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  1. honib52

    restarting food diary

    I have regained too much weight and want to restart my food program. Can someone help me to remember how much Protein, carbs, fat, etc, that your Doctor or nutritionist suggested? I was sleeved in Mexico in 2013 and did not have the best follow-up with them. My own fault, I have just let life and Covid shutdowns take over. I have gotten back into some bad habits. I'm getting back on myfitnesspal and need to use the tool I was given 8 years ago. Thanks for advice
  2. I signed up for this seminar but was unable to attend. Did anyone on this forum go or know of someone who did?
  3. honib52

    Calling All Sixties!

    I was self paid in Tijuana and never thought to talk to Dr. Valenzula. I have talked to her nutritionist but was not impressed with her info. My new dr. here has given me all of my blood work and it is all good. She suggested this diet that might change my metabolism. Sorry, I am eating little and did not get this surgery to totally change every food I ever enjoyed. I thought eating less and exercising would be enough.
  4. honib52

    Calling All Sixties!

    I am over a year out and was 197 lbs day of surgery. Today I am only 174 lbs. Very frustrating to compare my little weight loss to many who have lost close to and over 100 lbs. I am much healthier, off all meds and down 3 clothes sizes so I am happy but why can't I lose more? I have been eating 900 to 1000 calories, been on myfitnesspal and for the first time I have begun exercising everyday. Still no change. Just needed to vent, sorry.
  5. honib52

    No loss in 1 yr

    I am just starting to exercise so I have not lost anything yet. I did a walking video ( I will begin slow because I have knee pain, from weight and thin cartilage problems. I am also beginning on my exercise bike). I am trying not to eat any carbs at night and will have my protein drink instead of wheat thins. I am looking for advise from those who are finding success. I did not get this surgery to starve myself or become a vegan or anything wild. I am 61 years old and just want to get healthy and live a longer, less painful life. Thanks
  6. I just posted my frustration over not losing any weight for 6 months. I may not be eating enough but I tend to snack because I feel hungry often. I am beginning to see my cholesterol climbing because I can eat so much chicken and meat. I still try to drink one protein shake a day. I still love my chocolate premier shakes. I can usually get in 90 grams of protein a day. I was trying to stay below 45 grams of carbs but have been blowing that recently. I also eat about 1000 calories a day. What suggestions do some almost a year out have for me?
  7. honib52

    No loss in 1 yr

    I can totally relate to smhagood. I was so happy after my July 16,2013 surgery in Tijuana. I lost 30 pounds and then in January all weight loss stopped. I am still thrilled that I am off all of my diabetes and cholesterol medicines but am very frustrated that I have not lost, in fact, have gained 5 pounds back. I was faithful and putting everything down on my fitness pal but no loss and I began eating more without any problems. I stopped looking at this forum because it depressed me even more to see how much others were losing. I am back on track and would like to hear from others that have stalled for over 6 months and then got back to losing. I just needed to get this off of my chest and it happened when I saw someone that I could relate to. Would like to know how others are dealing with similar situations. Thanks in advance
  8. honib52

    support groups

    I am also needing a support group and I live out by Lake Travis. I have been stalled for 4 months and need a jump start. I have only lost 30 pounds and started with a low BMI but am over 60 so many reasons for my stall. I would love to talk if you need to. Let me know how to connect if you would like to.
  9. I have stalled and am getting frustrated. Anyone else out 6 months stalling? I eat between 800-900 calories, less than 50 carbs, 80 to 90 grams Protein and try to drink 8 glasses of Water each day, any suggestions? I have bad knees and don't exercise much but am working and walk there. Thanks
  10. You are so fortunate to have him in your life. My husband and I were having a conversation about how much we both have changed in 37 years, but to me he looks as handsome as the year we were married and he said that is how he feels about me. Fortunately we have both lost weight (even though I had the surgery) and we both have a new lease on life. Here's to the next 37 years!! Happy New Year to all my fellow sleevers!
  11. I am 60. I weighed 197 at surgery with a BMI of 36. I would not have gotten the surgery in the states, I was self pay and went to Mexico. It was the best thing I have done for myself in over 25 years. I am off all Diabetes meds, no more cholesterol meds, and my knees are getting better every day. I am a new woman!!! I am also a woman of faith and believe God was in control so it was in His hands guiding a very capable Dr. Valenzuela in Tijuana. I have not lost as much as many but believe every little bit is a miracle at my age. God Bless and Merry Christmas to my fellow sleeve sisters and brothers.
  12. Recently I have been getting Patches of dry skin on different parts of my body, arm, back of leg and even on my ear lob. I feel it may be a Vitamin deficiency and want to know if anyone else has had this problem and if you did, what did you do to correct the problem? Thanks
  13. I don't know what I would do without this forum. I started out at 197 lbs 6/16/13 and lost the first 14 lbs quickly. Wow, it was awesome and then I was tested for my Type 2 diabetes and it is gone!!! I was in the 180s for sooo long and I was getting discouraged then today I weighed 174. I am 60 years old and I feel like a new woman but reading everyone's blogs really helps me realize that because I started out with a lower BMI means that I will lose slower. I do not feel alone and am encouraged that I am doing alright. Thanks for everyone's excellent comments to us slower losers.
  14. honib52

    July sleevers please check in..

    I am rewriting this because I lost the first one. Darn connections. I am grateful to read this forum to realize I am not the only one losing weight slowly. The key word is LOSING!! It is slow but I am also losing inches. I am 5'2 1/2" HW May 2010-213 lbs. SW July 2013-197 lbs. CW Sept 2013-178 lbs. Thanks fellow sleevers to have someplace to vent, Honi
  15. I agree, it was the best thing I have done for myself in years!!!
  16. I have had no problems and do not plan on going every 3 months for labs. I had type 2 diabetes so my dr. will test me every 6 months to check and see if it is still gone!!! I have gotten info from a nut in Mexico and am progressing very nicely Thank you. The sky is not falling and I would encourage those who do not have insurance to research and ask questions but do not be afraid. This surgery has changed my life!!!
  17. I also was sleeved with Dr. Valenzuela in July and recommend her. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Good luck and let me know if you need any other information.
  18. honib52

    July sleevers please check in..

    Hi all, I am so happy that I had this surgery July 16, 2013 even though it is coming off slowly, it IS coming off. My highest was in 2003 at 213 and I worked and worked to get off the next 16 pounds. It took 10 years!!! Pre op was 197 and now I am 182!! YEAH I am trying to be patient but it is difficult. I am also a stress eater and I hate my job so it is a struggle but my body now says "NO, you can't eat this" Thank you Lord, I need this.
  19. I am still confused about how much protein, carbs, and fat for me at 6 weeks post surgery. I know lower BMI folks lose slower than most but I have only lost 14 pounds and have not lost anything for over 2 weeks. I was eating 900 calories and now am going down to 700. I have no problem eating and drinking and eat at least 60 grams of protein a day. Help please. I was sleeved in Mexico and the Nut there has not helped me much. Thanks
  20. honib52

    protein and carbs after sleeve

    Thank you for all the great help and great ideas. I am on my fitness pal but am not good with technology. I find it hard to put more info on my ticker. I would like to put what my highest weight was, surgery date weight and current weight, but cannot figure it out. I am also turning 61 this year and feel better than I have in years.
  21. honib52

    protein and carbs after sleeve

    I start my day with premier chocolate protein drink, snack frigo cheese stick, lunch usually 2 oz chicken breast, either 1 or 2 tablespoon avocado mixed with my magic bullet. Sometimes chicken broth with unjury protein, or some v8 with 3 chicken meatballs. Dinner is usually similar to lunch. Sometimes I eat a little zucchini or 2oz.of sweet potato. Then snack is a sugar free popsicle. Is this too much? I can tell when to stop but then I can eat without pain. I feel like I have healed well and never was sick. I lost most of my weight on my clear liquid diet post sleeve. My husband has given up carbs and has lost 20 pounds since my surgery, it is frustrating. But I have been off all my diabetes medicine since surgery so I need to thank God. This was the main reason for the surgery. Thanks for asking and listening to me have a mini meltdown.
  22. honib52


    I was sleeved July 16, 2013 and am now eating soft foods. I feel so blessed to be able to eat my favorite chicken. I made a chicken in the crockpot and I have been eating those roasted chickens from the grocery stores. I am also back at work and am needing easy recipes. These are some great ideas. Thanks
  23. I am in the pureed stage and although I received info from a nut from Mexico, she was not specific about how many calories, carbs, fats, and proteins are needed at this stage after surgery. Anyone have a little more specific info. I am in a stall and it is frustrating. Sleeved 7/16 and only have lost 12 pounds. Thanks in advance.
  24. honib52

    pureed stage calories, etc.

    Thank you. It is all so confusing and I know the healing is most important. I am in a hurry and should not be.
  25. Hello fellow sleeve friends, I have crossed over to the sleeve side and am feeling great. What a surprise, I am one of the lucky ones who is in little pain mainly from the gas of the surgery. Mi Doctor was a lovely experience and Dr. Valenzuela did my surgery. My incisions are very small and she fixed a hernia I did not know I had. She is very soft spoken and has an excellent group of doctors with her. I am at the hotel in TJ just resting and getting ready to go home Sat. I only have good words for MBC and Cindy was our coordinator in the states and Daniel was our coordinator in TJ. Very pleased and relieved. Any questions I will try to help. Thanks to all those who sent good wishes and prayers. God is good.

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