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  1. Folks I haven't seen in a while always ask how I did it. If they seem genuinely interested, I tell them...you never know who might be considering surgery as an option and I will share my story in a heartbeat if I think it may help someone. However, if the person asking is the judgmental type, I simply tell them I've been eating less and moving more...it's the truth! Good luck!
  2. Who Dat 70461

    My First Transformation Tuesday Pic

    Awesome progress! Just keep on keeping on, you'll find yourself looking back in no time and thinking, "Wow, that flew by...woo-hoo!". Good luck!
  3. Who Dat 70461

    Lost Without a plan

    Ditto above, your surgeon or nutritionist should have given you a plan.
  4. Fantastic! Congratulations!
  5. Who Dat 70461


    As far as when you can eat again...you've gotta give yourself time to heal. Don't rush it, you'll be eating again before you know it, albeit far less volume! I didn't really did anything radical to get to my goal weight (well, excluding the whole cutting my stomach out part! ). Just followed my doctor's plan and moved around as much as possible. Regarding working out, I have worked out religiously since about week 16. I started with light weights and gradually increased. At this point I'm having a ball working out and feel like a kid again...my wife will tell you I never stopped acting like a kid, but I digress! Weight training five days a week (3 intense/2 basic) and mild cardio on weekends (mowing lawn, biking, staying busy outside and swimming...well, lounging in the pool! ). The surgery simply reduced the volume you can consume, unfortunately the head hunger is something you'll have to work on, i.e. retrain your brain. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. One of my favorite quotes, "Do or do not, there is no try" ~ Yoda Good luck!
  6. Who Dat 70461

    12 days to surgery and I'm scared to death

    The anxiety/fear is normal. This is major, life-changing surgery...if you weren't nervous, then you should panic! This part of the process was undoubtedly the most difficult for my wife and I. However, it is all a distant memory now. I was sleeved May 8, 2013 and my wife July 8, 2013. While my surgery and recovery were textbook (driving two days post-op, back to work after a week), hers was a bit more challenging. She had two hernias repaired and it took about 4-5 weeks for her to get over the surgery, i.e. quit complainin'! All joking aside, that period of time is a distant memory. I am down 130 lbs...have fluctuated between 205 and 210 for about 9 months. My wife is down 85 lbs. and although she wants to lose more, she looks incredible! I can honestly say, this procedure has been a blessing for us. We both feel like we've been given a second chance..and we're making the most of it! You asked for comments/words of encouragement...pray about it, then make the decision that is best for you and yours. Good luck!
  7. Eat whatever you want and as much of it as you want!
  8. Who Dat 70461

    what is normal?

    I was sleeved exactly 2 months prior to my wife. My surgery and recovery were textbook...zero complications and no moodier than normal. My wife on the other hand...she had two hernias repaired, had terrible reflux issues and also a problem getting enough Fluid intake. It took about a month for me to sleep with both eyes closed (in her state of mind, she was not to be trusted! ). However she is doing great now and that early period is a distant memory. While all is good and right in the universe now, she had mood swings that would drive me batshit crazy! (We live in the South, batshit crazy is proper English...and a valid description of her frame of mind at the time! ) You will just have to get through the gettin' through and don't worry, all will be fine. In the meantime, you may want to avoid stupid people, bad drivers and sharp objects. Good luck on your journey!
  9. Who Dat 70461

    Horrible taste in my mouth

    I grew tired of the various SF drink mixes fairly quick as well. I started cutting bottled Water about 1/3 with cranberry juice, cran-grape juice, various diet cran-whatever juice cocktail (they sell almost cran-everything nowadays! ). Made it much more palatable. Good luck!
  10. Who Dat 70461

    Am I alone here?

    The anxiety is normal. This is major, life-changing surgery...if you weren't nervous, then you should panic! This part of the process was undoubtedly the most difficult for me. However, it is all a distant memory now! I was sleeved May 8, 2013 and my wife July 8, 2013. While my surgery and recovery were textbook, hers was a bit more challenging. She had two hernias repaired and it took about 3-4 weeks for her to quit complaining...uh-hm, I mean start to feel better! Now, that period of time is a distant memory! I am down 120 lbs. and my wife is down 80 lbs. (She looks fantastic, but she's on a mission to lose more...I told her not to get carried away, I don't want to feel like I'm hugging a sack of hammer handles!). You are in for an awesome transformation! Just follow your doc's orders, allow your body time to heal, don't (DO NOT! ) let the number on the scale dictate your feeling of success or failure (If you feel better and your pants are falling off, to hell with what the number is on the scale! LOL). The first few months will be an emotional roller coaster...don't be afraid to use the folks on this site as a sounding board, I think you'll find this is pretty much a judgement-free zone! By the way, you're in for one heck of a journey and there's an incredible new you, waiting on the horizon! Godspeed for a quick recovery!
  11. Who Dat 70461

    Just a couple curious questions

    Wait 'til you fly...makes for a guaranteed pat down by your friendly TSA agent! Although they don't set off the standard metal detector, only the "hands above your head" 360 scan...you can see them perfectly in the screen! Ditto above, I felt like I was 100% at about 4 months. I started hitting the weights aggresively at 5 months and never had an issue. Good luck on your journey!
  12. Who Dat 70461

    I need help please!

    Ditto what others have said about Premier Protein...best tasting premix I've had. As for homemade, I like vanilla Gladiator powder (from Smoothie King) blended with a banana, a few frozen strawberries, Almond Milk and ice.....then, when allowed, add some Rum Chatta, Malibu and Grey Goose for one heck of a treat! Good luck on your journey!

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