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  1. I also had the revision from sleeve to RNY. you won't lose weight like you did after your first surgery. i was told i'd lose some but not a lot like i did before and that has been the case. At first it felt like i had no restriction but as time went by the restriction came back. Give yourself some time, you are still recovering from surgery. Keep doing the diet and the weifht will come out.
  2. 1Day1Life4Now


    I haven't had watermelon yet but I have had cantelope, strawberries, bananas and Halos. I know they aren't protein but they are fiber and they satisfy my sweet tooth. I personally see nothing wrong with fruit since it is a healthy choice and provides a quick easy snack.
  3. 1Day1Life4Now

    Extremely Sad

    @MBird, my thoughts and prayers are with you, your dad and your family during this difficult time. Try to stay positive and have faith in the medical community that God will give them the knowledge and skill they need to bring your dad to complete recovery. Your surgery will be awesome and you will do wonderfully. Have a little faith.
  4. It sounds more reasonable that you may have picked up a bug while in Guatemala. Go to doctor and get on an antibiotic and get that cleared up.
  5. Hi Katriena, welcome. This is as good a place to introduce yourself as any. I'm from Mississippi, married and still working. I had my RNY in November and I'm doing well but still struggling with what to eat. This is a great site and have found a lot of help and support here. I hope you will have the same positive experiences, Drop in on any discussion and you will meet folks. Janet
  6. 1Day1Life4Now

    6 weeks post op- what can i eat?

    i'm a little over 5 months post surgery. I'm still struggling with what to eat. For breakfast I eat a hard boiled egg and a yogurt or a scrambled egg. Sometimes I'll eat a little fruit. For lunch its usually a protein drink, a salad with broiled chicken, chili from Wendys or sliced turkey wrapped with cheese . For Supper its usually shrimp or talapia or tuna . I don't have a lot of variation simply because its so hard to swallow certain things and I don't want to waste my money, I often fall back to the protein drinks simply to get in my protein and it just makes everything simple. I haven't tried the Peanut Butter powder but may do some very soon.
  7. Regardless of where you go for surgery, I highly encourage that you go for it. I was borderline diabetic, had sleep apnea, arthritis pain, severe reflux and miserable with my weight but had the surgery and I've become a new woman. Everything now is under control and I take no medications other than the protonix for acid. The restriction makes you rethink your eating chioces and the weight loss just makes you feel so darn good. Go for it but do your research first. Color me satisfied.
  8. 1Day1Life4Now

    I've been approved!!!

    Exciting news for you. Congratulations. You are going to love it once the surgery is over. Are you having the sleeve or the bypass? Enjoy the journey, you are going to have a lot of changes in a short amount of time. Good luck.
  9. 1Day1Life4Now

    Sleeve to Bypass

    Hi, I had my Sleeve in February of 2014 but then had my revision to bypass this past November. The surgery was a little bit more difficult to get over but I was several years older too. Unfortunately, it did not cure my reflux. It's not as bad but I still have it and I'm still having to take protonix. I've lost a little more weight but not a lot. I still have 30 pounds to go so hoping this will come off soon. With the Sleeve I never got sick, i just had restrictive ability to eat. With the bypass I will get sick if I eat anything I'm not supposed to eat like bread, chicken skin and any kind of beef. It's much harder to get my protein in because eating meat is so difficult now. I miss my sleeve.
  10. 1Day1Life4Now

    NSV and SV!

    Congratulations on your weight loss. You have lost a tremendous amount of weight and you look so much younger. Great job. Keep up the hard work and you will be at goal before you know it. Your clothes are really cute too so I know you are enjoying the shopping aspect more.
  11. I am a very private person so I didn't choose to share with anybody except my husband and daughter and I asked them not to share with anybody. Unfortunately they have overshared with multiple people against my wishes. My husband was against the surgery and I'd been researching it for a number of years. I let him talk me out of it several times. I finally got fed up and decided I was having the surgery, regardless of his feelings. Its been wonderful and just wish I had done it sooner. When people notice you have lost weight they want to ask you questions about how you did it and what you eat etc.... The continuous comments about my weight really bother me because my life is so much more that my weight loss. Anyway, it's always your choice and your business about how you go about your weight loss. Share if you want to but if you dont want to....then keep it your little secret. I just didn't want to be judged or have people make comments if I cheat or if I'm not eating something. Life and weight loss is already difficult enough, I don't need them "weighing in" on my business.
  12. 1Day1Life4Now

    What's wrong with me?

    Wanting to eat till your full all of the time could mean that you have a food addiction. I know i do. I just love the taste of carbs.
  13. 1Day1Life4Now

    Never Ever Ever

    @2-Liter, It will all be worth it in the end. When you are able to walk 3 or 4 miles without stopping to rest, when you buy clothes in a normal store with lots of selections, when you don't have to struggle out of a soft squishy chair, you can bend over and tie your shoe laces, when you can bend over and pick stuff off the floor without having a crane pick you up....... well, you get the picture.... it will be so worth it. Being healthy feels so much better than what anything on Isle 9 might taste like. You have will power and determination and you will make it. Good luck and I'll see you on the losers bench after surgery.
  14. 1Day1Life4Now

    Still deciding

    Hi MelodySG, I think it is normal to be undecided because this is a very serious and life changing procedure. If you have struggled with your weight and losing does not come easy for you then surgery may be the way to go but you must be fully committed to it if you do decide to go this route. I have had the sleeve and the bypass so I am familiar with both. (long story) The Sleeve is definitely a lot easier so since you don't really have that much to lose you might seriously consider that route. The surgery is affective and you will lose weight but there are lots of rules to follow and if you are not a rule follower you might not want to do this. Good luck to you. I am sooo happy I had my surgery... I wouldn't change it for the world. Happy and still losing.
  15. 1Day1Life4Now

    48 hours post op RNY

    Good luck and keep drinking that water.