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  1. Just curious how everyone is doing. I'm 6 weeks post op, 44 lbs down. Just got cleared to go back to the gym.
  2. Last night I ate 4 bites of soft serve and a whole mini cupcake. This morning it's right back on the straight and narrow. I've vowed not to beat myself up if and when I slip up. Instead I'm focusing on the positive. Over 40 lbs in two months, 3 pants sizes and 2 shirt sizes.
  3. Montereygrl

    October 100 Mile Challange!

    I went back to work two weeks ago, I work 12.5 hr shifts. We get two 15 min breaks and a 45 minute lunch. I jog walk the parking lot during my lunch for 15-20 minutes and walk 7-10 minutes each break. I don't know about distance but I know I'm not sitting on my butt my breaks, and I'm almost at 50 lbs 5 weeks out.
  4. Montereygrl

    Why the pre-op diet?

    Shrinks the liver and gives the surgeon more room is what mine told me.
  5. I started two weeks before my liquid diet cutting out carbs, sugars and most fat. Ate protien bars "quest", protein shakes and lean meat. Helped me when I had Togo to the liquid phase. Good luck.
  6. Montereygrl

    Help - liquid stage week 2

    I was allowed unsweetened almond milk ( vanilla) helped flavor shakes and added calories I needed, SF jello, decaf tea, isopure, SF pudding, proti gel, any SF drink flavorings like crystal light, Gatorade zero. Hang in there you will get through it.
  7. Montereygrl

    telling people?

    I have been completely open since my surgery, I was scared but everyone has been so supportive and full of encouragement. I'm glad I did. My co workers barrage me with questions, I've had finds private message me and ask about the surgery. I think if you didn't have support this would be so much harder. But this is a decision only you can make. Good luck with it.
  8. Montereygrl

    October 100 Mile Challange!

    Did a nice quick walk around my friends property today. I guess a couple miles.
  9. Montereygrl

    October 100 Mile Challange!

    Went back to work this week, 12.5 hour night shifts. I walk around the parking lot on my 2 breaks and lunch but feel so tired by the time I get home I just go sleep. Weekend will be here soon for me hope to get my walk on
  10. I have told everyone and I am only 4 weeks out. I have found nothing but an out pouring of love and support from all my friends and family. I think it's made my journey that much easier. 40+ lbs, 2 pants sizes and 2-3 shirt sizes (depends on fit) lost
  11. Do they have it in other flavors? I can't stand orange unless it's from a tree or OJ.
  12. Montereygrl

    Need to lose weight quick for surgery

    I lost 11 lbs in 10 days drinking protein shakes and clear liquid diet prior to surgery.
  13. Montereygrl

    October 100 Mile Challange!

    Okay, apparently the batteries are low on my scale, I went for my official weigh in at the dr today, 6.5 lbs for a total of 39.8 for my first month. I Guess all the walking at the ranch last week paid off. Now I can start the gym and bicycling, super excited.
  14. Montereygrl

    October 100 Mile Challange!

    Spent 6 days on a ranch with no cell or wifi, walked 2 miles a day, a lot of uphill and stuck to my post op diet. Lost 0 lbs..... Frustrated, but trudging onward.
  15. Congrats on the 22 lbs. and for ideas go to the nutritional section and get ideas.
  16. Madam, I read many of your post on this forum on many topics. I've seen you tell people to reach out for help because you were concerned for their well being. I'm pretty sure that this forum is to reach us that one bad day isn't going to deour us, but to make us accountable and move on. PdxMan, not everyone on here loves food. I for one am a classic hunter/gatherer. I'd eat one big meal a day and that's it. My body stored fat like a bear in the woods getting ready for winter. Learning to eat every couple hours is hard for me. Food addiction isn't everyone's deal. The first two weeks after surgery I was starving my body. I had to and am still learning to eat more. No one forced you to this page, let us enjoy it.. Cheers to you a madam
  17. You look fantastic. Newly sleeved. What is you typical meal and work out schedule?
  18. Montereygrl

    Fab 40's shout out

    43 and 3 weeks post op. Withe pre and post op diet almost 40 lbs. loving my sleeve.
  19. Montereygrl

    Protein Cupcakes with PB2 icing

    Could you substitute almond flour?
  20. Montereygrl


    Welcome. This is a great page for support. Just join in topics as you feel like.
  21. Montereygrl

    8 weeks out need some advice

    Have you called and asked your doctor or NUT?
  22. Hope you took all the above advice, you should never compromise your health by waiting when you feel that bad or your symptoms are that severe. Keep us posted and get well soon.
  23. Montereygrl

    October 100 Mile Challange!

    Can't wait to be that person posting 5 or 10 miles a day but I'm getting better and did a mile and a half today.
  24. Montereygrl

    Protein drinks

    Premiere is okay. I like Chike vanilla and chocolate

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