spoon and fork-big help in taking smaller bites early on
  23. Cherryhair


    I had my surgery in December. I just recently received the bill for $35,000. My insurance paid all except $185. I live in Chicago not sure if that matters or not.
  24. You can feel it being pulled from your abdomen out of your body-weird pulling sensation but then instant relief once it's out
  25. Cherryhair

    Pact -- Earn $ for exercise - Lose $ if you don't

    I earned $1.17 for completing 3 workouts so it does increase slightly depending on the # of days. I agree with the punishment of paying $5 being more of a motivator.

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