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  1. I have always wanted a colonic and wish I had gotten it before my surgery. I'm curious as to how long you should wait before you get one also.
  2. 6th day post-op, back to work. Not to bad, for once I'm glad I have a cushy computer government job. LOL

  3. 4th day post-op and I continue to feel great.

    1. Mikee57



    2. SherriS


      Thanks Mikee57. Hope your doing well.

  4. Got my Lapband removed on Friday the 11th, little sore around my cuts but other than that doing okay.

  5. Hope everyone has a great week

  6. Nutrition class today, think I'm going to talk to her about becoming a vegetarian. Been wanting to go that way for a while.

  7. Getting my Band removed on Oct 11, getting a little nervous.

  8. SherriS

    Second sleep study!

    After the weight loss from my lapband I thought I would be rid of the cpap machine as well but no such luck. Funny how my doctor said the weight is contributing to the sleep apnea but it's more than just the weight issue. So I guess I'm stuck with my machine for a long while. But it is serving the purpose.
  9. SherriS


    Yes I try to get bikram yoga in at least once a week it is a great way to detox. Hot as hell, but worth it.
  10. SherriS

    Second sleep study!

    I only had one study done and they detected apnea and set me up for a cpap machine. I love my machine as well. Didn't realize how bad I felt until I started using it. I try to go a couple nights with out it then I feel awful.
  11. SherriS


    Hey all, I love yoga as well. I found a yoga student that is a couple months shy of receiving her license and she needed to practice and she has been great. It's like have personal yoga trainer. We have been taking advantage of the nice weather in in VA so we hold classes in the park and it is wonderful.
  12. SherriS

    It MOVED!

    Congrats to you.
  13. SherriS

    Never again

    You go girl!!!!
  14. Just Fine - Mary J Blige. Make you feel good no matter what stage you are in.
  15. Thank you much. I think I have all that down pat from when I got my band. So I will get focused. Thanks again. Hope to talk to you again.
  16. SherriS

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Originally Washington DC, but a resident of Northern VA. Dumfries VA
  17. Hello all, and I'm excited to be a part of this group. I will soon be having my band removed and the sleeve done after. I am excited and somewhat nervous. If anyone has any advise be it for the good or not so good I would love to hear. Thanks Sherri

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