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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Gentlemen... Please advise me! Re: Cheating

    Have you tryed councling yet?
  3. Thank God for letting me make it through the first month with no leaks!!!!!!

  4. cbware01

    African American Sleevers

    Blessings to all great stories !!!!!!!
  5. cbware01

    Calcium chews....yum

    Thanks I have to start my calcium and didnt know what to get.love this forum !!!!
  6. cbware01

    August Sleevers?

    Any thing cold makes my stomach hurt . I haven't tryed ice cream yet !
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    My surgeon started me on phase 3 and told me to try fish and tuna . The fish didn't go down to well but maybe I'll try it in a couple of weeks .
  8. cbware01

    August Sleevers?

    I'm 2.5 weeks out and I tryed bake fish and it won't go down does anybody have any protein ideals besides shakes
  9. Praise God !!!! He is so good !!!
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    August Sleevers?

    Congrats!!!!! I can't wait until I get there!!
  11. cbware01

    August Sleevers?

    Hey don't worry just walk more and watch your carb intake . You can do it !!!!
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    August Sleevers?

    I agree I am on soft foos and tried some baked fish and garlic noodles with winter mix could only eat about 2 bites of each and my stomach said wait what is this... I think I just ate it to fast will try again tomorrow but much slower!!!!
  13. cbware01

    August Sleevers?

    li had mine on 08 -27-2013 how are you doing
  14. cbware01

    African American Sleevers

    My Dr stated as long as I wasn't on pain meds I could drive. Wish you well!!!
  15. Good evening I had my sleeve on 08/7/2013 and turned 54 on 08/31/13 my birthday present to my self the sleeve. I have lost 13 pounds so far and can't wait to get of this full liquid diet. Lol !!! Phase three doesn't sound much better but any way God has brought me this far so I know he will be with me always . Good luck ladies !!!!
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    Day 19 and discouraged

    Can someone tell me when do you start soft foods?
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    I'm new and really trying to figure out how to join this forum I hope this does it . (:
  18. Oh okay . I had to stop them for a day due to being constipated . I'm go get some Fiber tablets tomorrow so I can get back on them . Thanks for letting me know.
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    I was sleeved 08/27/13 and it's going good for some reason or another I have developed some constipation and today will be the last for that! I declare and decree I will get relief tonight in Jesus name!! Where r u .