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  1. 16 days post op. I've been eating real food (soft) for 2 days and I'm feeling better, a bit more energy. I'm learning to 'read' my new stomach for the new full feeling. UGH! I'm only able to eat about 1/4 of a cup of food at this point. Here's what I've had so far: one egg with Franks hot sauce 1/4 of mushed, ripe banana refried, black beans with taco sauce mushed avocado humus canned pears cottage cheese sliced deli ham sugar free Carnation instant good start with skim milk It's so wonderful to move away from the overly sweet crap. I never knew how much I love savory foods with flavor. One big disappointment I'm having is that the bathroom situation has not returned to normal yet. Maybe someday - sigh. I've lost 16 lbs since the surgery - about 1 lb a day. My belly still has some swelling, so I only notice the weight loss in my face, but dear husband says he can tell I'm losing everywhere. I've lost 35 lbs since my heaviest weight. I had my first picture taken yesterday (for the swim pass) and WOW, I can see the difference already. HOORAY! I've passed the point of feeling "why the hell did I do this!" However, I'm realizing now that food is essential, not just for the yummy taste or comfort, etc. I need food - BUT I can't eat much of is, so I'm sort of frustrated. I also HATE the nasty liquid/chewable meds. JUST PUKEY! I'll be so excited when I get the go ahead to swallow a PILL! I can't imagine the lap-band people never being able to swallow another pill - forever. This week-end we're traveling down to visit my folks at their lake home. It will be the first time they've seen me, and I'm excited and nervous. They've been nothing but supportive, but . . . parents. Someone asked me to share the whole, ugly truth of my experience. I'm reticent to do so, because I don't want to scare anyone off, but reality is - **** happens. Soooo . . . my surgeon 'nicked' a blood vessel during surgery and I bled internally. My hemoglobins went critically low and I had to have two units of blood. Then I spiked a high fever and was given strong antibiotics for another day. So I was supposed to stay 2 nights, ended up staying 4 nights and my entire belly looks horrendous. Seriously 'zombified' and swollen. I've had to go into the dr. 2 times to make sure the hemoglobins are returning to normal - they are. I had low grade temps for the first week (with the cold sweats, shiver-shakes, and all.) So happy those are gone now. I would say I passed the 'hell' point on day 11 post op. I'm also so glad I'm doing this during the summer (I'm a teacher) because I really can't imagine going back to work next week. I really don't have the energy level back up to normal. I'll post a new picture soon. I just hate that my belly is still so huge.
  2. newmeIowa

    Beth May 26 2013

    From the album: Before

    Family portrait for Andrew's graduation. UGH! I can't wait to look the way I feel inside.
  3. From the album: Progress pictures

    5+ weeks post op, still at 25 lbs down from day of surgery, 44 from heaviest, but I was so excited to be OUT and being 'normal' - drinking a beer, eating a brat (no bun, course) and having fun with the family at our favorite German bar/restaurant. POLKA POLKA POLKA!
  4. Not starving (YET) but I can tell that I'll be craving something salty soon. Anyone have ideas for a less sugary protein drink?
  5. newmeIowa

    1st day on liquid diet

    I'm on day 10 of the liquid diet and really wanting salt as well. Someone suggested the chicken broth flavor ISOPRO in the bottles. Good luck.
  6. newmeIowa

    One week away! 6 lbs down

    Thanks to everyone for their kind words and encouragement. I've lost 6 lbs on the liquid diet and I'm still 7 days away from surgery. I made it through the graduation and party without 'cheating' but it was the leftovers yesterday when it was just my immediate family that did me in - a snuck a bit of walking taco, potato salad and of course cake. AND it showed on the scale today! I'm forgiving myself and starting new today. It's surprisingly hard to get 1200 calories in a day with just liquid. I'm thrilled with myself, honestly, who knew I actually had WILL POWER! My family was feeling sorry for me, but I don't feel sorry for myself at all - I'm just so darn excited about the new me that is taking over! This time next week I'll be done with surgery and hopefully out of recovery, in my room (NOT dry-heaving) and looking forward to my new life as a healthy person.

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