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  1. Tim in Tampa


    Congratulations! I get my bypass day after tomorrow. So excited
  2. Tim in Tampa

    New Member/Revisions

    I had the band in 2014 and like you lost in the beginning, almost achieving my goal. About 2017, I started having reflux issues and had the band completely deflated in 2018. End result I gained all the weight back because I couldn’t get the band filled and insurance would not pay for a second WLS. After almost 2 years I’m one week out from bypass as that’s what the surgeon recommended.
  3. Tim in Tampa

    Smart Scales

    I’ve been using a smart scale for years and love it. I look primarily at weight and find it useful to look at change over time and this makes it easy.
  4. Tim in Tampa

    August Surgery Buddies!

    Hi all, looks like I’m late to the party but my surgery is scheduled for Aug 24th. I started my liquid diet last Wednesday so on day six. It consists of 4 Ensure High Protein shakes for a daily total of 640 cal… hard to believe I can consume so little and still not be hungry but that’s a good thing. Still, can’t wait for surgery day to get here. I’m lucky as my wife had the surgery in 2015 and is an awesome role model and source of info and support!
  5. Tim in Tampa

    New to group,sleeve 8/16

    Hey , I’ll be right behind you. I’m scheduled for Aug 24th
  6. Just started my pre-op diet today!

  7. Tim in Tampa

    August surgery buddies!

    I just met with the surgeon yesterday and I'm now scheduled for August 24! I had some of the same feelings last night
  8. Yep, I'm currently right there with you. I have had two fills but can still eat as much as I did before (if I allow myself).
  9. Tim in Tampa

    1st fill

    I had my second fill yesterday and now have 3.5 cc total. I have had no problems with nausea so agree you should just give it a little time.
  10. Tim in Tampa

    I am so catching onto how to eat!

    I just downloaded it...will give it a try and hope it helps.
  11. Tim in Tampa

    I'm GREEN..... I'm GREEN at last!

    I'm right there with most of you. I was banded Feb 10th, 2014 lost 12 pounds pre-op and was down another 8 pounds at my first fill at the six week point. Only received 1 cc at first fill and now have lost 5 more pounds but that's strickly due to diet and exercise. I go in next week for my second fill and hopefully will feel some restriction after that...
  12. wow, great progress with the weight. Sure hope you get well quickly.
  13. Tim in Tampa

    online diet tracking

    Hey, 747 another Guy here. I am only one month out and looking forward to the trip. I have used MFP before but I am currently using LOSE-IT. I like the feel of it a little better that MFP but both are equally user friendly.
  14. Tim in Tampa

    Banded today.

  15. Tim in Tampa

    Just had a yummy lunch!

    Sounds really good! I'll have to give it a try.
  16. Tim in Tampa


    Congrats Joe
  17. Tim in Tampa

    Day 1 liquids

    Good luck to you. This is a rough phase but seems like you have the right attitude!
  18. Tim in Tampa


    I have my appointment tomorrow and will let you know
  19. Tim in Tampa

    Does anyone know?

    I saw an educational video where a surgeon discussed this. He stated that the different Lapband manufacturers have differing recommendations on priming the band. It is recommended for some bands but not for others. But these are recommendations. Each surgeon makes the ultimate decision on many factors.
  20. Elise, I was nervous too but it went smooth as could be. Good Luck.
  21. My surgeon talked down the lap-band in the WLS Orientation last year, I actually felt kind of uncomfortable. I thought it was crazy, I see how most of the surgeons in this area are doing the sleeve, above gastric and band. Does anyone else see this trend? I love the 'reversable' aspect of it, JUST IN CASE. not that I would ever want to reverse this surgery (which will hopefully be in March!) but its just so crazy to me that the doctors would try to sway you to a much more invasive procedure. just my opinion, anyone else agree? Betty, i experienced something similar. The practice I went to has two surgeons and the one who gave the orientation was very pro-sleeve and talked bad about the band. However, my actual appointment was with the other surgeon and he was the opposite...even suggested the band when I explained my weight issues and goals. Got banded a week ago and feel almost lie it never happened.

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