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  1. Congrats!
    babysteps reacted to KaysMommy in Regain   
    I know what you are going through. I am 8 years out. My high since surgery and regain was up to 189 in 2016. I lost roughly 20 pounds just making better choices in 2 years. In June this year was at 168. That’s when I said enough was enough. I still had the tool to help me be successful. I went back to basics. Today I am down to 130. That’s 38 pounds in 6.5 months. I stopped snacking, and that’s hard with an overweight hubby and an 11 year old. I started Protein Shakes again, and only drinking Water. I stopped all sugar and artificial sugars. I also stopped any added carbs to my food. My biggest help was logging all of my food. I’m not going to say it’s been easy. It sure as heck wasn’t. I chose surgery in the first place to be healthy and around longer for my family. Then the hell I was put through with 8 months in the hospital with many complications and more surgeries because of it. I finally snapped out of my PTSD and depression from it all.

    Try going back to basics. Log all of your Protein, watch carbs and sugar intakes. I am now 3 pounds lower than my lowest after surgery weight. IF isn’t for everyone, but it worked wonders for me. I came back to this site, got the needed support I needed. I made sure with all the crap my family eats that I had better options in the house. I started taking a bariatric multi Vitamin again. I also tracked down my surgeon who had left the Army after we had moved on as well. He is the only one who truly knows what my post multiple surgery body is like. He has been a big help to get my digestion back that no other doctors and specialists could help me with. I took back my health, that’s why we all chose this path anyways.

    Good luck in this new journey. Know that we are all here for you. You’ve got this.
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    babysteps reacted to Lady VS in Third Revision...   
    Huh????? Why on earth?????? No, I have not heard of it yet.

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    babysteps reacted to HollyHeight in Third Revision...   
    I have had this! Lap band to sleeve to Mini Bypass.

    Whats with all the judgement? Life happens.
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    babysteps got a reaction from India928 in Looking gor a Revision buddy :) 205-215   
    Lol yeah it's a lot to take in and even more to deal with. I have been called full of it I've been told to eat right and work out to stick to the plan not by docs but by other sleevers. You would think your peers other people who have had it done would support you but most of them like to degrade and belittle you if yours is not working as well as the majorities. There are a few that are Kind understanding but most are down right Nasty and judgmental. I'm reading more and more ppl getting there sleeve redone many as slow as me some that stop loosing or loss 1 lb a month. I just lost 1lb after 3 months of nothing. The sleeve is just a Up in the air crapshoot ATM and a fad it works well for some and not at all for others. I would not say down right don't get it to someone I would more Say take a hard look and a evaluation of your eating habits Before you choose a wls. I wish I knew to do that before I spent the time and money I did on the sleeve.
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    babysteps got a reaction from India928 in SLEEVE TO BYPASS REVISION   
    Slow but I was told that's how it would be but it's not to slow 10 lbs a month. I'm down 58lbs in 5 months. 233 to 175.
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    babysteps reacted to India928 in SLEEVE TO BYPASS REVISION   
    How is everyone's weight loss going? I am interested in hearing about weight loss success rates from Sleeve to RNY. Anyone able to share?
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    babysteps got a reaction from LeanerLena5426 in SLEEVE TO BYPASS REVISION   
    I will have mine in June and not worried at all we had the hardest one already and the most painful. I'm having mine coz I only have lost 35 lbs in 6 1/2 months . The risk is so low it's less then what the sleeve was So when will you be with me as a sleeve to Rny so very few of us. The sleeve is such a fad thing right now I'm sure there will be more of us down the road.
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    babysteps got a reaction from NicoleSW in Where Yas From?   
    Ohio here
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    babysteps got a reaction from Alexandra39 in What I received from my Pen Pal!   
    I've been wondering how them popcorn chips are you will have to let me know
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    babysteps reacted to nursemissy in Looking for buddies/mentors in Ohio   
    Ohio here. I will be going to Sycamore Hospital with Dr. Brown. I live in the Sidney Ohio area.
    My date is monday April 29.
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    babysteps reacted to SoccerMomma73 in Restaurants & Eating Out   
    That is absolute crap!!!!! My 8 year old is the perfect sharing partner....I can still con him into getting what I want and make him think it was his idea
    HW 312, pre-op (lap-band) 294, pre-op (RNY) 255, surgery date 2/11/13, goal weight 154, current weight 221.6
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    babysteps reacted to ColoradoChick in May surgeries!   
    I told everyone! When I got my lap band I kept it secret but that was exhausting so this time I don't care who knows about it.
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    babysteps reacted to sunshine413 in What ya eating tonight?   
    A BIG OL Vlassic Kosher Dill pickle!!
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    babysteps reacted to buckeye_girl40 in May surgeries!   
    I'm worried about the same things.... self pay here as well , sleeved 5 months ago and miserable. I have to think positive going in.... we're gonna do great ! May 7th can't get here soon enough
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    babysteps got a reaction from soontobehealthymom in What I received from my Pen Pal!   
    I got such cool stuff from Christie Unjury Unflavored Protein Powder so been wanting to try this. Some cool bars that I have never seen before Finally a water bottle big enough Ty so much I love it all. I want to do this again was so much fun
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    babysteps reacted to MissLaLa05 in May surgeries!   
    CONGRATULATIONS !!! I just go the call today and my date is set for May 13
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    babysteps reacted to soontobehealthymom in What I received from my Pen Pal!   
    I received my box today from Michelle!!! Mint tea, which I love! Some cute boxes that are just the right size for Snacks, Protein Bars (a kind I wanted to try), a pedometer, a coupon organizer, Water mix ins, a cute cup for my tea, and a pen and notebook!!! All great ideas Michelle!! Oh and I can't forget Chapstick which I have to use everyday!!! Such an awesome pen pal!! I hope you love yours as much as I love what you picked!!
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    babysteps reacted to Dionna in What I received from my Pen Pal!   
    I tried them yesterday. Very good.
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    babysteps reacted to Nel in what if options does one have if insurance won't cover bypass   
    Well, I paid out of pocket. My insurance covered 4K and I covered 12k. I had to pay it all up-front. So I guess, private pay.
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    babysteps reacted to Dionna in What I received from my Pen Pal!   
    I recieved a coupon holder with a few coupons, a planner, glucerna drinks, chicken broth, box of Protein bars and a box of drink mixes and a bag of Special K popcorn chips! Love it all!! Thanks Maribel
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    babysteps reacted to Alexandra39 in What ya eating tonight?   
    I'm finally having something different today. Fresh baked Salmon! With some broccoli & cauliflower. Yum, can't wait I just put a little adobo Goya seasoning on it and a little mayo and it's great!
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    babysteps reacted to candace0822 in May surgeries!   
    Hello all, this is my first time here and I'm really excited.....my date has been set for May 14th and I'm in the final stages of testing so hopefully all will go well......
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    babysteps reacted to nathaly in What ya eating tonight?   
    I miss eating out at a restaurant really bad right now. So I may go to Harry's seafood (one of the high end restaurants in Wilmington) and try some salmon or maybe even just get some oysters and crab. They have a mixed raw seafood appetizer that I used to think was waaaaay to small for 50 bucks but it may be just the right size now! Yum!
    HW 283. SW265. SD 3/22/13! CW 244.
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    babysteps got a reaction from tzbandtobypass in What ya eating tonight?   
    This is my plate next to a normal plate

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    babysteps got a reaction from tzbandtobypass in What ya eating tonight?   
    This is my plate next to a normal plate