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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. poohbear1019


    Thanks for the replies and ideas everyone! As far as a trainer I would like to find a good trainer. The last one was an old school Russian whose philosophy was, doesn't matter if it hurts, lift heavier. I can't do crossfit right now because I'm waiting on knee surgery. I've gotten books and apps. I just need to do it! A lifting buddy would be awesome to find!
  2. poohbear1019


    Hey Guys and Gals, I'm a year and a half out. I lost the weight, but I hate the way I look. I am weak and have no muscle tone.I want to start weightlifting but I'm nervous/intimidated in the weightlifting area. Does someone have a routine to share or point me in the right direction? I tried a trainer and got injured. Thanks! Nick
  3. poohbear1019

    Chicagoland Weightlifting Partner Wanted

    Definitely! How are you feeling?
  4. poohbear1019

    9 Month Update

    Thanks Ashley!! :-)
  5. poohbear1019

    How Much Cardio?

    Hey Everyone, I would just like some advice on cardio. As far as how many minutes? Intensity? Interval training? I was doing 90 minutes on the treadmill with a high incline. Due to ortho problems I'm going to try the ARC machine. Do I do HIIT? And for how long? I'm not so concerned about pounds, I'm more interested in lowering body fat %.
  6. poohbear1019

    Hey Everyone!

    I had my surgery 3.11.13. I've lost 179 lbs. so far! I would like to meet others in the area for whatever, but especially a workout partner. Thanks, Nick
  7. poohbear1019

    Fiber One Protein Bars?

    Anyone have an opinion on these. I'm past my 6 month mark. Just wondering for something fast with a little protein and FIBER, which I desperately need! Lol!
  8. poohbear1019

    Paleo After The Sleeve?

    Your totally right!
  9. poohbear1019

    Injured- Need A New Workout

    Hey Painintheglass, Thanks for your response and ideas. I have never taken an exercise class before. But one of the many great things about getting sleeved, is the ability to try new things and live a new way. I'm going to try the spinning class :-) I like you, have had both feet operated on for plantar fascitis . And I think I injured my ankle by the rolling foot thing. Thanks, Nicky
  10. poohbear1019


    Hey aroundhky, I'm a guy and I was sleeved 3.11.13. I have been doing cardio with great results. I really enjoy working out. It keeps me sane and gives me a sense of control in my life. My question is, when do you think I should start adding weights to the mix? My dietician said I should wait until I lost more weight. Your thoughts? Thanks, Nick
  11. poohbear1019

    Burning in Left Shoulder Blade?

    It seems to be getting better the last couple of days as I have been having more regular bowel movements.
  12. poohbear1019

    Burning in Left Shoulder Blade?

    Hey Suko67, That's correct, the burning is in my left shoulder blade. I saw a doctor covering for my regular doctor and he said that it's referred pain but doesn't know whats causing it. He said if it gets too bad, to go to the ER. It's not that bad. It just feels like a hot poker stuck in there.
  13. poohbear1019

    Burning in Left Shoulder Blade?

    Thanks for replying :-) the burning is pretty constant, even on a empty stomach. I'm hoping it will pass soon.

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