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  1. Cici22

    NOVEMBER 2013 Surgeries

    Wow Lots of people getting surgery today, Good Luck to all of you!!!!!
  2. Cici22

    November surgeries?

    curious37, we are buddies!!!!
  3. Cici22

    November surgeries?

    I had to quit my temp job, because They wont dont allow time off.
  4. Cici22

    November surgeries?

    Yes send me a private message
  5. Cici22

    November surgeries?

    Surgery Novemeber 11/26 we have a thread on "November Surgery"
  6. Cici22

    November surgeries?

    All November's we have a Facebook Group going for Post and Pre Ops. We have 29 memeber so far, the group is secret, and private. Send me your email and I will send you an invite VIA EMAIL, and then you will be able to join.
  7. Cici22

    NOVEMBER 2013 Surgeries

    OMG gurl! Thats awesome. Message me, I ma give you my cell, and you can text me when you on your way there and stuff and we can like Talk about it!!!!!
  8. Cici22

    NOVEMBER 2013 Surgeries

    Is there anyone I have not Invited to the Facebook Group? Please send me your email so I can send you an Invite.
  9. Cici22

    NOVEMBER 2013 Surgeries

    You should make one for the Facebook Group!!!
  10. Cici22

    NOVEMBER 2013 Surgeries

    YAY super Buddies!!!!!
  11. Cici22

    NOVEMBER 2013 Surgeries

    I made a Facebook group. It is by invite only and its secret. So their members only can see it. If you want an invite its all about us and our surgeries. There are 18 members as of now. Just send me your email address or post it here and I will invite you.
  12. Cici22

    NOVEMBER 2013 Surgeries

    Congratulations Everybody! I have 51 dates until my surgery... it just seem forever... but its less than two months!!!!
  13. Definitely will do , just people wasn't finding it
  14. Cici22

    Central Ny/southerntier?

    Also, This is a new group I created with the idea of a friend. We can share our accomplishments, pictures, stories anything about of surgeries. Everyone is welcome. Come join us, and share your story and your accomplishments. https://www.facebook...ps/rnyyoudidit/

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