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  1. rmma1000

    18yo boy getting my sleeve in Nov

    Hi.... I had my sleeve 4 month ago and am 20 years old I encourage u to have the surgery..... it's a hard decision to make but in my opinion it's worth it.... life is short and nobody deserves to be missing out on anything because of the way they look..... Think very well and make a list of the pros and cons.... Wish u best of luck keep us posted
  2. u wont be missing out on anything,,, u can eat any food u like but in moderation that what the surgery will help u to achieve best of luck!
  3. I felt so full like i would throw up if I had another bite
  4. Today at lunch I was able to eat a whole chicken breast with 4 potato cubes (medium size) and that really freaked me out.... is that normal? am almost 2 and a half month out
  5. Hi.. How much weight did u lose in the first 3 month? I lost 44 lbs and I'm not satisfied with that :/
  6. Hi... I'm two months post op and i lost 34 lbs since the day of the surgery... What bothers me is that i lost 30 lbs in the first month and lost only 4 in the second.... I feel really upset and discouraged because am losing weight so slowly .. Is it normal to lose only 4 lbs in an entire month? Or am i doing something wrong. Plz help!
  7. rmma1000

    Eating Ramen noodles raw?

    Thank u for standing by my side I appreciate your advice as well.
  8. rmma1000

    Eating Ramen noodles raw?

    yeah, it is a very generous offer and I really appreciate it @SuNMooNStaRS816 thank u
  9. rmma1000

    Eating Ramen noodles raw?

    I don't get why u r being so sarcastic... I was as motivated as u 5 days out but now i just feel lost
  10. rmma1000

    Eating Ramen noodles raw?

    I know that but I'm really lost I can't seem to know how to adjust
  11. rmma1000

    Eating Ramen noodles raw?

    I think what i meant is more answers and more opinions
  12. rmma1000

    Eating Ramen noodles raw?

    Why would u think that?
  13. rmma1000

    Eating Ramen noodles raw?

    I thought I would get better answers if I post in the food & Nutrition forums.
  14. rmma1000

    Eating Ramen noodles raw?

    What is the best homemade snack from your experience? it's affordable and I don't know why but it's one of the things that I'm craving
  15. rmma1000

    Eating Ramen noodles raw?

    U really had me scared there. I ate half a pack of ramen 2 days ago with no problem

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