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    MzO reacted to barbmeow in I'm my own worst enemy   
    It has been 11 days since my surgery, I remain exhausted too. Pain is very little but I can not stop sleeping. I walk 25 minutes a day, and then sleep a great deal of the rest of the day.I was going to go back to work after 2 weeks, but working 12 hour night shifts, there is no way I am ready. I am ususally one who bounces back fast, but this has kicked my rear. I tried to go to a party yesterday. Stayed for an hour and left only to sleep the rest of the afternoon and night. I am only eating about 400-500 cals a day and maybe this is why, but wow, I would like my energy back. I hope we get it back soon.
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    MzO reacted to FibroDiva in Post Op Exercise: Combating the Sag   
    My insurance required that I see a personal trainer pre-op. They only required one visit and it was not covered by insurance. The personal trainer wasn't very helpful because she had not dealt with people with Fibromyalgia [pwf] before but she did give me an information packet on exercise.

    I will upload the package here. Hope others find this packet helpful.

    Page one is on stretching. The personal trainer recommended stretching before and after exercise.
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    MzO reacted to Teachamy in 2 days post-op   
    Thanks for sharing! I am just 5 days away, and it helps to read others' perspectives!
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    MzO reacted to nanabanana in Some days I see it, some days I don't...   
    I was actually thinking the same thing and I went on a hunt here on the website to find an answer. Ive lost weight as well not as much as you yet but im just starting out! but people have come to me and said wow you look like youve lost so much weight or wow you lost weight since last week when i saw you i cant believe it. and im just sitting here like uhhhhhhh i guess i dont know!! lol i do definitely notice it in my clothes i was a 14 and finally fit into a size 12. sometimes even you hit a point where you lose inches but not weight. sometimes its due to hormones because of your period or maybe lack of water intake. i know its happening but i heard that it takes some time for your brain to actually register the weight loss. in your brain youre still think oh im fat so even thin you might not feel it. just give it time and also keep looking at those pictures and listening to what people tell you to remind yourself! its happening girl we did the best thing ever for our selves!
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    MzO reacted to nygurl in Switching it up for some changes....   
    OH! I am excited to announce...pre op pant size 18/20- current post op size 12/14 (Depending on brand) pre op shirt size xxl/xl- current post op size M/L woo!
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    MzO reacted to SuzanneRoupas in Post-Op 14 Days - Puree Diet   
    I found little square ones at the Dollar Tree - 10 for a buck. They hold a bit over two ounces each! Score!

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