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    Just following up...I'm 4 1/2 months out, down 71 pounds and I'm thrilled with my results so far. I have one 1 inch incision hidden in the inner top part of my belly button and you couldn't tell I had surgery just by looking at me. Of course I'm so happy with the way it's gone that I'm happy to spread the word about this surgery to anyone who asks how I'm losing the weight (and some who don't). I hope someone who needs it will hear about my good results and be encouraged. No complications so far except hair loss, but it was really thick to begin with. I'm very pleased with Dr. Yu & TLC.
  2. I tell everyone who asks (and some who don't) that I had gastric sleeve surgery. It may help someone who needs it. Everybody knows that I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. Surgery has been a real blessing for me.
  3. Today marks 3 months out from surgery and I am so pleased! I'm down 56 pounds and 10 BMI points. I am wearing size large/xl depending on the cut. Everything is becoming more routine and I am thankful for the opportunity to reclaim my life. At this point hunger has returned (although it's not an all consuming feeling). Weight loss has slowed down to one or two pounds a week. I still struggle to meet my protein goals and have discovered how tricky slider foods can be (in that they go down so easily as opposed to proteins). I haven't really had any problems with my sleeve other than a couple of bouts with the foamies after eating too quickly. I'm over halfway to goal weight and looking forward to figuring out the holidays with my sleeve.
  4. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    2 Month Surgiversary Today! Protein Menus Needed

    What brand of hot chocolate do you use?
  5. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    2 Month Surgiversary Today! Protein Menus Needed

    What brand of hot chocolate do you use?
  6. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    2 Month Surgiversary Today! Protein Menus Needed

    It's my two month surgiversary today. I am so thrilled with my results so far (45 lbs including 3 weeks of pre-op dieting). I am still struggling to get my required 60 grams of protein in without using shakes or bars. Would you mind sharing a typical daily menu that meets your protein goals? I have absolutely no regrets over this surgery and am only sad that I waited so long to have it.
  7. I hit Onederland today (199.4) at 7 1/2 weeks out. I'm down 42 pounds overall (14 pre-surgery). I'm so excited about this milestone! I'm playing my first tennis match since surgery tonight & my tennis clothes look so much better . Weight loss has slowed down to a crawl though...I thought I'd be posting this a week ago!
  8. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Feeling full?

    I get a "one more bite might be too much" feeling and I usually hiccup.
  9. A few years ago I finally found an exercise I love (tennis) and kept getting injuries. Final straw was getting overheated on the tennis court and not being able to cool off because of the 100 lbs of "insulation" I've been carrying around. I just got completely fed up! My parents have high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea & one has had a stroke at 57. My husband told me a few years back that he was no longer attracted to me and my preteen daughter has started making remarks about my weight. I think I just had the "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" switch flip. My friends are very supportive and so far I'm really loving this surgery!
  10. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    2 yrs out, at goal, but I have a question!

    Just got finished reading through your blog...thank you for sharing your journey!
  11. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    frustrated and venting...

    That's a lot to handle on very little sleep even when you are not recovering from surgery. I hope things become more peaceful for you!
  12. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Any Oklahoma Sleevers

    Surgery complete, but my white cell count is up. So I get to stay another night at the hospital. Dr thinks it's because of a steroid they used to stop nausea. I was dry heaving all night. Feel much better today. Please pray this doesn't turn out to be a leak.
  13. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    August 6'ers?

    Good luck everyone! I am nervous!
  14. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    13 weeks out!

    Wow! You look great! Love the white top!
  15. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    saved by the pickle

    Dill pickle juice?
  16. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Anyone else getting sleeved in August?

    Thanks! I am self pay, so I was able to choose the surgeon I wanted and didn't have to wait on insurance.
  17. ShrinkyDinkMe101


    [quote name=holidayexpressions' timestamp='1375372923' post='932166] I was told just do Water and yogurt for 3 days prior to surgery. So am I insane for starting the 14 day liquid diet like everyone else??? Figured I might as well get a head start and get use to the diet for post op. Today is day 1, lets see how this goes. I did low carb for a week before the 2 week liquid diet. I wanted as much weight off as possible before surgery.
  18. I was told to take mine before going to bed at night to avoid this problem.
  19. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    August 6'ers?

    The lasagne wonton cupcakes are good...I've had them before when I did weight watchers.
  20. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    August 6'ers?

    One week to go and worried about leaks, infections, dehydration, etc. I keep thinking, maybe if you tried one last time to lose weight you would be successful. In reality, I haven't been successful in keeping my weight down for the last 20 years. I'm glad I've told lots of people about having this surgery, because I feel like I might chicken out otherwise. My brain is my worst enemy!
  21. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Houston tx?

    I'm having surgery with Dr. Yu on August 6th. Excited and nervous! My surgery will be at Victory.
  22. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    August 6'ers?

    3rd day of pre-op liquid diet...and I ate grilled chicken at a baby shower sit down dinner. I didn't eat anything else, including the cake pops. Still went down another pound yesterday. I've been reading about a lot of complications lately and started getting a little freaked out. One of the grandmothers at the shower told me she had gastric bypass and that I was making a good informed decision. I feel like God put her in my path to calm me down.
  23. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    August 6'ers?

    That's a bummer! It's interesting to see who is allowed what. Hope you have a better day today. Did you get the bad storms we had last night? Part of our neighbor's fence blew down!
  24. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    August 6'ers?

    Who's ready for day two of the pre-op diet? Yesterday was much better than I imagined. I just need to keep busier. My family ended up eating fish (hate it) and veggies from the grocery store food bar for dinner, so I didn't have to make it.
  25. ShrinkyDinkMe101

    Going to NOLA this weekend! Any suggestions?

    Gumbo & crawfish étouffée (both with no rice). I'm from Louisiana and started my pre-op diet today...can you tell!?

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