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  1. Reality hit when the Dr. stated I am 1/2 way to my goal!!! Wow...Wow!!!

  2. MWilliams42

    I saw THIS today...

    I put on the dress that I have on in my before picture...I asked my 7 yr old to take a picture of me today! Just 2 months out! He said, "mom, you don't like taking pictures!" So I told him to just take it! I was so surprised when I did the side by side photo, what did we ever do without these!!! Holy crap...I SAW the difference! Is it possible to look at yourself everyday and NOT see the changes? In my case YES!!! I'm still working on my mind seeing me as a lighter version of myself...and sometimes I just don't see it...but today I did! And for the first time in a long time I like what I am seeing! Happy Friday, and thanks for listening to my rant!!!!
  3. MWilliams42

    So Much To Think About...

    You have to do what is right for YOU. You know you are important, and that your feelings matter. You've picked yourself up before, you can do it again! why stay if inevitably you are growing apart and you both know it...if the good outweighs the bad, then talk about what needs to change to make you want to work at this with her, if the bad outweighs the good, the answer is clear. Hard as it is, we are stronger than we think and we deserve to be happy and loved for who we are at this very moment...not who we once were!
  4. MWilliams42

    Another day..

    It's time for YOU to make some changes. You need someone to love you for where you are and for who you are, not for who they want you to be. Over protective mother, in most cases there is no such thing, protect our kids at all costs that's what we do! We all have moments we feel negative, but it will get better...take some time and focus on YOU! Even if its just an hour for a pedicure, you deserve it.
  5. ONE-der-land!!! I hit it this morning!!! Woop woop!!!!

  6. MWilliams42

    Thoughts for Today

    So I woke up this morning, SUPER glad that yesterday is DONE! I was looking at the calendar and I saw the date, I then began to think. As of this past Sunday I am 2 months out, 8 weeks people, from my surgery date and I have lost almost 30 pounds! Amazing, right? Well...yes it is, but then I thought, "Woman, you need to zip your lips the next time you think of complaining the scale isn't moving!". RIGHT?!!! In those very thoughts I thought of how amazing it is to even be able to vocalize that I have LOST, not gained, almost 30 pounds!!! It seems like a lifetime ago that I was able to say I even lost 5 pounds, or even 10! Now look at that number!!! I then thought that I have no right to gripe when the scale doesn't move as fast as I think it should, or say what I have been waiting for it to say. Our minds, well my mind anyway, can be a dangerous place and that is why I HAVE to talk positively to myself every minute of the day! Who thought I would ever be able to say in 8 weeks I have LOST almost 30 pounds!!! I guess it's in the moments of reflection that you begin to realize that at times we can become so complacent, so ungrateful for even the smallest victories. I cannot speak for everyone, just for me, and I am a very thankful person, and when I realized that I was getting to the point of not being satisfied with my victories, that is a sad day for me. I read someone else's blog this morning on almost the same exact topic and it just made me think. I'm working on my mind, daily, and this is such a touchy subject with me. But I have to wake up everyday and KNOW that I am not yet where I want to be but I am so much better than the day before. In the person's blog that I read she recounted the obstacles she has overcome, and how she, too, is frustrated with that stupid scale as she is so close to her goal and it is just taunting her. When will we, I, be completely satisfied??? When did I overlook where I came from and open my eyes to now see the real reflection of ME? I'm almost completely off my insulin and I am completely off my oral meds for diabetes, that is a HUGE Victory and if nothing else changes, I am so thankful for that. I've worked hard in my life to really like who I see in my reflection, and at times I haven't even wanted to look. My husband tells me how good I look, I shake my head no, he tells me I'm beautiful and I struggle to say thank you...but I'm getting better. I can like who I see in the mirror, why? Because she has a beautiful heart, she is a strong woman and because she has come through so much in her life, and to get to this wonderful place, I just couldn't be more thankful. I don't want to take one since solitary moment for granted, and seem like I'm ungrateful. I'm blessed beyond measure to be able to have come this far. Have a GREAT day!!!
  7. MWilliams42

    Make this day stop...

    UGH...why is it that today, Monday, of all days has to be like this. I mean really, one thing after another and then over again. My family doesn't realize, even though I have told them, that I am losing weight, yes, but I am still working on the mental part of it all. When I get angry, upset, sad, frustrated, feel hurt, etc...I still want to reach for that food...even though I'm not the least bit hungry. I've been telling myself all dang day(don't know if you can swear on here) that you are not hungry, you don't want those chips, and that donut you've been thinking about...it's evil and won't taste good anyway. It all started this morning and spiraled(is that how you spell it?) downward all day. ugh, I just want to cry...and that's another thing, HORMONES suck. YES they suck a$$(technically not swearing if it's with dollar signs!). I have wanted to cry all day, and then just get mad and yell, which nowadays makes me cry even more. OH MAN, I feel like I'm out of control on this roller coaster of emotions and I want to get off this ride. This week my main focus is exercise and feeling better and getting below 200, that's where the scale is at the moment...and I will make this happen this week. I have to focus all those emotions, and such on getting below that 200 mark, and I know I can do this. If I focus on that I can get my thoughts in order and realize that I really don't want everything I have talked myself out of. It's a vicious cycle, and I will break this, I will change my thoughts once and for all and realize that I am greater than this addiction I have been feeding for most of my adult life, and no amount of stress or frustration is going to make me fall off the wagon...it just can't, because I won't let it. Stay true to your journey and thank you to everyone willing to share on this site, it means more than you could every know.
  8. Almost to ONEderland!!! Haven't been there in YEARS! ONEder if I'll like it, um...HECK YES I WILL!!!! This is AWESOME!

  9. MWilliams42

    Another day...

    You go GIRL!!! I loved reading that!!! Keep up the good work, and keep writing!!!
  10. MWilliams42


    Well, I haven't been here in a while! I have missed reading everyone's progress and frustrations, and just everything! I feel like I let myself down last week, I was in major pain with my back, didn't exercise, didn't take my vitamins like I should have, didn't eat as much as I should have, UGH...I just didn't! I had to break down and see the chiropractor, by OMG, did it feel WONDERFUL!!! My lower back has been in so much pain. I've been walking like a little old lady once I get up from a sitting position! Not very attractive. My chiro did tell me something that I just didn't think of that I thought would be great to share...She said, "you've just lost 25 pounds...that's a significant amount and you are losing inches, your body now has to readjust and will continue to do so as long as you are losing weight. She said it works the same if you are gaining weight." She let me know that the body has to adjust so that it helps you carry the new weight properly. DUH!!! I never even thought of that! She also let me know that while I am losing my body will continue to shift and I may need adjustments throughout this new journey I am taking! Not feeling well really stinks...it just makes you not want to do anything...it's like My get up and GO, just got up and WENT!!! No warning, nothing, just gone! I know we all have off days or weeks, but please, I'm 2 pounds away from being under 200(FINALLY) and I will exercise this week, I will get back into my routine, and I will get under 200 by the end of next week(helps me to speak positive things to me!!!) I have to push myself, and it has been hard with this back of mine. So onward and upward here I gooooooooooooooo!!!!! I just think that this is the best journey of my life...and I'm so very blessed to be able to be on it! Thankful the scale is going down and not up anymore, thankful that I'm just not looking at food the same, thankful that my diabetes is slowly but surely subsiding! All these things I'm thankful for! I'm also thankful for everyone on here, reading your ups and downs, highs and lows, successes and failures, trials and errors, and just the everyday thoughts of this walk we are on...helps me make it through this very day! So...Trust in yourself...believe in who you are...YOU are a wonderful person. AND Don't "allow" anyone else to convince you differently! - My Hubs told me that! Gotta love that man!!!
  11. MWilliams42

    They FIT!

    OMG...they FIT, they FIT, they FIT!!!! The JEANS, that I have had in my closet forever...FIT!!! Skinny, yet curvy(curvy is GOOD people!!) SO...I was in the closet, I decided today was the day I was going to try them on AGAIN...thinking to myself, "oh these didn't fit 3 weeks ago, they will fit in about a month from now". WELL...I put them on, because I always love denim, and I buttoned them, smile began to surface...zipped them, BIG cheesy grin by this time, AND...I AM STILL BREATHING!!! So you better believe I did NOT take these suckers off!!!! I've been doing a little jig, with a little song that just makes the big cheesy grin, not so cheesy...they fit, uh-huh, they fit...oh yea!!!! It's the little successes that are HUGE!!! Just made my day!!! Have a blessed day!!! Keep up the good work everyone and remember to be FABULOUS today!!!
  12. MWilliams42


    Very proud of you for standing your ground, and for not running to the fridge like we have all done in the past, and then swear WE didn't eat it!!! I've learned, also, to refocus my stress and much like you, I clean and organize EVERY damn thing I can get my hands on!!! I think I'm driving my 7 year old nuts!!! But hey, it beats eating! Love or not, you are right, your relationship must be a healthy one or it will never survive, it's just having the courage to pick yourself up and move on, if it's meant to be things will change for the better, if not do you really want a band aid over it just for the sake of having someone there? I speak from experience, and I can drive myself crazy!! I've learned that once you pick yourself up, work on YOU, and really focus on what YOU need and want in your life...after doing this I realized, YEP, I'd hang out with me! I really like this woman!!! So chin up! Glad to see I'm not the only one who likes to vent in writing!!!!
  13. MWilliams42

    July 2013 Sleevers? Updates!

    My turn! SD: July 22, 2013 DOS weight: 227 CW: 203.8
  14. MWilliams42

    It MOVED!

    Well...GOOD morning!!!! I took the advice I was given and ran with it! I am trying...trying...trying to up my calorie intake, that is very difficult, but I am managing!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO...as the title states, IT MOVED!!! The scale, it moved, it moved, it moved!!! And I got so excited, I told my hubs...he likes to joke around and he said, "well the scale does move when you get on!!" I just said, "HONEY!!" He laughed and I said my stall is gone for now, now that makes me HAPPY!!! It was stuck, on 208 forever! NOW...it reads 203.8!!! Yippee!!! I have to say, we are all on this journey and I am super thankful, daily, that I have the support that I have, and I will help be a support to anyone who needs it! This is for the rest of our lives and that is the really exciting part!!! We get to have energy, function without losing our breath, exercise and not still be jiggling even when we are done, live longer, have a healthy relationship with food, give our families the BEST of us...the list goes on and on! I'm just so excited to see and hear about everyone's progress, it just makes me smile!!!
  15. MWilliams42

    Taste Buds are Changing!

    I would have traded my love for chips over chocolate any day!!! But of course not, chips...still...taste...good!!! ugh! So I have a couple and I'm done! That's the good part! Tried a piece of steak, a little one, my son was proud of how great it tasted, by the time I chewed the heck out of it, it didn't taste so good...so, no steak for me right now! Ice cream hurts, so I don't eat that, and I'm good with yogurt, not frozen though. I've been staying in the safe zone, and I want to enjoy what I'm eating and tasting, so my choices have been so much better.
  16. MWilliams42

    Taste Buds are Changing!

    I thought it would never happen...EVER...NOT chocolate! Before surgery life would be over without my daily bit o chocolate! NOW...it's weird, I like chocolate protein shakes, sometimes. But I tried chocolate sugar free pudding, I loved it before...now, YUCK, doesn't even taste the same! Today, my son had Hershey's...who doesn't like a square of a Hershey bar once in a while??? Well, NOT me anymore, I had to spit it out, it tasted so gross. I thought is this the same mouth that would just let the chocolate melt on my tongue and thoroughly enjoy every last bite??? It can't be, because if it was I would have swallowed that chocolate...then I stopped to think of what else is tasting different... cottage cheese - tasted like styrofoam to me - loved it before! grapes - could take them or leave them before - NOW...little nuggets of sweetness! turkey burgers - had one last night, LOVED my turkey burgers before, but I don't know if I am ready for that yet...I hope my love for this comes back! tomatoes - not always my favorite - but NOW...I have a new LOVE!!! My hubs is sorta jealous of this love affair!!! LOL ice cream - KILLED my stomach! so NO MORE! I guess what I am trying to say is that NOW...I eat to live, and I am not living to eat! And the choices I am making are way better than what I have ever made, and my taste buds are dancing as I am now putting in my mouth what is GOOD for me!!! It's a great feeling!
  17. MWilliams42

    Muscle milk light

    the Premiere Protein are great...Sam's Club has them. And they are not over the top with the pricing either. Muscle milk is gross, too sweet...
  18. MWilliams42

    From the beginning

    Well...how are you feeling now?
  19. Slap some band aids on those and get your Spanx on!!!! Best undergarment EVER!!!!
  20. MWilliams42

    Don't forget about reflux!

    I'm 6 weeks out, still reminding myself to chew, chew, chew...and to eat slow. It is a lot of work reminding myself of all these things!! I appreciate you taking the time to answer, I just didn't want to be getting this reflux that eventually can turn to something bad.
  21. MWilliams42

    Don't forget about reflux!

    I'm beginning to wonder...how do you know you are having reflux? Can you tell me what that feels like? I experience, after each time I eat, hiccups, gurgling, and occasionally burping or the reaction of burping. How can you tell if it's just the "sleeve" saying stop putting things in me, to this is reflux? HELP!!!
  22. MWilliams42

    Body sculpting advice from 'Jiggly Micheals'

    Everyone has "advice", those who have been where we have, and mostly those that haven't! Do what you know is working...we were just talking about planking at work this morning, I personally don't like it, but will start since this does work the core...I know that because many moons ago I had this trainer that swore by those...and they hurt, but are effective! I've heard that if you want to really strengthen the core, and can afford it, Pilates is GREAT...It's a little pricy for me at the moment, since I MADE the hubs get me that gym membership! So I do what I can with what's in front of me... I even did Zumba! SO FUN!!! You get to dance as exercise but you can REALLY feel that you worked yourself out! LOVED IT. Never mind what "jiggly" said to you...do what you are doing and you will look FABULOUS!!!
  23. MWilliams42


    I take as many in liquid that I can find. I found the best selection of everything at the health food store, you can even get capsules and break them up in your protein shakes. Careful of the Iron, it constipates! Just an FYI, I was told to resume the iron once I became regular again.
  24. MWilliams42

    July Sleevers List

    I was sleeved July 22nd
  25. MWilliams42


    Good morning world!! I am waking up feeling like a new person! I have not been on the scale since Friday, but continued my walking and exercise all weekend. I feel great! I promised myself that I wouldn't continuously take pics, but for someone who LOVES being the one TAKING the pics, this has really helped me put things in perspective. I have always been asked if I'm pregnant, I carry the majority of my weight in the dreaded gut. I attached a pic and it has helped me see that while the scale isn't moving, I am STILL making progress! The bottom right pic is me the day before my surgery, the middle one was 2 weeks ago, and the top left is me last week. It has helped me to actually SEE what is going on, and that helps to wrap my mind around what changes are taking place. I guess I just wanted to post this because I am as frustrated as the rest of those I see on this site with the stall that I am facing, head on, but I have to say...take some pics, compare them to the day you went in for surgery and I think you will be pleasantly surprised! So...in about an hour or so I will be getting on the scale, have a Dr.'s appointment...hope it is positive! Have a great DAY!!!

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