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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. ReEstDec2013

    I must look like a creeper, stalker girl

    Glad I am not the only one who stalks. LOL!
  2. ReEstDec2013

    Looking good at 46

    Happy Birthday and what a birthday it is....
  3. I haven't sleeved yet, but I know the things I would appreciate is: 1) able to walk, climb stairs and dance without feeling light headed/dizzy, chest pains and breathing hard. 2) more energy at home and work 3) able to paint my toe nails on my own without feeling like I am breaking my legs. 4) eating healthier 5) crossing my legs 6) clothes fitting That is all that comes to mind now, but I know after surgery and a couple of months other things I don't realize now will become apparent to me. Looking forward to being sleeved!
  4. FABULOUS! You are at my goal weight and we are pretty much the same height & your past weight (I am 5'8 and 278). CONGRATS! So excited for you!
  5. It is the little things that makes a HUGE difference. CONGRATS!
  6. ReEstDec2013

    pics before and after

    Thank you for sharing. Very inspirational!
  7. Haven't thought about it other than shopping for new clothes (in my daughters' closets...LOL). Would love to go on a nice "adult" trip and show off my new bod...hehehehe Hopefully I won't have any sagging skin. Overall, would just enjoy life!
  8. ReEstDec2013

    Birthday! ???? no cake?!?!

    Happy Birthday and enjoy what you can.
  9. ReEstDec2013

    100 by surgiversary!

  10. ReEstDec2013

    6months post op

    Congrats on your speedy weight loss!
  11. ReEstDec2013

    Back to work

    Me too... I heard some people return within 5 days. I guess it depends on what you do. I am an office worker so I am really hoping to return within a week, the max 2.
  12. ReEstDec2013

    What's the story behind your profile name?

    Really good topic and fun to read people's responses. Mine is re-establish December 2013 because Dec 2013 is when I will be sleeved and will be starting a new healthier life.
  13. Funny how I had pretty much the same response from friends and even my husband. I guess I will find out soon enough if they will remain my friends after my surgery. As for my husband, I think he is more nervous I am going to look like my sister who had the gastric bypass from 400 lbs to 140 lbs and she does not look well at all. A lot of sagging skin. So for him, I think he is scared I will look like that or so I hope that is his concern. Time will tell. You look FABULOUS and seeing your pics is so inspirational. Congrats on your success!!!
  14. ReEstDec2013

    tall female sleevers...

    WOW! I am so amped! Can't wait to have my surgery. You all are so inspirational.

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