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  1. douchewafflebear


    and if your villanizing some stranger online - aren’t you judging... AND BULLYING? sniff... i’m going to go have a stick of butter, 2 bags of chips, some fries, wings, hotdogs, bananas, strawberries, and some pizza and cry myself to sleep.
  2. douchewafflebear


    oh and final note - if your looking for a website for validation....well as they say in the commercial - if it’s on the internet - it must be true. I’m a FRENCH MODEL.
  3. douchewafflebear

    What ya eating tonight?

    I’m going to make some toast - since dairy is not on my plan I’m using a stick of butter flavored crisco - I hope it doesn’t get stuck.
  4. douchewafflebear

    What ya eating tonight?

    I LOVE YOU TOO... ooops i have buffalo sauce all over my computer...
  5. douchewafflebear

    What ya eating tonight?

    my dog loves bacon.
  6. douchewafflebear

    For pre-ops who have heard RNY horror stories...

    AMEN... in the most non-judgemental way I can say it. signed... not judging.
  7. douchewafflebear

    my story and I am sticking to it

    congrats!!! my insurance covers 100% but with that I’ve been in the “process” for almost a year...
  8. douchewafflebear

    What ya eating tonight?

    that sounds like judging.
  9. douchewafflebear

    Syntrax Nectar

    Ah! I can walk to at least one - and have 4 Starbucks within the distance you can bike ride - can you say saturation?
  10. douchewafflebear

    Bad Breath! Yuck!

    Had a guy who was the vp of sales who was constantly smelling like mouthwash - he was covering up the 5th he's drink at lunch - thank God I don't work with him anymore
  11. douchewafflebear

    If i have offended anyone

    Think of your body as a billboard... What do you want the marquee to say: in and out burger taco bell little caesars burger king or (here’s one for thought) WLS success 2-3-4-5 etc years out I already KNOW what the what in and out burger, taco bell, little caesars & burger king look like...it’s 350lbs and not healthy at all...if McDonalds was the healthy way to go - do you really think we’d all be talking about WLS?
  12. douchewafflebear

    To log, or not to log

    you must not have been privy to the what are you eating tonight thread where the brilliant ideas of whoppers and fries and pizza and wings are there for the non-judging. check it out - it’s brilliant.
  13. douchewafflebear

    Need too highlight my hair

    I am not a hairstylist or pretend to be one - I am however a girl who did her hair allot - with and without gentle stuff - and KNOW that I do as little right now as possible to make sure the hair I do have is in the healthiest shape possible - i’ve had hair loss from highlights and without highlights - everyone is different and comes with different knowlege - shit - some people are eating big macs and I can’t for the life of me find that on any list - so do what you think is best for you. IMHO.
  14. douchewafflebear

    FMLA question...

    When hr approved the time it was tentative and requires a return to work note - don't sweat the small stuff - your Dr simply won't release you yet... It's very common - Fmla is, in your case, for the initial "procedure" - if you were now having something else done not related then you'd be in violation but honestly in my professional opinion - your good on this - lemme know what happens - will be thinking about you
  15. douchewafflebear

    "I can't wait to/until..."

    I can't wait until... I can walk the path I live adjacent to (5.5 miles) I jump up when the kiddos ask to go for a walk It's my idea to walk or bike ride I can bike to my gym and back (2.5 miles) I can do a 5k

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