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  1. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Surgeon told me...

    Don't overthink it. Measure out your food, eat small bites, eat slowly, chew thoroughly, stop before you feel too full, & don't drink before or after for the recommended amount of time. I set a timer. If you eat too much too quickly & don't chew enough, you will regret it
  2. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    August 7th surgery buddy!

    Hi, I had my sleeve done last August 6th and am one pound away from 101 pounds lost. I started the liquid diet the day I found out my surgery date (3 weeks before). I used ready to drink GNC Lean shakes from Walmart. I like Celebrate Vitamins ENS now. I use Celebrate Vitamins chewable iron in grape, Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites in lemon and raspberry, GNC B-12 berry soft chews, and I use Flintstones chewable multivitamins. The Flintstones probably aren't the best choice, but are the only ones I can stand regularly. The World According to Eggface blog really helped me see that there are lots of things I could eat post surgery. I can eat just about anything I want now. Just remember to eat protein first, drink your water (if I don't, I get head hungry), and follow the recommended amount of food by volume. I eat about 1/2 cup at a time. I think I started at 1/4 cup. I follow a low carb diet for the most part. I break some of the rules...I use straws, have a cup of tea with my morning protein bar, and I have an occasional carbonated beverage (a few sips) and a sweet now and then. I joined a Facebook group of people who had surgery the same month as I did, and it was helpful to me to see how other people progressed and what obstacles we all ran into. I am so grateful for this surgery! You will still have to make an effort (forever) to make the right choices, though . Best of luck to you!
  3. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Eating around the sleeve

    Fixing my brain has not been as simple as fixing my body. I'm a SAHM and have to stay out of the house to keep from grazing. I exercise in the morning (tennis) and run errands in the early afternoon. I try to limit myself to only eating at planned intervals
  4. ShrinkyDinkMe101


    Just following up...I'm 4 1/2 months out, down 71 pounds and I'm thrilled with my results so far. I have one 1 inch incision hidden in the inner top part of my belly button and you couldn't tell I had surgery just by looking at me. Of course I'm so happy with the way it's gone that I'm happy to spread the word about this surgery to anyone who asks how I'm losing the weight (and some who don't). I hope someone who needs it will hear about my good results and be encouraged. No complications so far except hair loss, but it was really thick to begin with. I'm very pleased with Dr. Yu & TLC.
  5. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    How Much Help Did You Need?

    I didn't really need any help once I was allowed to drive (after I stopped pain killers). I didn't take any once I left the hospital. I had my mother with me in case of complications.
  6. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Birth Control Comes With A Weight Limit

    & you're at greater risk for blood clots & stroke. I wasn't allowed to do any hormonal birth control at higher weights.
  7. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Today Is The Day

    I was scared! First day & night were the worst, but this has been a life changing thing for me. Good luck!
  8. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Today's The Day!

    Good luck to you!
  9. I tell everyone who asks (and some who don't) that I had gastric sleeve surgery. It may help someone who needs it. Everybody knows that I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. Surgery has been a real blessing for me.
  10. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Self - Pay Costs?

    $13,800 for single incision (belly button) surgery in Houston, TX with Dr. Yu @ TLC. I'm very pleased almost 4 months out.
  11. Today marks 3 months out from surgery and I am so pleased! I'm down 56 pounds and 10 BMI points. I am wearing size large/xl depending on the cut. Everything is becoming more routine and I am thankful for the opportunity to reclaim my life. At this point hunger has returned (although it's not an all consuming feeling). Weight loss has slowed down to one or two pounds a week. I still struggle to meet my protein goals and have discovered how tricky slider foods can be (in that they go down so easily as opposed to proteins). I haven't really had any problems with my sleeve other than a couple of bouts with the foamies after eating too quickly. I'm over halfway to goal weight and looking forward to figuring out the holidays with my sleeve.
  12. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Surgery 12/4 and I need a Buddy

    You can start dieting anytime! The more you get off before surgery, the better off you'll be. Good luck and good health to you!
  13. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    1 year post op!

    Wow! You look fabulous! Congrats on all the hard work!
  14. I've been in a little stall for the last week or so at a pound away from 50. Just wanted to celebrate! My starting weight (July 15th) was 241, surgery weight (August 6th) was 227 & current weight is 191. 50 lbs gone in 3 months! I'm wearing size L/XL and 14/16 clothes and am so excited about shopping in regular size stores again. I feel good!
  15. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Before & After

    Wow! Just wow!