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  1. I will be sleeved one year 30 September. here is coming back and thicker, which is a good thing. bad thing is I fell out it is only one inch long. my opinion is if you're malnourished, which many overweight people are, before you got the surgery, you will lose a lot of hair. I put in tape in hair extensions in my short short hair for bangs and it looks good.
  2. I sit here with my hair going from 18 inches to 2 inch max now... It all fell out...wish I had never had the surgery
  3. kvdme


    Oh dear.... My hair fell out... If you have thinner hair will be worse... Mine usually top half...was sleeved last sept. Awful...BUT its coming in better than ever, about half inch long but the long part from pre surgery looks like chemo hair... So wig it is for now. It does come back. This hair fallout is unique to this type of surgery, period. Whoever says its protein or the like is full of it, your hair cycle stops and rushes to the fall out stage... It will come back
  4. kvdme

    Hair Loss

    Oh yes, I am in the full wig stage at 5 months out....but I started to use rogaine about month ago and its now coming in thicker than before but still has to grow out...sucks but what can you do?
  5. Sleeved 9/29 252 lbs Today 198 lbs 54lb down and still loosing
  6. My hips must have been pushed put of place some by my weight. Now I'm loosing, can feel the moving and they ache.
  7. I've am 7 weeks post OP....gout is now a problem.never had it before. I also have high folick acid.
  8. My dad was thin...big James Vivien fan....I don't do big just personal taste...but my hubby likes big girls...he is gonna struggle with me thin.
  9. kvdme

    Incision Pain

    Get a binder....works wonders
  10. kvdme

    2 weeks post op

    You will loose!! i am loosing a lb or more a day steady since coming out of the stall....
  11. kvdme


    When I went to my last doctors meeting, he was telling us that he did surgery on his daughter 6 weeks before. All she did was cry due to mourning the loss off food. The death of her friend, comforter, companion. In a way its the lost of a bad friend. They were around you for all the wrong reasons. At week one, I could not deprive myself of something I loved, so indulged. I bought instant mashed potatoes... put a teaspoon of mushroom Soup on it and I was happy. I ate one bite, thats all that made me feel better. It IS hard not having it there. After a day or 2, it went in the garbage. My head hunger was satisfied and I could move on. I have to every now and then let myself feel normal. I Eat something everyone else has. We went on a short road trip 2 weeks ago. I made Terry stop and get me a happy meal lol. It was just the thought, I coudln't eat but one fry but I was happy I had it in my hand. Silly I know. I think its about allowing yourself to work the food and head hunger out of the way. I am just over 4 weeks and I had a big appetite for the first few weeks. but its going away. It must take some time to get out of your system. I get hungry but it only last till that first bite. Tonite Im having something I call savory...tomato soup. I have a unsalted saltine with it, just one.. nibble away but gives me that incredible sense of normalcy. Its kinda funny, I look at what I eat now and realize just how much food I was consuming before. I don't know if any of you have had this, but I am having floods of old memories of me thin come back, old feelings and thoughts. Its like I am becoming the old version of me again and I like that much much better than a big bowl of potatoes and gravy and the misery of all that fat. I am more social and I notice the way others talk to me differently... more positive. Its the little things in life that make it worth living. Im thankful I will have a tomorrow, Im thankful i don't have the ball and chain of food around my body. I CAN eat what I want. I just choose not to and you will too. Sometimes the strict diet can pull you down. Too much routine, too much of the same foods. Find ways around it. Get a food you love and "taste" it, you don't have to eat it or even much of it. Sometimes just knowing the taste will get you by. My first week I ate some mac and cheese. Just chewed it and out it went, just for the flavor. I was struggling too. But that passed and so even thinking of that doesn't appeal to me. But I needed it that first week or so. I needed to know I can eat eventually. I know I can now so its not such a big deal but try telling me that the first week lol Good luck with your weight loss. I know you will pull through this time and look back and say boy, glad that parts over lol look at all the weight I have lost.... Food? Eat??? maybe later lol
  12. What fun for you guys!! Totally amazing!!
  13. kvdme

    Hair Loss

    You can't stop this hair loss any more than you can regular hair loss, just have to ride it out.....out a cycle

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