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    Minnesota Grown :)

    I too have PCOS and have been struggling for years with the abnormal menstrual cycles. There has been times I gone 90 days so that is definitely one of my primary reasons I had to choose this aggressive approach to lose the weight. I'm so glad for this forum bc I've been having similar thoughts of actually feeling unsure a out having kids since there will be actually a chance now I can...it's so weird...bc i also have a 13yr old stepson and i would love the opportunity to have a child with my hubby...but I'm hoping that this year will be my last crazy "aunt flow" cycle and I can begin to live "normal". So I pray that as you progress that you choose what will be best for you and if u decide on not wanting a child that's okay too.
  2. Tally_O

    New to the Community...

    Thank you...I'm super excited to learn and share my journey...When do have your procedure?
  3. Tally_O

    New to the Forum

    Hello, I just joined today as well...I have similiar worries too...But I'm sure that once you see all of your hard work pay-off it will be a thing of the past...Congrats on your scheduled surgery date! -Tally
  4. Tally_O

    Gym vent

    I totally agree...Yesterday I was doing water aerobics and there were chicks who were all "dolled-up" and were looking for guys to meet...I'm like what happened to "happy hour" and why are spending some much money to be picked up...WEIRD!
  5. Hello my Bariatric Beauties and Gents, Just wanted to check--in and say hello!
  6. Tally_O