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  1. Guess I'd hit a stall BC that pesky .6#'s had clung to me for a month! Didn't make it to 140...140.6! God bless all, fun challenges, thank you Sarah3, gla and enjoy and Happy Valentine's day!
  2. Same, this . 6#'s is harder to lose than the 90ish I've lost this far geesh! One week left, got some work to do, gla:). Be blessed and be a blessing today!
  3. DeezJeanz

    Insurance Tricare?

    Ya know I had that feeling! My doctors office told me on day 1 it was covered now by them as of just a few months ago but something is just not sitting right with me. I had a feeling it wasn't. I don't want the bypass. Now I'm really bummed ???? So did you pay for your sleeve out of pocket? I may end up just doing just that myself. Thanks for your information Hello Cladd, my husband is active duty Navy. As you know, we have Tricare prime. I had the sleeve done Dec 30, 2013. And BC of almost 2yrs of a stricture and acid reflux, I had to have a revision to GBP on Dec 4, 2015. Unless something changed recently, they pay for the sleeve. Hope this helps and sorry if this is a repeat answer, I didn't read the entire posts. Good luck:)
  4. How are you all and good luck with your surgery and healing and congratulations. I had my surgery Dec 4, 2015, which was a conversion from the gastric sleeve to gastric bypass BC for 23 months following the sleeve, I suffered acid reflux, throwing up at night when I was asleep, I was just a sick person after having the gastric sleeve. So I was sent to two different surgeons who then converted me to gastric bypass n at that time I was 167 pounds. prior to sleeve, I was 236.8. I search this forum because now that I've had the surgery it's not been like the first one; I have no energy I am so tired and I feel like I should be exercising or something but I really am so exhausted. I am still very sore in my belly although the doctor has checked me over and said everything feels fine she is even told me to have solid proteins and of course increase my liquids which I am really trying my hardest to do. Mostly water BC of my first surgery, I can't bear to drink one more protein drink, disgusting!! There are some things that I cannot have that I have tried and I have thrown up, like one of the persons here said some things I can't eat and feels heavy in my chest and I have to stop because it doesn't agree with me or it throw up. I'm now 142 lbs, but for me, I just want to feel some energy back and since reading this forum, I don't feel as scared anymore and I THANK Y'ALL FOR SHARING!! I thought that because I had these two surgeries that it was my body rejecting it somehow, that I was going to be dying sooner than God had intended or something and then again I just might but it's good to know that it's not because of my two surgeries but it's because it's just the way the surgery is I guess. Again thank y'all and good luck. Lord willing, I'll be getting some probiotics tomorrow! Good luck all:)
  5. You are MOST WELCOME:) Just hang in there, we all will get there. And thank YOU for the acknowledgement, made me smile extra BIG!!
  6. Well 1Cor, it DEF will happen, and yes it's a part of the process. But I hope that knowing that we've all been there and survived it will encourage you to just let it happen, keep working out and eating right, you're doing gr8! Just remember how b4 surgery, we gained, not stalled but gained and at least now after the surgery, you know that it too shall pass and Lord willing, you'll be back to losing. As much as we all dreaded it, it's actually a good thing for our bodies to be able to rejuvenate, recharge and reset after such massive weight losses. Although the docs, and praise God for them, had done something to our bodies to help us with significant weightloss, God made this temple and thank God that He won't allow more on our bodies than it can handle! Hopefully I gave encouragement to you and not just rambling on, at least that was my goal. I'm a revision from sleeve to bypass due to 2yrs suffering from vomiting due to severe acid reflux and a stricture and guess what, 3 weeks out exactly, my body stopped losing! It just has to happen:) and now I'm going on my 5th week and started back losing, not that that's my ultimate goal now but I still want to lose a little bit more. Take care and hang on and in there with us. We have your back!!
  7. Hey VsgSarah, sry im late been having a hard time with this revision surgery. Thanks for taking over, Plz add me. SW for the 4th was 146.8. My GW is 140. I'll post next weigh in tomorrow, Lord willing. And Happy new year to all:)) gl
  8. DeezJeanz

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    I made the first goal of 150, woohoo!! Got happy and set a second one, against my better judgment, of 145. Today 146 but it's OK. Congrats to us all, happy holidays and a very special and better Happy new year!!! Congrats again Stephh!! Good day all:))
  9. DeezJeanz

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    Lord willing, will weigh in tom, I'm out of town. Ty